Essential Aggregate Equipment for the Job Site

Now more than ever, professional construction companies need to focus on finding cost-saving measures. In fact, 60 percent of construction managers have reported being forced to cut back on materials due to economic strain. The best way to preserve your company’s bottom line is to find ways to run your jobsite more efficiently. And one of the best places to start is by upgrading your aggregate equipment.

Whether you need a sand screening machine, a vibratory sifter, or a concrete vibrator, there many options to choose from. Check out our guide below to learn more about the types of aggregate equipment you need to keep your construction projects moving forward.

Gradation Sieves

Gradation sieves are an essential aggregate equipment for job site use that segregate materials of varying sizes. These sieves are usually composed of a sturdy galvanized frame, and mounted onto a triangular base which allows the sieve to vibrate firmly.

The sieves come in a range of mesh diameters, from 80-6mm, enabling them to be used for a variety of purposes on the job site. The mesh sizes are chosen according to the size of the particles in the material tested.

This allows for the efficient separation of particles according to their size. The sieves can be used to check particle sizes in soils in order to test building material compaction, as well as to measure particle size in order to determine the proper viscosity of asphalt mixtures.


Scales are essential aggregate equipment for the job site. Their primary purpose is to weigh things accurately and quickly, but they can also serve as an indicator of product movement. Scales are an integral part of operations when it comes to measuring materials that can’t be accurately measured using traditional methods.

A variety of scales, both digital and manual, are available to serve specific industries and applications. Digital scales are precise and have the ability to be connected and shared digitally, while manual scales are more cost-effective and can still provide accurate measurements.

Sample Splitters

Sample splitters are an essential aggregate equipment for any job site. They are used in the mining and construction industries to separate materials that need to be examined and documented.

Traditionally used for laboratory analysis, sample splitters can also be used in production and logistic settings. The splitters are equipped with adjustable splitting tubes, which allow the user to adjust the size of the sample that will be sent for analysis.

Mechanical Shakers

Mechanical Shakers are tools that play an important role in any construction or maintenance project. They are used to shake small particles loose from larger pieces, such as aggregate materials for use in concrete or asphalt projects.

The mechanisms of these shakers allow for precise control of the force applied, making them ideal for various job sites. By shaking the particles loose, aggregate materials can be collected for reuse or disposed of to create a clean and level surface.

The shakers also allow for better mixing and can even reduce the amount of time needed to mix large batches of aggregates. Consider Stone Equipment for all your construction equipment needs.

All About Essential Aggregate Equipment for Your Site

At the end of the day, having essential aggregate equipment can make all the difference in the world when it comes to job sites. With a reliable piece of equipment, you can trust that the job will be done quickly and efficiently.

Invest in the best tools and make the job site go more smoothly.

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