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The wide universe of insurance has diversified and has taken forms very adapted to the new world’s realities.

It is relevant that insurance companies adapt to more accessible models, offering beneficial benefits with which workers can enjoy personal and family coverage that offers timely and dignified benefits.

eHealth Insurance has not remained distant from this marvelous evolution in the area of insurance, expanding its protection strategies and coverage as few insurances can do.

In this regard, both business and individual users want protection to be avoided, leaving their assets at risk.

For this reason, they offer complete and complimentary insurances that fulfill the goal of efficiently protecting all that it is insured. Currently, there are more than 5 million users who confirm this.

What is eHealth?

eHealthInsurance, known as a company that offers the general public from comparing to buying health insurance, has a wide portfolio of partners. More than 180 insurance companies offer health insurance and offer a large number of health insurance products.

It is worth mentioning that this company has been recognized for its outstanding work. It is positioned in an important place within the market since 5 million people are already enjoying the benefits and coverage of health insurance in different parts of the world.

eHealthInsurance allows you then to purchase health insurance policies through it with their partners. In this regard, they do not offer direct insurance, which may be a common mistake.

They offer an innovative online system that allows users to compare their medicare insurance with what the platform offers.

In this way, it can be said that we are talking about a conglomerate of insurances to which, according to the needs of each user, the platform can interconnect.

Some of these health corporations are:

  • Aetna
  • Humana
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Cigna
  • United Health Care.

What does it offer?

It guarantees the peace of mind and well-being of finding good health insurance. We know that health is the most important thing, so the company is in charge of facilitating the search process and providing you with the best option to choose where to invest your health security.

In this way, we present below the types of insurance you can purchase through eHealth:

  • Savings or health accounts
  • Individual health insurance
  • family health insurance
  • Short-term health insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Medicare Insurance
  • Health insurance packages
  • International Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • GAP Insurance
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Medical indemnity insurance


It is complementary insurance that joins the social insurance Medicare and Obamacare. When you add to these insurances the complement of Ehealth, your habitual insurance expands towards more benefits and greater coverage ranges.

Family and Individual:

It attends serious emergencies with coverages that allow solving problems in case of accidents, giving the insured the possibility to access medicines and additional complimentary benefits.

Small Business:

If a company has less than 20 employees, it must offer health coverage because otherwise, it can be highly sanctioned.

For this reason, eHealth offers accessible coverage that can be paid between the company and the beneficiary so that it is not a heavy expense for the small business, and the insured can contribute and not lose the possibility of being well protected.

Short Term Insurance:

Ideal for temporary employees, eHealth offers you the opportunity to purchase short term insurance, which can cover the insured for a period of 30 to 120 days, depending on the need of the insurer and insured.

This insurance is limited to major emergencies and not to preventive treatments.

eHealth Insurance coverages offer extensions to insurance that include dental insurance, acquisition and replacement of special lenses, alloys to other insurances to expand protection ranges when required, and indemnity coverages.

Compare Insurance Quotes

Before you opt for any insurance, eHealth gives you the option to compare insurance quotes with other companies. In the end, it is your decision, and we will give you the tools to choose what best suits your needs and economy.

The option to compare can be found on the company’s website. This way, you will be able to compare with one company with up to 4.

One of the features that create our customers’ confidence is that we allow you to evaluate each option in detail. You are presented with the different options you want, and there you will determine which option you think is the best or the one that fits what you want.

Besides, you can access complimentary insurance for “Medicare” and “Obamacare” that add additional benefits to such coverages.

eHealth Reliability

In statistics collected by eHealth users on the Trustpilot portal, positive ratings far outweigh positive ratings. Negative comments do not mention issues of a nature that could raise a concern or discredit this insurance company’s work.

The positive ratings expose the opinion of an important group of clients who demonstrate their satisfaction with eHealth and tell their testimonies of how being protected with their insurance contracts helped them to overcome difficult situations.

Thanks to the digital age, customers can expose their brand experiences and encourage other users to use or restrict themselves from using certain products that are offered.

In this particular, eHealth Insurance has a growing and strong credibility backed by its satisfied users’ opinions.

Advantages of using eHealthInsurance

  • Through its interface, you can make a detailed comparison and make an accurate decision based on what you saw, studied, and analyzed.
  • The company provides support and advice when you have any questions or need information.
  • You can count on a 24/7 consultancy.
  • They have more than 100 plans with partner companies.
  • You have the option to choose between them and any other companies that provides the same service.
  • eHealth is dedicated to evaluating the best option for you and guarantees the ease of the process.
  • They allow you to compare and get excellent prices.


No company is perfect. Of course, there is always room for improvement. Customers who have stayed from Ehealth man manifested the following:

  • Some people complain about receiving more information than requested by email.
  • Affiliations with other insurances are not always made on time.
  • Coverage is limited in some regions when it comes to medical insurance –Especially dental services.
  • There is a flaw in telephone customer services –Long queue- many users complain about in opinion networks.
  • Information is limited as to where you live or from where you are.

On the other hand, although they have good options, they do not show them on the website. This means that you must visit the company to provide you with detailed information about their products.

What are the costs of the policies?

The cost of your application is defined the day you apply and varies depending on your requirement. Other factors that may change your price are your residence, age, and insurance type you will choose.

Why eHealth Insurance?

It is ideal to guarantee our life tranquility and our family’s life. These insurances are indispensable, and here we will provide you with the necessary help, advice, and option for your health insurance.

This is a good place to start giving a guarantee to your health and your family’s.


Despite the complaints of some users, it is still a reliable platform that offers feasible solutions. Interested parts must determine all the legal elements to avoid unnecessary setbacks and enjoy the benefits of an excellent insurance provider affiliated to the conglomerate of eHealth Insurance.

As comparative software, eHealthInsurance is quite useful to find medical and insurance policies. On the other hand, it does lack some power when working as an insurance provider and sends you over to some unnecessary information when filling the form.

Therefore, use this service to see if you can find a better deal, or go through with them if you feel like it. In the end, your health and safety can only be your call.

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