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This emergency assistance company became operational in 2017. However, they have made sure to gather experience by having associates who have time in the business. These partners are:

  • AVRO
  • Professional Recovery
  • Slow Down or Move Over

They offer the service to motorcycles, vans, and vehicles. So it’s a good option at a fairly affordable price if you need personal vehicle coverage. According to the website, their mission is “To provide a quality, reliable and cost-effective breakdown service.”

Emergency Assist Breakdown Cover operates as an independent breakdown provider for its members. While it is true that the foundation is less than a decade old, they are staffed by experienced professionals. The result is a customer-oriented service that can be offered at low costs.

One of the ways they manage to get low costs is by having a small call center. They also manage a network of more than 3000 agents who handle each part of the service.

How does it work?

Becoming a member quite simple. To do so, you need to complete the online form with the necessary data: personal and your vehicle. You can read the membership form in a downloadable PDF. There are three membership levels with different main advantages:

  • Saver
  • Roadside assistance
  • Local recovery
  • Prima
  • Savings Plan Coverage
  • National Recovery
  • Family house
  • Forward travel options
  • Complete
  • Premium plan coverage
  • European Travel

Is Emergency Assist Breakdown Cover expensive?

Furthermore, Emergency Assist Breakdown Cover prides itself on providing a very affordable service. Its three membership plans are offered at a single annual fee. These prices may vary depending on the extras added. The base rates for each plan are:

  • Savings Plan for £24.
  • A premium plan for £33.
  • Full Plan worth £90.

They also indicate that they can offer cover regardless of the age of the vehicle. But consider that the older the car, the higher the price. They also offer a 15% discount when more than one vehicle is entered on an application. Although it’s not clear whether the discount applies to the entire application or each additional car added.

On the other hand, they reward customer loyalty by offering discounts on renewals. They do not mention the formula they follow for such a discount. So we can assume that the renewal discounts are personalized.

Can I trust Emergency Assist Breakdown Cover?

To talk about the reliability of this service, we went to customer opinion pages. It is remarkable that at TrustPilot, their average rating is 4.6 stars out of 5 possible out of 10,000 comments. While at Reviews.io, they rate 4.27 stars out of 5 out of 3000+ comments.

So, we can determine that customer satisfaction is a constant. Although the average response time stated is 60 minutes, other customers often mentioned that it was less.

On the other hand, many customers praised the ease of completing the online form or the call center’s quality. Some other customers have mentioned problems with the renewal service, but complaints are quite a few.


  • Very economical prices, affordable to most potential customers.
  • Coverage throughout the UK.
  • Efficient and customer-oriented call center.
  • Reasonable response time and often less than 60 minutes.
  • Partnership with over 3000 agencies to ensure speed of service.
  • Active renewal discounts.
  • Discounts for applications with more than one car.
  • Coverage is available for all vehicles, regardless of age.
  • Easy to fill out the online form and simple registration process
  • Coverage is on your car; if someone else drives it, the coverage is still valid.


  • If you enter your details incorrectly on the form, your application may be rejected, but payment will be processed.
  • The contract will be sent only by email.
  • They do not have a membership card.
  • They claim to have experience in the market, but officially they have 3 years.
  • Not available in the United States.

Emergency Assist Breakdown Cover is a nice service company for emergency breakdown recovery. It is associated with other agencies with time in the UK, and the prices they offer are meager compared to other providers. But be careful if your vehicle is ancient, you could pay more than you expect.

The level of satisfaction of people who are already using their services seems high. Besides, it is straightforward to get started, and the plans are simple to understand. However, they have only been in the industry, officially, for a short time, although they claim to be over a decade old. This last detail may generate some suspicion.

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