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Before banks and lending institutions, our reputation and even our face are reduced to a number, the credit rating. In a world where reaching big goals costs a lot of money, credits are a necessary tool to realize such plans.

However, it is not always possible to maintain a good credit rating, because it is not just about paying all your bills on time; that’s just part of the equation that the big three apply to qualify you. Many companies have dedicated themselves to the growing credit repair market, one of which is CreditRepair.

How Does CreditRepair.comWork?

This credit restoration service uses a 3-stage process to get your opportunities back up:

  1. They obtain credit reports for clients in order to analyze their situation, mainly these requests do not have a negative impact on the rating.
  2. Identify which items could be disputed on their credit report. Next, the site creates a “game plan” along with you, based on your personal credit objectives. At this time, you must clarify what they really will achieve with the dispute, do not be afraid to ask anything.
  3. Once the plan is established and they have identified the elements that will be challenged, CreditRepair will start working on your score.

This site works directly with loan companies and credit agencies to see what can be removed from everything that was enlisted with you, through a thorough investigation. It also does its best to reach agreements with such institutions.

Then, CreditRepair improves your credit score by eliminating problematic items through the channels, points of sale and other tools.

It is an online company with a very friendly interface, which seeks at all times to help potential customers to achieve what they are looking for.

Naturally, you will have to enter your personal data and perhaps later they will request more information necessary to execute the analysis of your credit rating.

Is CrediRepair Effective?

We must clarify that no credit repair company will perform a miracle of raising to 800 a rating that barely exceeds 350, however, this website has proven to be efficient in what they offer.

Its main function is to repair errors on your score sheet, usually:

  • Collection accounts
  • Mistakes
  • Late payments
  • Bankruptcy chapter 13
  • The bankruptcy of chapter 7
  • Tax liens not paid

They offer to increase your credit score, claiming that on their main website members receive an average increase of about forty (40) points in their TransUnion credit rating, usually after a period of 4 months of membership.

Besides, CreditRepair announces personalized tools developed to guide you through the whole process, in order to keep your score healthy and see continuous progress.

Other Features

Next, we will show you a list of aspects that will help you to have an idea of what you can get in this site:

  • They have a very rich education section, which will provide valuable tips to heal your credit rating, offering many options to learn about credit reports, scores and repairs.
  • Provides a solid record of diligence, with an improvement of 40 points on average for its clients.
  • Your three-step method for credit repair is simple to understand.
  • com has an average of 11.6 withdrawals per customer, on average, they are able to eliminate negative elements of your credit report.
  • Not an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which is not totally bad, but it reduces the client’s confidence.
  • Your simple monthly fee is $ 99.95, quite high compared to other similar services.
  • They communicate with you within a range of 48 hours with you to attend to your case.
  • They do not offer guarantees that when hiring their services you can improve your qualification, but the rate of improvement is high.

In The End

Through this credit repair site, you have a useful tool and, in most cases, effective, to correct the errors that appear in your credit rating.

They are dedicated not only to correct obvious errors but also negotiate with the rating companies how to correct other negative elements that also influence your rating.

Although they offer a somewhat expensive service compared to other sites, remember that all the improvements you achieve in your credit rating potentially offer you the possibility to save a lot in rates when establishing contracts with lenders.

Anyway, despite not being a member of the BBB, statistics say that they deserve a vote of confidence.


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