10 Crucial Reasons You Should Start Taking Self Defense Classes

Self Defense Classes

Self defense classes take various forms, from introductory classes geared toward children to fully codified martial arts systems to combat sports like boxing or grappling. Whatever the case, being versed in one or more methods has many benefits, some of which you may not have considered.

The perks of training in self defense include:

1. It Builds Confidence

Most of us have never needed to throw a punch in our lives. And while we should be thankful for the fact that inexperience can leave us feeling pretty unprepared to protect ourselves if the need ever arises.

Learning some basic techniques can help make us feel more secure in our persons, which tends to translate into feeling more confident in our daily lives.

2. It Helps Improve Coordination

Some of us are born athletes; some can’t walk and chew gum. If you fall into that latter category, self defense training can help you to become more coordinated.

Self defense training requires a lot from you, both physically and mentally, and the process trains you to develop better balance, agility, and consciousness to control your body gracefully and effectively.

3. It Promotes Self-Discipline

Self defense is a skill like any other. And the more you refine your skills, the closer you reach perfection and the harder you must work to continue improving.

This is why training is a great way to learn the self-discipline needed to continue to improve. Regular classes will help build a routine, and watching yourself improve will motivate you to stick to that routine.

Having done that, you’ll find it’s easier to apply that same discipline to other aspects of your life.

4. It’s a Great Way to Get Into Better Shape

At its core, self defense classes are about preparing you for a potential altercation where you are being physically threatened. Physical conditioning is therefore extremely important to the process.

And depending on the specific discipline that you choose, you can see higher returns in this respect. There are options for people of all levels of physicality, but enrolling in a combat sport or learning Krav Maga self defence will tend to include a higher emphasis on conditioning to keep up with the program. This makes them great choices to learn a valuable skill while building their body to practice it.

5. It Will Train You to Be Conscious of Your Surroundings

Self defense is more than just being able to out-fight, out-maneuver, or outrun an attacker. At its highest form, it actively reduces the odds of an altercation.

One of the key ways this is possible is by training you to be more aware of your surroundings. No one ever goes outside planning on being attacked. And would-be attackers rely on surprise to be effective.

But by training yourself to become aware of your surroundings, you can better predict where a potential attack might come from or when a situation might turn dangerous. Knowing this, you can better prepare yourself or extricate yourself from the situation before the need to protect yourself even arises.

6. It Will Improve Your Self-Control

Self defense techniques and strategies are best learned in group settings. And most often, when practicing, you’ll be working with a partner. In this process, you need to be conscious of your movements so that you don’t harm each other but still learn the techniques effectively.

Learning and practicing self defense requires mutual trust and respect between yourself and the people you’re training. And by practicing that respect, you will build higher respect for yourself.

7. It Can Improve Mental Health

Beyond promoting self-control and higher self-worth, self defense classes can have a tangible impact on your mental health.

The effects of self defense training on assertiveness and confidence are well-documented, but some studies have also shown a correlation between training and mental health benefits for survivors of traumatic experiences. In particular, individuals showed reduced incidences of anxiety, depression, and other symptoms related to post-traumatic stress.

8. It Promotes Better Social Skills

Self defense training is a group activity, and because of this, it holds an opportunity to build better social skills.

Surveys have shown that most Americans report general loneliness daily, with poor work-life balance frequently being blamed. The remedy, then, for adults with limited social opportunities outside the workplace is to find activities that allow them to meet others with similar interests.

Self defense classes facilitate this, and because of their close interpersonal nature and the mutual trust and respect they help build, they’re great opportunities to make new connections.

9. It Will Help You Learn How to Set Attainable Goals

Learning a skill like self defense is a process. And in the course of that process, you will need to learn the patience and focus needed to progress.

Whether it’s mastering a specific move or attaining a certain level of fitness, self defense classes help us to learn how to set goals that have a clear path towards their completion.

10. You Will Learn How to Protect Yourself and Those Around You

Most importantly, you should learn self defense simply because it works. Not only do classes help you learn how to use techniques effectively, but they also help you learn when not to use them.

The best outcome of a self defense situation is to avoid it altogether, and failing that, to extricate yourself from the situation as quickly as possible. And prudent self defense training will help you learn not only how to use your strength and skills but your best judgment to protect yourself and those around you from harm.

Self Defense Classes Teach Critical Life Skills

Self defense classes teach us how to protect ourselves. But thankfully, most of us will never need to apply what we’ve learned in a life-or-death situation.

All the same, learning self defense teaches us skills that we can apply in almost any aspect of our lives. From improving our mental and physical well-being to learning the discipline needed to excel in anything we apply ourselves to, they can help us to become the best versions of ourselves.

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