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With over 30 years in business, Collections Etc. Represents one of the largest suppliers of merchandise in the United States. They have many items available to you for an unbeatable prices. In addition, they ensure give you access to the most difficult-to-find products on one platform.

They also have various discounts and offers perfect for frequent shoppers. There are many features that make Collections Etc. a store to consider. For this reason, we decided to make a summary with which you will be able to guide you correctly before making a purchase on their platform.

How does it work?

When you enter the platform, you will find the different departments that the company has. The Collections Etc. an extension, has products related to home equipment. You can find items for the bathroom, garden, kitchen, or simple decorative pieces.

This does not stop there; they also have sporting goods, health, toys, and gifts.

The number of products available is huge. It is almost certain that on their platform, you will be able to find any item you want.

If you have already decided on any item, you have to enter it to start the purchase process. Before that, you will see a small but extremely detailed product description. In addition, you can select alternatives of colors, sizes, and styles depending on availability.

It should be noted that having an account on the platform is unnecessary. If you wish, you can make your purchase as a guest, avoiding the creation of an account on the website. However, having an account on the platform is preferable for exclusive offers and order tracking.

After selecting the options in your purchase, you only need to complete the payment form and enter any promotional code you have. You can also include your Winston Brands credits through a code.

On the other hand, this platform has a section entirely dedicated to offers. Here, you will find excellent prices for all departments of the website. They are not very crazy promotions, but they have accessible and appropriate prices for the quality of the product.

How much does it cost?

Prices are highly variable due to the large number of items they have. The products are so diverse in their function that they do not have a well-defined average price.

Generally speaking, the products are not expensive at all. You can find items such as sheets or pillows for between $10 and $50.

In addition to that, they have some offers dedicated to free shipping. If you buy at least three products, your purchase will be free shipping. It should be noted that you will have to enter the promotional code BUY3M7 to validate the offer.

On the other hand, when free shipping is not applied, it has a cost depending on the value of the purchase. Its price can be between $6.99 and $22.99 for items costing between $14.99 and $249.99. If the purchase has a value greater than $250, the shipping cost will equal 12% of the invoice total.

At the same time, you can upgrade shipping, reducing the arrival time of your purchase.

There are three shipping options: Standard, Express, and Expedited. Standard shipping is the platform’s default alternative. In the case of Express and Expedited, these have an additional cost of $6.00 and $12.99, respectively. Additionally, this amount for expedited shipping only applies to the first item, so you must pay $2.99 for each additional product.

The lead time for Standard, Express, and Expedited is 7-10 business days, 3-5 business days, and 2-3 business days, respectively.

Payment Methods.

Currently, only PayPal and credit cards are available. The credit cards received on the platform are Discover, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Is it reliable?

They have an extremely reliable platform. Your security is always prioritized, and no unnecessary data is requested. At the same time, the vast majority of reviews and ratings given by their users position them as a safe platform.

The few negative ratings are usually linked to delayed shipments. Despite this, there are no complaints related to scams or misleading advertisements.

Their clientele is delighted with the products offered and the quality of service.

To strengthen your security on the platform, they have a section to keep track of your purchase. This function is only accessible if you have an account on the website. If you log in as a guest, you will not be able to enjoy this excellent tool.

Customer service

They have a very complete FAQ section. You can find the most common problems and doubts of their customers. All aspects related to payment and shipping can be found in this section.

If you have not found the solution to your problem, you can contact the help center directly. This can be done via email or telephone. Live chat is not currently available as a means of communication.

In addition, you can keep in touch with the platform through their social networks.


  • Wide variety of products and categories
  • Inexpensive and good quality products
  • Diversity of shipping methods
  • Offers and promotional codes section


  • Only available in the United States

To Sum Up

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most economical platforms to equip your home. You can find almost any item you can think of, all at an unbeatable price. In addition, they convey a safe environment where you will not have to worry about handling your data or your money.

The only downside is the limited scope of their platform. If you are not located in the United States, you cannot use the company’s shipping service.

We recommend using Collection Etc. if you are interested in buying items for your home.

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Diana Muniz
Diana Muniz

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