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Dr. Schulze’s is a website called “herbdoc.com,” which is owned by the very famous Doctor and sells all of his brand’s products, such as vitamin supplements, proteins, and other natural medicines with a natural focus.

One of the world’s leading companies in the health and natural products industry, Dr. Schulze’s claims that their products have helped thousands and are, of course, the best you will ever get.

Who is Dr. Schulze’s?

This man is a naturopath from the United States who suffers from heart problems. After conventional medicine gave him only two options: have expensive surgery that could prolong his life or enjoy his remaining years to the fullest, Dr. Schulze decided on the third option: transform his diet and exercise routine to live for his health.

This inspired him to help others by improving their health, so he studied “naturopathic medicine” and became a naturopathic physician and master herbalist at the school of natural healing.

In 1979 he founded his own pharmaceutical company to create and distribute medically approved natural products. He draws on more than 20 years of experience with his practice himself and with patients who suffer from serious illnesses.

He says that his goal is not to sell false promises or testimonials, not even miracle medicines, but to help those not in good health with the quality of his products.

How does the website work?

It is a virtual shopping site, so it works under the standard. That is to say, it has its respective categories, by-products, and functions, and its interface is also quite generic.

Above the categories, in the upper right corner, are the buttons to register or log in plus the cart button and down, that is, along with the home, a variety of products available, such as those with discounts or new arrivals.

What does it offer?

They offer natural products of all kinds. These range from dietary supplements to actual natural medicine. In their categories, we can find:

  • Nutrition: We will see products such as protein powders or vitamins in tablets focused on improving nutrition and helping the body to digest them faster.
  • Eliminate formulas created to lose weight or fat or help those who retain fecal matter work as purgatives to purify the body and improve digestion.
  • Immune system: Formulas are created to improve the immune system. There are also formulas for children.
  • Detox: Detoxification regimens of impurities in the body last 5 to 30 days. These have different objectives, such as improving digestion, increasing energy, losing weight, and relieving stress.
  • Specific: In this category, you can find formulas designed for specific needs, such as circulation problems, heart problems, skin problems such as dryness with acne, improved menstrual cycles, to prevent prostate problems, eyes, and almost any other function you can think of.


While not the cheapest in the supplement and vitamin market, their prices are not unaffordable either. A bottle of 270 tablets of the nutritional supplement “Superfood” costs $96. These tablets are commonly taken once daily, so one bottle lasts about nine months.

Their “Super protein plus” supplement of more than half a kilo costs $46. Their “Eyebright” herbal eye formula costs $22. And also, Their 30-day detox package, which brings several of their supplements, is one of the most expensive products, costing almost $440.

Likewise, for those completely focused on improving their physical condition, they offer a monthly membership so you can make your diet the best way possible. This membership gives you advantages such as free shipping, exclusive bonuses, the facility to change or cancel your products at any time, and is completely revocable if you wish, with no strings attached.

Payment Methods

Payments are made through bank transfers, debit or credit cards, and PayPal. No other virtual wallets are available.

Is Dr. Schulze’s legit?

Dr. Schulze’s products are renowned worldwide. While these products are not all as efficient as pharmaceutical alternatives, they are FDA-approved, and you can find them in other stores such as Amazon or Health.

Furthermore, speaking about the service and prices, you can save a lot of money in the long run by buying directly through Dr. Schulze’s website. The site is quite reliable, products are the same originals you can find in big retailers, and prices come directly from the source.

Customer service

Their website has a complete “Customer Service” section, which shows you options to contact them, manage your account, manage shipments and returns, the respective terms and conditions, and the privacy policy.

Despite this, there are only two options for contacting them: email or phone. Also, the phone number is only for emergencies. Otherwise, they preferably ask you to contact them by mail.

As for the reviews, most of them are positive, especially if we refer to the products. However, it is true that there are repeated comments talking about the shipping not being satisfactory for different reasons.


  • Variety of natural health products of excellent quality.
  • You find gluten-free, vegan, and other alternatives within this variety of products.
  • Schulze is well-known and reliable.
  • Their products have an excellent reputation.
  • They ship almost anywhere in the world.
  • They have a blog dedicated to health and the use of their products.


  • Their shipments are not as reputable as their products
  • They do not have a variety of payment methods
  • They do not have a variety of contact methods

To Sum Up

The quality of the products is worth a try. Dr. Schulze’s brand is a favorite of many, who is frustrated by modern medicine, and claim that the supplements improved their lives a lot.

Remembering that all bodies are different and, therefore, each supplement may work uniquely and be more or less effective, having this brand as an option on the list is a great idea.

Perhaps the prices are a bit higher than what we are used to, but there is no doubt that quality comes with it, and these are still cheaper than buying the same products from this brand in local retailer options.

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