Best Esoteric and Consciousness Websites

There are many reasons why mystery catches our attention, and unlike in past centuries, the magic of divination is at the reach of our fingertips.

At this time when it is possible to open your consciousness to new experiences, the internet is full of esoteric pages with interesting information that can help you better understand your astral configuration and have a better connection with your Higher Self.

For this reason, we created for you a list with best esoteric and consciousness Websites in which you can get to know better your spirituality as well as the wonders hidden around the world:

Awakening People

Official Site

This website is particularly interesting Although its design is quite basic And unfortunately does not have a search engine or any associated order that allows you to find what you are looking for easily.

To start, on the home page you will get a quote every week, followed by the last posts uploaded to the page.

Here you are going to get Interesting information such as a test to know the type of spiritual contract under which your soul works or guides to understand How the moon affects your abundance and What you can do to improve your situation based on the stars.

In the second section of this page “Moon & Stars” is your weekly horoscope. With information about your energetic characteristics elements that can help you bring better conditions into your life. Such as your lucky color, a phrase of abundance or the parts of your body to which you should give priority.

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Get Esoteric

Official Site

this website is much bigger than the one we mentioned before and it is probably one of the first places you should visit if you are entering the world of the stars.

In the home page, they have a menu to redirect you to the window to enter the system, blogs, vlogs, and community groups.

Differently from the site above, Get Esoteric also works with the personal development part. So, you will find plenty of information on How to find your motivation to overcome your own defects and even find meditations and other tools to avoid depression.

Additionally, they have a great gallery of vlogs with unique content and some articles with elements of mystery such as ghost case research, UFOS and more.

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OM Times

Official Site

Maybe what you are looking for moves a little further away from the esoteric and seeks spirituality, in that case, OMTimes is the ideal place for you to start your search.

Although this website also offers you your weekly horoscope focuses mainly on the spiritual part of the human being especially taking elements from Buddhism.

On this website, you will find important information for your personal and spiritual development, such as guidelines for accepting your negative side or learning to deal with negative people.

There are also several guides to meditation sessions and great content on spiritual/health new.

Finally, OM Times also has a digital magazine to which you can subscribe via Kindle, Google Play, iTunes, Issuu and Magzter.  –The price varies depending on the platform.

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Academy of Wisdom Teaching EU

Official Site

Returning to the world of the Mystic, this web page represents the Academy that conglomerate the information of dozens of doctrines of astrology, spirituality, theology, and religion.

Like any educational system, the plans offered to you at the level of information are prepared to be based on scientific facts even though the measurable results are mostly subjective.

Among the topics you might find on this page are:

  • Science And Methods
  • Science Of Meditation
  • Trans-Himalayan Traditions
  • Science Of Color And Sound
  • Great Invocation
  • The Way Into Shamballa

In addition, the site offers a group of tools such as the location and directory of spiritual retreats, schools of this type of dogma in Europe, tools to measure your meditations and a complete library of digital elements.

The only bad thing about this website is that its design makes it quite difficult to use since all the options available for your search are in the menu located on the left-hand side, without an appropriate order.

As for the informative courses, most of them are simply videos of approximately 30 minutes to a few hours, with punctual information about what you should do to improve your knowledge in each of the cases.

What makes this site special is that it connects you both with a wide variety of information and a wide directory of sources for all the worlds of science, esoteric and spirituality.

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Expanded consciousness

Official Site

Unlike the previous pages, this one doesn’t offer any kind of additional service, it’s just an Informative blog in which you’ll find a lot of content about incredible and miraculous things that happen around the world.

Yes, as you think it is only an informative blog so you will not have access to any magazine or your weekly horoscope. But, you will have access to incredible studies, blogs, and galleries that happen in the world, from situations that will melt your heart, to miracles of nature that defy the laws of physics.

On the downside, the design is quite vague, you can only access the entries in “order of publishing” and have zero ways of searching for a specific blog or tag.

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The Open Mind

Official Site

As with the previous entry on our list, The Open Mind is nothing more than a blog dedicated to giving you information about the most incredible things that happen in the world every day.

However, this one is quite different from the previous one, since it is really much more organized dividing the incredible and interesting news that they embody in the post, in six different categories:

  • Animals
  • Life
  • News
  • Spirituality
  • Technology
  • Uplifting

In each of these categories, you will find great information and news related to the specific topic –Although most of the times the News category overlaps with the others, so it is a “blog-less” mix of news from all the others.

Additionally, you can follow them on their Facebook page and receive news updates constantly in your Feed so you don’t have to be Searching outside through the web.

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Official Site is a complete blog in which you can receive all kinds of information concerning the human side of spiritual well-being.

The blogs arranged on this page are divided into the following categories:

  • Human First

Dedicated to human interaction news and information –With topics like “compassion in times of war” and news of that nature.

  • Wellness

Dedicated to offering information on how to improve your health, without a specific focus –That is covering all body, mind, and soul.

  • Science

A section filled with studies and based in facts –most of the time- regarding spirituality and philosophy –As well as other somewhat related topics.

  • Business (still under construction)

As with the previous page, uplift allows you to receive Blog updates directly in your Facebook Feed, you can also subscribe to offering your email to receive news directly without having to enter the website.

The topics touched by this website are quite varied, ranging from news relevant to the human world. Mostly those related to compassion, environmental science, and war-, to scientific journals with information on all kinds of topics about the evolution of human capabilities both technological and philosophical.

At the End

This list of websites is designed to give you a great deal of manageable information about the esoteric, spiritual and human part of the world that is usually hidden from our simple sight.

If what you are looking for is information to train yourself in a certain way in this world, the best thing to do is to follow pages such as OMTimes or Academy of Wisdom Teaching EU.

On the other hand, if you are just aiming for a site to get information in order to expand your way to see this world, The Open Mind and Uplift are the best options. I can recommend for you to stay abreast of the most incredible things that happen around us.

What are you waiting for? Start learning more about the spiritual world we live in!

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