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It doesn’t matter if you are a constant consumer of entertainment or not, there will always be some community that you feel you are part of. You can be a fan of a series, a soccer team, or even a video game series. Therefore, as a good fan, you will surely want to be aware of all the news that may be available.

Accomplishing this task can be a bit difficult, mainly because of the great amount of misinformation that exists on the net. That is why Fandom was born, a platform designed to serve you all the real news about your team, game, series, or whatever you are a fan of.

Among its tools, there is much more than a simple newscast. Here you will find functions for your entertainment and even get to interact with other fans in the community.

This platform has a huge variety of aspects that you should study. For this reason, we decided to bring you our Fandom Review, an article with which you can learn about the most important aspects of the platform. Read our detailed guide and find out about the different categories, information, and type of content you will find.

What is Fandom?

Fandom is a platform that brings together a large number of pop culture communities. Within its main page, you can find a list divided by categories. You can also interact with the Fandom platform through social networks. This allows you to know all the news that they include on their platform.

Each of these categories corresponds to a type of entertainment consisting of:

  • Games
  • Anime
  • Movies
  • TV
  • Video
  • Wikis

Regardless of the category, you access you will have at your disposal different articles in chronological order. The content of the articles is very varied. Some of them may deal with certain curiosities about something, in particular, be it a movie or a game. Other articles are focused on analyzing some kind of publication made by the company linked to the item you are a fan of.

You can also browse through the different articles on the platform by making use of the search engine in its catalog. Here you can search for a particular topic that is of interest to you.

One of the most outstanding sections in Fandom Reviews is the Wikis section. In this section, you will be able to analyze extremely detailed guides about a movie, game, anime, etc. It is especially used by gamers due to the advice developed by the fan community itself.

It is an excellent source of confirmed data about a game. You can get tips for upgrading, locations of certain items, and even a list of collectibles.

They also have a feature dedicated to item development by fandom users. You are allowed to come up with the name of your choice and adjust it to the category you want. In this way, you can make public the information you want about a particular aspect that does not currently exist in Fandom.

On the other hand, one of the most outstanding features of the Fandom platform is the diversity of languages available. You can choose from more than 80 different languages, so, unlike other sites, you don’t have to consume in English. In addition to that, they only make use of fully confirmed information. For this reason, there is no possibility of spreading misinformation on Fandom.

In addition to the basic functions of Fandom, there are other extensions dedicated to certain sports. These are not directly part of Fandom, but you can always be redirected to them from the home page.

How does Fandom work?

This platform works like any other blog-type site. They have the main page where you can find the most outstanding articles of the moment. If these do not interest you, you simply have to access the category you are looking for on the platform. Once you are here, all that remains is to locate exactly the title that catches your attention.

If an article is of special interest to you or you think it lacks information, you can always modify it. To do this you must first create an account in Fandom. This process only requires you to fill out a simple form. Once you have done so, you only need to confirm the email address you enter on the platform.

Once you complete this last step, you will have an account capable of contributing to Fandom wikis. Please note that you will not be able to enter any kind of information. If you enter false or unconfirmed information, you may be subject to a sanction. In addition, the information will first go through the wiki administrators.

Note that each wiki has its own set of rules. While they are governed by Fandom’s terms and conditions, each wiki offers a list of its own rules for you to consider. Generally, these may be linked to the type of information that can be published in the article. They also warn you in case of possible spoilers or similar elements.

On the other hand, you don’t necessarily have to access the platform from its desktop version. You can use the Fandom mobile app to study or modify articles on the platform. This is available on both iOS and Android devices. In addition, both apps can be downloaded from the official store of your device.

If you found an article particularly interesting, you can share it via other social networks. This option is available in all their articles and allows you to connect with other users in the community.

In addition to this option, they can enter your profile and add all your preferences. Within this section, you can choose how other users will refer to you and the email to use. You can also choose one of the more than 80 languages available to add to your profile.

