5 Common Vaping Errors for Beginners and How to Avoid Them

Everyone starts something new with many mishaps. Perhaps you learned how to ride a bike by taking a few spills. You remember how it felt, and you’re more careful the next time. You expect when you’re learning to vape. You’re not alone when making common vaping errors for beginners. Here is a guide to avoiding common mistakes in your early vaping career.

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1. Doing Too Much Too Soon

One common vaping error for beginners is trying to do too much too soon. Many novice vapers become overwhelmed with all the options for vapes. Take your time and explore different flavors, nicotine levels, different vaping methods, and other adjustments.

To avoid this, start with a basic kit and experiment with simpler flavors and nicotine levels. This way, you can get a better handle on the basics before expanding your selections.

2. Not Cleaning Your Vaping Device Regularly

It is important to keep your vape clean because of a build-up of e-juice residue and other gunk that cause the device to be inefficient. To avoid this error, use the right tools, such as a cotton swab, to clean the atomizer, tanks, and coil head. You should clean your device at least once a week or just choose to buy a disposable one like EBDesign Disposable.

Make sure you turn the device off before cleaning and give the device a few minutes to cool down. Wash off the tank and the atomizer with hot water. Clean the battery contacts with a cotton swab and wipe down the outside with a damp cloth.

3. Inadequate Knowledge of Ohm’s Law

Ohm’s Law explains how electricity flows through devices that use batteries. Without understanding this law, vapers run the risk of mishandling their devices.

Understand the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance. It’s crucial for novice vapers to follow the wattage and voltage ranges of the coils they are using. Overstepping these limits can damage the device and its components.

4. Improper Use of Coils

Improper use of coils can lead to a burnt taste in your vapor or reduced vapor production. To avoid this issue, use wattage that is proper for the ohms of the coil. Also, prime the coil by soaking it in e-juice before use.

Doing this will help prevent dry hits by making sure the cotton is fully saturated. Choose a compatible wicking material that is not only safe but won’t burn too.

5. Overcharging the Battery

Overcharging the battery is a very common mistake amongst vaping beginners. If the battery is left charging a vape for too long, it can cause the battery to become hot. Check the charge level of their battery regularly and avoid leaving it on the charger once it is full.

If the battery does become too hot, users should turn off their devices and unplug the power source. Users should look for a battery with a safety feature.

Avoid These Vaping Errors for Beginners Starting Today

Vaping can be confusing when you’re just starting. But, by following these tips and avoiding common vaping errors for beginners, you can begin to find your way into the world of vaping.

Understanding the basics, such as understanding ohms law and choosing the right nicotine strength for you, can help you start your vaping journey the right way.

Remember to ask for help if you need it!

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