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Enterprise-Rent a Car Review

Do you need to find a car for your vacations and see Enterprise in every listing? We have been there, so here is our Enterprise-Rent a Car Review.

What is Enterprise – Rent a Car?

A recognized company dedicated to car rental was founded in 1957. Enterprise – Rent a Car has 4,600 offices in the United States.

So, we can say that they are easily accessible. Besides, they count on a nice website and telephone attention. They also make a wide selection of cars available with the option to buy their vehicles.

What exactly does Enterprise – Rent a Car do?

Enterprise – Rent a Car has a fleet of cars that covers 250 brands. So many brands available include options in the categories:

  • Cars
  • SUV
  • Vans
  • Minivans and vans
  • Truck and van removals
  • Exotic cars

With the office staff through the website, you can rent cars as long as you need—both for a few hours and longer periods. Unique service can pick you up at the hotel and take you to one of their offices. Once at the office, you can complete the registration process.

Another feature is that they offer discounts by accumulating points if you are a member. But, at the same time, they increase your membership level and get other benefits like the Gold level membership. This last one gives you 15% more in the points you accumulate, Which you can transfer to a family member or redeem directly.

How much does it cost?

The reservation price is related to the rental time, location, and car selected. As a general rule, the rates at Enterprise – Rent a Car are

  • In the case of a compact and cheap vehicle, $9.99 per day
  • In the case of a moderate vehicle, $12.99 per day
  • For a standard vehicle, $15.99 per day
  • In the case of a large vehicle, $18.99 per day
  • In the case of moderate SUV, $19.99 per day
  • Or for an SUV or moderate minivan, $24.99 per day

Some fees can be added to the rent as appropriate. Some fees may be customer installation or airport concession, among others.

Nevertheless, you will be exempt from some of these fees if you are a student. As you might expect, last-minute reservations are highly priced, as well as service cancellations.

Note: You will have to pay for any damage caused to the vehicle if there is any. The fee for an additional driver is $12.


Is it reliable?

After a review of customer comments on approved sites, we can say that they will comply. The vehicles are usually in excellent condition and, in some cases, with few kilometers of use. In addition, their accessibility makes it very easy to solve a problem if there is one. -Including emergency road care.

But having so many branches, you may come across very different customer services from one place to another. For example, some suggest taking pictures of the car’s condition so you won’t be surprised by damage charges. While other customers praised the service, they received and were satisfied with the rates.


  • Located throughout the United States and in major international destinations.
  • Reasonable rates.
  • Cars in excellent condition of mechanics and comfort.
  • A variety of categories and brands of vehicles are available.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Discounts on student rates.
  • Advantages for clients who are members of your service.
  • Available for companies the option to buy cars from their fleet.
  • Applications for iOS and Android for companies.
  • Special service for the business sector.
  • Easy to use the website.
  • Mobility service from the hotel to a branch to make payment.


  • Variable customer service due to a large number of branches.
  • If you are not careful, you can be accused of damage to the vehicle.
  • The cancellation fee is high.
  • One-way rentals are quite restrictive.
  • Rentals are subject to car availability at each branch.
  • You must pay the airport concession fee if you rent within an airport.


Enterprise – Rent a Car offers a wide range of services within car rental. It offers special attention to companies. Therefore, it is quite a serious option for business trips. Besides, it is ideal for anyone who needs a car during their trip due to its reasonable prices.

Finally, It is convenient to take precautions to avoid paying damages you did not cause to the car. But overall, its customer service is decent and meets expectations.

All the above makes Enterprise an option to consider. However, in the end, they will indicate the rates that apply to your rental location.

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