Chess Playing Online – The Best Websites

Finding a nice site to play chest may be complicated when you get better at the game. To begin with, very few sites offer a nice competitive scheme; on the other hand, there are usually few incentives. So, we decided to round up the best chess playing sites where you can play within an intermediate and high-level community.

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Official Site

GameKnot Is A page for chess lovers. GameKnot offers a variety of options for chess lovers, from games to practice to improving skills. Even within the page, you can get tournaments with certain features that make it a page worth following.

GameKnot gives its visitors the chance to have fun while playing chess. People can get different ways to enjoy the game inside the page, either by practicing or playing against other players in normal games or tournaments.

People can register for free on the page. Just create a user, accept their terms and conditions, and the account will be ready to use. However, for the registration of tournaments or important events, an entry fee will be charged, which will vary according to the event’s importance.

The site gains a lot of confidence by showing the number of registered users and the number of users who play within the site. Besides that, your tournaments are usually important within the chess field.


  • Has practice systems
  • Offers tournaments to top players
  • has a blog of news concerning the world of chess


  • Does not have a mobile software

We can say that GameKnot is a good site for those who want to learn and improve their chess world skills with quite ease and help from experts.


Official Site

SparkChess is a site that offers the best of both worlds: Teaching and Practice. With extensive teaching methods and great ideas for improvement in the chess world, SparkChess is one of the best sites to play on.

Sparkchess has a system that offers its users free chess games and some great player reviews and games. It is also a space for improvement and practice for all those who love the game.

People can use the site for free, although they will not enjoy all its features. Those who wish to purchase the full version of SparkChess can do so for $15.

SparkChess is a site that has a certain amount of mileage already. Also, since it is available for phones, you can read several reviews that have given their confidence in the site and still prefer it.


  • It has a fairly complete game system.
  • It offers a full version with more features


  • Payment methods for the full version are scarce.

SparkChess is positioned as a great site, capable of continuing to grow and attract more players. Although it needs to improve certain details, it is a site of excellent quality.

Play Chess

Official Site

Play Chess is not just a page for practicing and learning. This site offers beyond that and focuses on creating players who can act as independent professionals.

Within the site, we can play chess with people from all over the world with different styles. But on top of that, Play Chess has a shop for those who want to become real masters of the game where they offer books, and videos, among other things.

Registration to Play Chess is completely free. However, the site’s premium membership costs approximately 60 dollars, and the content they sell ranges from 20 to more than 100 euros.

It is a platform found worldwide, with great support in Germany, France, and the UK, where it has been recognized as a site with excellent services.


  • They have a library with content to enhance.
  • They have easy-to-use downloadable software.
  • Your subscription offers a wealth of downloadable content.


  • Prices are somewhat high in terms of content value.
  • They don’t have mobile software.

Play Chess is a great site for all game enthusiasts and those on the road to learning. Not only is it a place to practice, but it has a great library to learn from.


Chess Playing

Official Site

Chess is one of the most recognized chess platforms on the internet. It is a complete site in teaching, game modes, and tournaments and offers various facilities to its users.

Chess has a rather didactic platform. It has several game modes and constantly has tournaments on the page. It also has spaces for teaching and daily challenges for users.

People can create their accounts within Chess for free. However, the subscription costs approximately $100 per year. Furthermore, in terms of the trust, Chess is one of the most trusted sites in the market. Their large community speaks for them in most cases.


  • Wide variety of game modes
  • Daily training doses
  • Multi-language platform


  • The platform is a bit heavy.
  • It does not have a library where you can see techniques or games

Chess is an excellent site. It is one of the most complete in the market and has a wide variety of facilities for its community, which is constantly growing.

Red Hot Pawn Network

Chess Playing

Official Site

Red Hot Pawn is a great community of players who continue to grow within site every day. Its tournaments, accessibility, and ease of use make it one of the great sites for playing chess.

The site offers players a place to grow. Like many others, it has a space to practice with different puzzles and constant tournaments.

Registration is free. However, Red Hot Pawn offers a premium service for $100 per year.

The site has a large community that speaks for them. They also have a blog to find various testimonials from users who have placed their trust in the site.


  • has several game modes
  • Has a mobile application
  • Has a large library to improve the game


  • Everything is handled in English within the
  • You have few options for paying the subscription

It’s a good site to take advantage of all that chess offers. Red Hot Pawn also has several facilities that attract more players to join their page over time, so it is positioned as a good option to use.

Chess World

Chess Playing

Official Site

Chess World is a simple site that offers a variety of alternatives for game lovers. Also, its ease of use makes it appealing to the chess community.

Chess World brings together talent from all over the world in one place where competitive games are constantly being created with many facilities. It is also a large library of tactics and techniques used by chess professionals.

People can use the site and its contents for free after creating an account at no additional cost.

Despite being a simple site, it has a large number of players. In addition, the site is fully supported and approved by the community, which makes it very reliable.


  • It’s easy to use
  • has facilities for all players with connection problems
  • It has a built-in chat


  • No international support

Chess World is a great option for those more minimalist people having a complete page in terms of game modes and teachings but simple in terms of design that is worth considering.


Chess Playing

Official Site

Lichess is an organization that promotes chess. It is a page with several facilities for players to play and teach and useful tools to learn from each game.

Lichess is a space where people can play with others or practice with the computer with various difficulty levels. Besides, the site offers several tools to learn and improve people’s level of play.

Using Lichess is free of charge. The site has no internal micro-transactions and has a donation space for those who wish to contribute to its growth.

Lichess has been in the chess market for years. It is one of the most recognized sites and is also an organization with much recognition within the chess community.


  • You can play without having created an account.
  • The computer has several levels of difficulty.
  • The page can be customized in several ways.


  • The site is a bit heavy to load in the mobile version.

Lichess is a pretty complete page. Game facilities, libraries full of information, tools to improve, live streams, and everything completely free. Besides, its community continues to grow, making it a high-end site within its market.