Don’t Bury Your Money: 5 Tips For A Cheap Funerals Reception

Don’t Bury Your Money: 5 Tips For A Cheap Funerals Reception

What can be worse than dealing with a dead relative? Simple: dealing with their funeral reception!

A good funeral reception is crucial to help grieving friends and family move on after a loss. However, costly funeral receptions may lead to having to bury your bank account.

Don’t worry, though. We’ve got the guide to planning cheap funerals and receptions that are still tasteful, respectful, and effective!

1. Direct Burial

Ever wonder where most of the cost of a funeral goes? The short answer is preparing the body.

Things like embalming take time and ultimately cost money. Similarly, arranging the body for viewing during an official visitation takes time.

Instead, you can opt for direct burial or green burial. This means quickly burying the body without any embalming or other chemicals.

This saves money that you can put directly towards the reception cost!

2. Price Shop

It feels weird to think of funerals as a significant purchase. However, they have something in common: you need to shop around to find the best deals.

Different funeral homes are going to have different prices and services. And you won’t know what all of your options are until you give everyone a call.

Think of the different parts of the funeral as having different costs. So, the more you save on the ceremony and burial, the more you will have for your reception!

3. Alternatives to Burial

For centuries, we buried our dead the same way. However, you now have several exciting alternatives.

You may opt to have the body cremated. Alternatively, you may have a burial at sea or even a home burial!

The significant benefit of these options is that they cut many costs out of a traditional funeral. And like we said before, every dollar saved on the funeral is a dollar that can go towards throwing an excellent reception.

4. Different Kinds of Receptions

For many people, “funeral reception” means “funeral home.” Unfortunately, that’s where many of your costs will come from.

Therefore, one way to achieve cheap funeral services is to find an alternate venue for the reception. This may include places like your church or your home.

In addition to saving money, these locations make it easier for everyone to bond and talk with one another. This is crucial to having the reception go well.

5. Honesty and Negotiation

Most funeral planning begins by talking to a funeral director. Our advice? Go in being completely honest.

After you get coverage information from companies like Top Quote Life Insurance, you’ll know how much money you have available. Be upfront with the funeral director that you are trying to save money with cheap funeral services.

Even then, be prepared to negotiate. By understanding alternatives to traditional burial, you may be able to negotiate down to a more affordable price.

Cheap Funerals: The Bottom Line

Now you know more about planning cheap funerals and receptions. But do you know how else to save money?

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