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Every day is more common to earn income online thanks to the cryptocurrencies. Perhaps you are among the many benefiting from this growing world, but how can you protect your profits in a highly volatile market?

Most people change to more stable crypto-currencies to safeguard their money because exchanging to other assets like fiats or gold can take more time and transaction fees.

Changelly Review

To resolve this, Changelly is promoted as a safe place to make your exchanges with about 35 crypto-currencies.

In addition to making exchanges in US dollars and euros, you can also make purchases with credit cards of any currency provided. They have a 3d security protocol to safeguard your money and transactions.

How does Changelly work?

There are two ways to perform exchanges. The first, to exchange cryptocurrencies, is executed as follows:

  • Select the currency you want to trade on the left and the currency you want to buy on the right and click “Change.”
  • Verify the amount specified, the amount that is programmed to obtain and confirm.
  • Specifies the recipient’s wallet.
  • You will see a QR code and a wallet address below. Go to the wallet where you store the currency that you will exchange and pay to this address in the corresponding field.
  • The transaction usually takes between 5 and 30 minutes.
  • Once the transaction is finished, you get a receipt with an exit transaction hash.

A factKeep in mind that the final amount is estimated. This website does not fix the fees to get a little more or less at the end of your transaction.

In case you are interested in buying cryptocurrencies with your credit card, the process is done in this way:

  • On the home page and select USD or EUR on the left and the crypto, you will buy on the right.
  • Check the rate and the amount you will receive.
  • Specify your cryptocurrency wallet address and confirm.
  • At this point, you can see the requirements and limits of purchase; these apply only for the first transactions through a bank.
  • Now you will enter your card’s data, remember that it must be compatible with 3D security (verification by phone number), and enter a valid phone number associated with the card.
  • You should receive a phone call quickly.
  • Next, you will hear a digital code to enter, which you must use on your bank’s website, and between 5 and 30 minutes, the operation will be completed.

Exchange Rates

When you decide to use Changelly to exchange or acquire cryptocurrencies, you accept all its conditions.

One of them is that they will charge a rate of 0.5% for each transaction, which they qualify as reasonable.

They use a fixed rate because of these new digital currencies’ fickleness, which can gain or lose value in a matter of minutes.

Avoid confusing this rate with network fees, which are the commissions you must cover for any transaction you make in a blockchain.

Besides, keep this in mind when making your exchange since Changelly does not have a maximum amount for your transactions, but the minimum amounts may vary depending on the network rates.

The Affiliate Program

Channell also has an affiliate program for those who qualify as loyal customers.

It consists of that you recommend the web to your friends using your referral link, and for all the transactions that they make, you will receive 50% of the profits of this web.

It would be best if you were realistic. Remember that the fixed rate is 0.5% and that in reality, you will receive 0.25%.

The real gain will be presented if those you recommend on the page make transactions for large sums or are many people who together represent a good volume.

This way, the advantage is that this gain has no expiration date. Each movement generated will give you some gain for life.

Other Considerations

Whenever a website risks having a blog or users on social networks is a good indicator because, although they are not exempt from making mistakes, they do not fear that their services are badly recommended in a wide-open market.

In the case of Changelly, in addition to having a blog, it has users on social networks such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Medium
  • Github
  • Steemit
  • Bitcointalk
  • Reddit

You should know that the site does not accept payments with Paypal at this moment.

Besides, you cannot delete your user, which is a disadvantage if spam emails bother you.

In the end, Changelly is a website specialized in the exchange of cryptocurrencies, which has a stable base and wide variety, offering you the possibility of earning money through the affiliate program to try out and make some extra earnings.

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