Coastal Glasses and Contact Lenses Review


Coastal Glasses is a site that sells all types of lenses for all tastes. Within the page, you can get an extensive menu in which people can find the option they are looking for and best suit their needs, with several brands to choose from and buy.

How does Coastal work?

The Coastal Glasses website works as a huge virtual store where people can buy the most lenses they like. The great thing about the site is that it has many options to choose from, if not hundreds, of a wide variety of lenses and frames.

Coastal Glasses and Lenses is a store to find a pair of glasses and buy them, but it goes beyond that. The good thing is that the site allows us to test the lenses we’re about to buy with a built-in server option, making it easier to buy a pair of lenses.

Besides common sunglasses, the site also has several models for those who need a pair of glasses to improve their vision. In addition to style, they provide the option of enhancing the vision of those who need it.

On the other hand, it offers products like contact lenses, being these the second priority of the store, since they are not the main focus they have inside the page.

Likewise, you can choose from various recognized brands since they have several commercial allies that have allowed the brand to expand in several parts of the world. Among these, we can mention Ray-Ban, Emporio Armani, Vogue, among others.

How much does Coastal Glasses cost?

To say that Coastal has a price is impossible. 

First, this is because it is a virtual store and does not charge people to visit or enter the page for the first time. But the products do tend to have prices that vary according to the quality of the product you are going to buy and, above all, according to the brand you choose.

At least, we can find some cheap lenses because brands are not a problem for Coastal.

On the other hand, we can find within the section of simple models of lens prices ranging from $ 9 and up, a pretty low price if we think that they are premium quality lenses. Although this is not the case with all lenses

We can even find some lenses that exceed the $100 threshold in the single brands, but this is not very common.

Moving on, we have the premium lens options that are well-known brands that we mentioned earlier. They have a much higher price margin. For example, Ray Ban’s lenses range from $140 and up and can easily surpass $200 in one piece. The same happens with other renowned brands.

One of the biggest surprises is the Vogue brand of lenses, which can be purchased for less than $100 but can still easily top $200. Another example is Oakley lenses that don’t drop their prices from $200 and top $300.

Is Coastal reliable?

The site has been in the lens business locally and internationally for several years. Their name has been spreading, so trust has grown on several levels thanks to their quality products.

On the other hand, they are allies of important brands found within the site and have placed their trust in Coastal. This is a way to see the trust that the site has earned.

Also, it has a section for user reviews on the same page. The only complaint is that the specifications are poor and could be improved in some cases, but nothing beyond that has become a Coastal problem.


  • They have several brands to choose from within their catalog.
  • They have several international stores on several continents.
  • Also, they have a wide variety of products for all types and tastes.


  • They do not have a mobile application for the store.
  • No international shipping service
  • Few payment methods on the page
  • Most of their stock is amazingly expensive.

Coastal’s Final Verdict

Coastal is a great place to buy a good quality pair of glasses. People can buy a decent product at a low price or look for a pair of higher quality lenses and buy lenses that they can show off. Without a doubt, it is a site that offers the best between quality and price.

On the other hand, prices for well-branded lenses are high, although the difference between here and Amazon isn’t much and, here you may find some expensive ones in the discount section.

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