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When researching travel agencies for structuring your next vacation, you may come across Explore. This is because they have vast experience in tourism in the Pacific Ocean. That is why they offer you many lodging alternatives at the best price in the market.

Their dedication to tourism in this world region has made Explore one of the best options available. For this reason, we bring you the highlights of their platform in terms of security, prices, attention, and accessibility.

How does it work?

You are directly confronted with the search interface when you enter the platform. Here you only have to enter the desired destination, dates, and the number of travelers. At the same time, you must specify how many children are included in the trip.

On the same main page, you can find different destinations recommended by the platform. They are located in the Pacific Ocean, following the company’s specialty.

Once you have entered a destination and your time specifications, the different alternatives available will be displayed. In addition, you can adjust the price range and add additional filters to facilitate your search on the platform.

These filters are highly varied and specific. With them, you can, for example, display only hotels, hostels, motels, and apartments, among other alternatives. In addition, you can generally filter the property type where you will stay.

In the same way, there are filters for hotel services such as transportation, food, beverages, entertainment, and activities, among others. Thus, you can locate the desired lodging site that meets the requirements.

Within this search interface, you can access a map with the location of the hotels. This can be especially useful to facilitate your trip design. You can start planning your possible destinations without leaving the platform.

Finally, when you select one of the options, you will be redirected to an interface with all the establishment’s specifications. You even have a section with reviews given by actual customers.

The only thing left to complete your reservation is to create an Explore account and fill out the payment form. The data requested are personal and refer to your bank account.

How much does it cost?

Prices are highly variable depending on the type of destination you choose. In turn, each of the lodging establishments will have different prices. However, most of their users rate them on average as a good option in terms of price. This is because they offer competitive prices, and no additional charges are not indicated.

As previously indicated, you can filter the search engine by the price given by the provider. But just as a heads up, you can find excellent 4-star venues in Fiji from 22$/night.

Means of payment

Everything concerning payment will depend on the supplier. You can find the means of payment available at the hotel within the interface specifications. This interface is the same as the one you are redirected to when selecting an alternative in the search engine.

On the other hand, some suppliers may offer you the possibility to book without making the full payment. In some cases, you can even book without having to make a down payment. However, all of this is between the client and the hosting provider. At no time will Explore receive money as a mediator during a reservation.

They also offer specific policies to ensure you get the best price on the market. You will apply for the guarantee. For example, if you get a cheaper offer outside of Explore that follows the exact booking requirements. In this case, Explore will reduce your rate to match the external platform.

Is it reliable?

Within Explore, the protection of your data is a serious issue. The commitment to take care of your personal information on the platform is always maintained. You are told in detail what information is collected by the company.

They will only store those data provided by you during registration within the platform.

The purpose of this information is to improve your experience in Explore. With it, they will recommend alternatives based on previous searches and your requirements.

You should not feel worried about your privacy when browsing their website. This is a highly professional company that seeks to prioritize your security.

The company is transparent with your security and payments. They even go as far as to tell you that their profit represents 15% of the fee presented on the platform. This transmits our security and confidence as users in Explore.

On the other hand, you can make refunds and cancel reservations without any problem. However, everything will depend on the hosting provider. In some cases, they have policies that balance refunds. For this reason, it is necessary to analyze in-depth the specifications within the provider’s terms and conditions.

In principle, this last point can be a little critical. However, it is all up to the hosting company. Explore is not responsible for the lack of refunds. The platform stays out of all payment issues.

Customer support

If you access the Help section, you will be redirected to an interface with frequently asked questions and means of contact. In addition, you are provided with an email address to communicate any complaints, questions, or problems you may have. The customer service team will take care of the situation in the shortest possible time.

On the other hand, you also have a live chat to solve any problem. You can access the conversation through Messenger or as a guest.



At the End

Explore is an excellent option with a significant number of advantages. First, the catalog dedicated to tourism in the Pacific Ocean complies with the platform. At the same time, they assure you to give you the best prices under any conditions.

However, there is one particular negative point. Explore will stay out of all payment issues. This can be highly detrimental in case of a refund or cancellation of the reservation. We can only communicate with the supplier in such a situation.

Despite this, Explore is still an excellent option. It is not a well-known platform, but it has positive features, guarantees, and a specialty in a popular form of tourism. We recommend using Explore if you plan a Pacific Island trip.

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