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Possessing creativity is commonly associated with having a kind of gift or something similar. Still, the truth is that creativity is a skill that can be developed through an appropriate selection of courses.

Besides, it is often helpful to have all the tools and elements necessary to realize your ideas.

Naturally, you will have to get to work so that your creative skills improve in different work areas, and recurring online courses is a great way to get on.

In this regard, Creative Live is an online company dedicated to providing ordinary people with access to creative classes taught by the world’s best experts on a wide variety of subjects.

How does Creative Live work?

Founded in 2010 by Chase Jarvis and Craig Swanson from Seattle, this online company offers paid and free courses on topics such as:

  • Handicrafts and Art
  • Music and audio
  • Artistic design
  • Money and life
  • Photo and video

Obviously, you will need to register a user on the site, and then you should explore the options available in the topics that interest you.

We should point out that unlike other similar platforms does not offer a period to view any content in exchange for a one-time fee to familiarize yourself with their courses, so you will have to take the classes you think will really benefit you.

You must click on the class drop-down menu and enter the “on air now” section to opt for free classes.

In this section of the platform, you will see what is being transmitted that day for free. You can also see the classes’ calendar to be hung in the coming days and explore them by category.


They use instructors who are consolidated in their areas of work and, in most cases, have time preparing classes online. Thus the content of each course is of high quality.

It is expected to get the instructor’s name next to each course title and the price, which usually ranges from $50 to several hundred.

The videos are usually short, with around 5 minutes in length. However, some instructors may have more than one class within their course that lasts up to 40 minutes or maybe more. This is not a big problem if you consider that most of the videos are short and practical.

You also have access to other tools that allow you to learn at your own pace, such as the ability to adjust the playback speed of videos to pay special attention to the point that caught your attention.

Another useful tool is that you have access to a class transcript, which will allow you to review a particular point instead of playing the class again.

The learning platform

You can read comments about other users’ classes, which gives you the ability to evaluate the content you need.

The page’s design is quite simple, but photography is the first quality without being neglected. The written content is simple enough for you to spend little time to understand the platform’s operation.

When you enter, you will notice that the home page shows the outstanding courses, although you can take the time to explore each category if you need a specific search.

They also offer a business package, i.e., you can use this platform to strengthen your team’s weaknesses or enhance skills.

Besides, when this article was written, they offered a valid code for any writing class, which provides a $20 discount when paying for the class.

Another valuable element is the content search engine. It works quite well when you enter the right keyword summed with full access to their blog, which offers articles that truly instruct you for free.

Or you can choose, if your circumstance and location allow it, to watch the recording of one of the videos from the studio, being able to interact with the instructors, ask questions, and share meals with them.


They have the added value of having world-class instructors, recognized for their excellent work and whose content is exposed in professional-quality videos. Perhaps one aspect where they could improve is to offer downloadable support materials that allow them to perform exercises independently to apply the knowledge acquired.

At the End

Creative Live is an online learning platform, which offers reasonable prices for the courses taught by its instructors, making it a nice place to get started in the world of art. Go on and try them. You won’t regret it.

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