To start this editing process in your profile you must have confirmed your email address. Additionally, completing this step allows you to receive notifications when new content is added to the wikis in which you participate and when you are mentioned.

How much does Fandom cost?

This is the best feature of Fandom: It is a free platform. There is no fee you have to pay to use the site. Likewise, there are no sections that are blocked or not accessible to free users. On this platform, the information is available to all its users.

The account creation system is completely free. The same applies to notifications and editing of other articles. It is a platform that brings together the community of different pop culture topics on a non-profit basis.

Mobile application

You can download the Fandom app from the official store on your device. This one presents much more order than the desktop version, but it is still deficient in certain aspects. It is free of charge and gives you the advantage of being able to keep up to date no matter where you are.

Advertising system

While this feature is not particularly aimed at normal Fandom users, it is an extremely interesting feature. It is an advertising system integrated into the articles and categories of the platform. Thus, your brand will be presented as a sponsor of Fandom’s development and growth.

In this system, they make use of a feature they call FanDNA, a database of Fandom users. They know what fans are looking for and how they are looking for it, making it an excellent advertising option for pop culture stores.

The cost of advertising is highly variable. It will depend entirely on the level of exposure you include in the platform. Therefore, you need to communicate directly with the Fandom team to become a sponsor.

Customer service

If you can’t find a solution to a particular problem, you can always contact Fandom’s help center. This contains a comprehensive FAQ section that can guide you through the platform without any problems.

Now, if this section was not enough for you, you can communicate directly with the help center team. To do so, all you have to do is access the Contact Us section. Here you will select a particular topic to submit a support request.

The entire Fandom support section can be set up in English, Spanish or Russian.

Jobs on Fandom

This platform is not only limited to offering articles and guides to fans, it is also an impressive source of jobs. They have employees all over the world working in areas such as engineering, marketing, or production. To join their team you should contact Fandom’s Careers section directly.

Is it safe to use Fandom? 

There is no reason to be hesitant about Fandom. Therefore, it is a completely safe and easy-to-access platform. You can use the platform without fear that your information will be stolen at any time.

The only element that may arouse suspicion is their FanDNA database. However, they do not take any type of information that could be compromising. They only take certain data in order to improve your experience on the platform. In the same way, this information is given to their sponsors who will also seek to give you excellent service with their products.


Fandom operates in a completely legal manner and does not infringe on your rights at any time. In fact, they maintain an opt-out policy for the FanDNA data collection program. To do so, you must go to this category and complete the process. Here you are not asked for a reason for leaving the program or anything like that. You simply request this policy to exit the program and your data will no longer be collected.


Fandom gives its users complete freedom. You can opt-out of the data collection program and know what data is being collected. In addition, since it is a free platform, you are never asked for any financial information. Thus, you are assured that Fandom is a safe and secure platform that you can trust blindly.


  • Totally free of charge
  • Wide variety of categories
  • Access to all sections
  • Article editing
  • Data collection system output


  • Cluttered interface

Complaints and feedback

There are a number of complaints of relevance made by Fandom users. Firstly, they highlight that the site is excessively cluttered. This aspect can be noticed from the moment you enter the platform.

On the other hand, they also indicate that sometimes the advertising becomes excessive and even annoying. There is no way to remove it, so reading an article can be especially difficult. Even though it is a free platform, users report that other sites maintain a higher quality.

There are not many problems linked to the veracity of the articles. However, some users indicate that in certain games Fandom administrators use false data. This is very negative considering that they are considered as a platform that uses only confirmed data.

To Sum Up

This platform is definitely not preferred by the community. Many users indicate that they offer you the same information that you can find on other platforms. In addition, excessive advertising makes many users prefer to use pages other than Fandom.

On the other hand, the clutter of the platform makes it very difficult to search for a particular game or article. With no way to filter or locate a particular title quickly, the page loses a lot of usefulness.

In short, you can do a review of whether Fandom fits your needs, but in principle, it is not recommended. There are other platforms that could give you all the functions you are looking for with greater order and simplicity.

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