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We live in a world where technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and it is not even possible for large study houses to maintain contentable to keep pace. Is it then possible to prepare academically for new professional challenges? The truth is that if.

Recently, platforms for e-Learning Software have become popular, consisting of web pages where you can, either on the same page or downloading software for computers or other devices, receive classes of certified teachers in various areas and focused on new technologies applied to various fields: administration, design, accounting, robotics, drafting, among others.

One of the most popular sites for this is Moodle, a platform that allows interaction with both instructors and other students, focused on allowing students to learn at their own pace and by unconventional methods. But there are very good alternatives to Moodle out there, ad the best ones are on our list.

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OpenSwad is an online learning software conceived in Spain by the University of Granada, it is completely free and it stays in operation thanks to the publicity and the donations made by its users.

Its main objective is to establish classrooms online, through face-to-face or semi-face-to-face sessions.

This way, OpenSwad offers teachers a space to host the materials of their subjects and manage to communicate with their students, as it combines the characteristics of an e-learning platform with a social network.

If you are a teacher you can create workspaces for your subjects and register your students directly, or instruct them to register for the subject.

The student, before registering, can see certain content of the subject including:

  • Teacher
  • Schedule
  • Guides
  • Support material

Starting from the fact that it is a traditional teaching platform, it also emerges as an e-learning platform, because if you are a student you can perform a self-assessment through interactive tests and individual consultation of grades, as well as enjoy at any time the content of the subject.

Its software is compatible with Android and iOS, as well as the Windows environment. In addition, their community is wider thanks to their connection with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Google+, among others.

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Supported by the platforms of Google Apps for Education and Microsoft One Note and Office, Edmodo is essentially a social network, but allows you as a teacher to easily record your classes and have very specific monitoring, identifying students who are not very involved.

In addition, you can create start-up surveys to evaluate the progress of the class and also disable the comments of the members of the class.

If you are a student, once integrated into a class you can view the content, manage deadlines, receive and send homework, and interact with the teacher and other classmates by answering surveys and writing posts that include embedded media, links and images.

The teacher can monitor each content.

Through Edmodo Spotlight all instructors have the possibility to share and exchange ideas, so it is a good collection of activities, tasks, and resources based on elements shared by other users.

Thanks to its great resemblance to Facebook and teaching objective is a great online learning software.

On the downside, to be completely free Edmodo generates revenue with advertising, so it can become a bit annoying from that point of view.

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It consists of a free software platform, considered one of the best learning management system software available. It was launched in 2010, and since then Chamilo has dedicated itself to improving access to education and knowledge globally.

Working as a non-profit organization it maintains its operations thanks to the donations of its members. And currently, more than 500,000 people have opted for this platform.

Highlights among its features are the catalog of courses, skills management, certificates that support the knowledge acquired, complex configurations and SCORM support.

Also, if you want to earn some money and have the tools to do it, you can choose to sell your own e-learning courses, however, the use of the platform is free as well as most of the competition.

Regardless of whether you are a teacher or student, you can effortlessly access the content of the course, thus reducing the drop-out rate. On the other hand, companies can enhance their chances of achieving the objectives set for corporate training.

It is also noteworthy that you can easily create and edit content, self-assessment tools and manage the content of the course. Other valuable resources are:

  • Training catalog: to be accredited as an expert in Chamilo.
  • Chamitalks: enjoy monthly talks and learn from the experts.
  • Calendar of events: not to miss anything and improve as an expert in Chamilo.

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It really is an enterprise resource planning software that has been dedicated almost exclusively to the educational sector.

Although it operates mainly in India, Fedena is used in more than 200 countries by more than 40,000 schools and colleges; they also sell their platform so you can create your own educational website.

We can say that because of its wide scope Fedena excels as a language learning software.

They aim to be the best educational technology platform in the world and to become a meeting place where the best pioneers of EdTech exhibit their cutting-edge technologies at their annual event so that traditional and online institutes can adopt them and make their quality superior.

This platform is very simple to use and offers certain practical features, including:

  • Activity Board
  • Management of evaluation and assistance
  • Automatic notifications
  • Calendar management
  • Communication management
  • Customizable reports
  • Import/export data
  • Record management
  • Time tracking and assistance

Considering the advantages offered by the price is worth it. The whole package, without a limit of students, teachers or anything costs a little more than $ 500 per year, allowing any institution in the world to manage their courses through this platform.

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Instructure is a company dedicated to educational technology that has created two software that makes it easier for people to learn, in fact, it is the best option to learn about software technologies in our list.

Specifically, they created Canvas, the popular learning platform that facilitates teaching and learning; and Bridge, a solution in employee development for people-centered businesses.

The Canvas platform includes products that improve and streamline the management of learning, evaluation, analysis, registration, video learning, and professional development.

On the other hand, Bridge is a solution for the development of employees, gestated to help them strengthen their skills and scale. It is an easy and attractive platform for employees and managers to track training, performance, learning, objectives and career paths.

Thanks to the platforms developed by Instructure you can access endless courses formulated with the intention of developing professionally while keeping abreast of new technologies in your professional field.

To obtain the prices you must complete a form that will adjust a rate based on the data entered, this applies to both Canvas and Bridge models. They are very simple and appealing platforms to navigate and work with.

How to choose the best software

Choosing goes far beyond comparing prices because you need to choose an eLearning Software that fits exactly what you are looking for. To help you with this important decision we have compiled some simple tips:


The platform you choose should be able to provide your services without problems to any type of device, or at least, to which you have access. In addition, you need to know that courses are taught at times compatible with your personal agenda.


In general, the best e-learning platforms take pride in having relationships with reputable companies and institutions, so they usually provide a list of the main clients and collaborators. Likewise, they usually receive acknowledgments from other organizations.


The user interface they use should be easy to use if you decide to use a platform that is uncomfortable or complicated to explore it is very likely that you end up abandoning the courses.

To Sum Up

Possibly you have noticed that it is feasible and even simple to keep up with the current labor market if you use the right tools, which is why we have exposed you the main characteristics of these 5 learning management platforms or eLearning.

Assuming that you are looking for eLearning Software that is free you can choose the Edmodo, OpenSwad and Chamilo platforms, although within these options Edmodo stands out for its resources whether you are a teacher and you need ideas to expose your content, or if you are a student; In essence you can see part of the content of the course before integrating.

Whereas if you need a business-type platform for your employees to maximize their skills, or you want to grow professionally in your company, then the products offered by Instructure are the best option for you.

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