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The exchange of digital currencies is a way to earn money. Many users need to collect their payments received in different digital wallets to make other beneficial economic movements.

Another common reason to exchange digital currencies is to obtain local currency for day-to-day expenses.

In this regard, Coindirect seeks to serve this growing market through a platform of equal to equal where you, as a user, are in a position to establish the rate you want to pay or receive for the exchange rate you are looking for.

This company, registered in the Isle of Man, is an exclusive site for exchanging digital currencies.

How Does Coindirect Works

Through this platform, customers who want to buy digital coins connect with those who wish to sell them.

For example, the seller may own BTC and wish to acquire ETH. In that case, he hangs an advertisement where he says how much BTC is willing to pay for the equivalent in ETH.

On the other hand, the buyer who owns the ETH can buy through the seller’s announcement or hang one indicating how much ETH is willing to assign by BTC.

Among The Digital Currencies That Can Be Operated On This Website Are:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Dash
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • USDT
  • Ripple

In case you have another type of digital currency, you should go to the function “Convert Currencies” to change them to one of the portfolios in a digital currency that this website operates.

Besides, they record all your movements in the “Order List” section, similar to a bank account, where you can check all your executed exchange orders.

You can also cancel the notifications that you have active from this section if you feel like spam.

Why Use Coindirect?

The service offered by this site counts with some usual advantages since it is:

•       Easy To Use:

You can buy and sell more than 30 coins from a single platform in your local currency. Without separate accounts and in a few minutes, you will understand how it works.

•       Fast:

Without complicated processes or 48-hour approvals. Open every day of the year.

•       Transparent:

There is only one baseline. Therefore it is not necessary to take into account tariffs or future charges when completing a transaction.

•       Secure:

To keep your personal data and transactions as safe as your money, they have implemented security measures at the banking level, with strict risk prevention protocols.

Buyers and sellers are verified, and the currencies are protected against the deposit for the absolute safety and success of the transactions.

•       Complying:

To ensure that they meet international standards in terms of AML and CFT, this company is registered as a business designated by the Isle of Man financial services authority.

Regarding the Rates

When you place a limit order that is not filled immediately and goes to the list of orders, 0% rates will be charged (market maker fees).

Yet, when making a market order or a limit order that is immediately filled with a rest order, they will charge 0.80% for ZAR currency pairs and 0.20% for all other currency pairs (defined as market rates).

How to Be A Certified Provider?

One way to earn money is to operate as a currency exchanger. Through Coindirect, you can operate as a full-time seller. They suggest following these three steps before starting:

  • Possess a fully verified Coindirect account by uploading the 3 required documents.
  • Deposit BTC in your Coindirect wallet or buy BTC from another of your suppliers.
  • Follow the link within your Coindirect Panel to create your own offers.

You must understand that this is a full-time job because you will have to communicate with each of the buyers who choose your ads. And next, quickly verify the payments you receive and make payments to meet your customers.


This website complies with international standards and is subject to regulations by the Isle of Man’s authorities, specialized in negotiating digital or crypto active currencies, intending to achieve great liquidity in a growing market operate with at least 30 digital coins.

They have an easy-to-use platform, where you can decide between accessing the sellers’ offers and hanging your own ad, establishing the pair of currencies you want to trade, and the value of your preference.

Also, count with a FAQsection, where you can easily clarify most of the doubts you have about their services, in case they do not appear, you can contact the customer service.

If you are looking for an exchanger, this site has somewhat high rates but is still a great place to start.

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