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Trading in the forex market is an attractive challenge for those who want to experiment with investing in securities, commodities, and foreign currencies and exploring all their possibilities.

One way to enter this market is through the broker easyMarkets, which has operated online since 2001.

They have opted for a philosophy to be, and we quote, “simply honest”; thus, more than 1000000 clients have managed to access more than 2.92 trillion US dollars daily through their platform.

How easyMarkets Gold Works

First, you must register your user to trade with gold or the metal of your preference. Keep in mind that brokers are internet sites regulated by real agencies, which perform audits and certify that all operations performed under their jurisdiction are legal.

For this reason, you will have to enter personal data, including digital copies of your ID or passport.

Like other metals such as palladium, platinum, copper, among others, is considered a haven.

This way, metals are the first commodities traded to exchange goods or services by applying an exchange rate. Thus, unlike other currencies or commodities, their value depends on the market’s trust, and they are not so exposed to changes.

Gold Trading Forex

Gold, on its own, is considered a “haven” where all investors turn when the market enters uncertain times.

In easyMarkets, you can enjoy fixed Spreads (spreads that favor the broker) that will not change in any commercial condition, as long as you know their cost.

You can also start trading the gold with Spreads as low as 40 cents.

Main Features

Considering that it has been a broker in operation since 2001, this site offers many reasons that can persuade you to use it:

  • Do not charge commission: do not charge a commission. It would be best if you did not worry about hidden commissions. Only dedicate yourself to trading!
  • No slippage: your platform has never slipped so that you can execute transactions at the requested price or better.
  • 100% stop loss guarantee: during your operations or absence, you will be protected against the unexpected, limiting your risk.
  • No fees on deposits or withdrawals: cover all financing fees and ensure that the amount you deposit is the same amount you trade with.

Besides, they count with special characteristics such as:

Protection Against Negative Balance:

You will not lose more than you invest, regardless of the circumstances or market conditions.

International Awards:

Since 2001 they have collected 37 prizes from different nations, standing out among the competitors.


Every time you enter the website, you have at your disposal a dialogue window to request any support you need.

To add balance to your account, they allow several methods, including:

  • VISA cards
  • Master Cards
  • Mastercard cards
  • American Express Cards
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • JBC
  • Bank transfers

Safety for Your Investments

Being a professional broker, they offer a service focused on the ease of operation, as well as on the security of their client’s funds for that reason:

Segregated Funds:

Customer funds are separated from easyMarkets company funds.

First Level Banks:

Your funds remain safe in first-level global banks and with low credit risk. Only you can have access to the funds.

Capital Adequacy:

They maintain sufficient liquid capital to cover all customer deposits, possible fluctuations in easMarkets currency positions, and pending expenses.

This site is also regulated by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) and CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission).

Gold Trading for Beginners: How to Build Your Gold Trading Strategy

Contracts for Differences

Contracts for Differences allow you to invest in currencies, indexes, metals, and raw materials without actually buying the product.

easyMarkets enables more than 200 different financial elements to choose from, so you can operate with the one you prefer.

By trading CFDs on metals, you can easily join this market without storing the physical product, which is advantageous because not everyone has a safe place to keep gold.

Besides, easyMarkets Gold allows you to trade gold against a basket of currencies through day trading and options.


This is a very reliable broker, with the possibility to operate with gold and another 200 values.

It is regulated by institutions in Europe and Oceania, responsible for independent periodic audits. Manage funds responsibly, to the point of winning the Most Transparent Broker Award in 2017. It is worth trying to operate through its website or applications for Android and Apple mobile phones.

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