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Being insured in a world full of unexpected events is of the utmost importance. Companies such as Freedom Health Insurance offer health insurance to individuals, families, and companies without abandoning all possible access options so that enrollment can be carried out without delays and complications.

What is Freedom Health Insurance?

Headquartered in Bournemouth, Freedom is a prestigious insurance company that won the “Best Customer Service Award” in 2015.

This company has a combined platform between subscribing from the comfort of your personal computer or through a call where one of their insurance specialists will guide you through the process of acquiring the policy that suits you best.

Furthermore, Freedom offers policies with high coverage levels, such as the “Freedom Elite,” and offers the “Freedom Your Choice,” which adapts to tighter budgets without abandoning a respectable coverage.

On the other hand, if needs transcend borders, Freedom issues international coverage when a family member or company member needs to be out of the country.

Note: This international coverage is called “Freedom Worldwide Health Insurance.”

What does Freedom Health Insurance offer?

From its varied platform, you can access all kinds of health insurance without excluding any medical specialty.

Their affiliations include therapies, treatments, appointments of control, examinations, evaluation, among others.

To enjoy and access all these benefits, it is important to keep in mind that pre-existing illnesses are not included in these promotions offered.

Freedom offers a varied and adjusted list of options for individuals, families, institutions, and companies that freely adapt plans to different needs. For example:

Freedom Elite,

Which offers high-level coverage with benefits that cover up to the totality of cancer treatments, among other medical complications. You have the option that the insurer will pay directly to the hospital or doctor treating the patient.

Freedom Choice,

Allows access to more accessible Medicare plans and policies adjusted to budget. This offers the possibility of sharing 50% of coverage in some exceptional cases.

Freedom International Healthcare Plan,

This allows its users to access benefits when they have plans to leave the country for extended periods.

Is Freedom Health Insurance reliable?

Freedom Health Insurance has been awarded the “Best Customer Service” award. Combined with all the associations to which it is subscribed and its associates’ satisfaction, it can be determined that the company enjoys total credibility and international prestige. Besides, this prestigious insurance company is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

The important thing is to establish with this and any insurance that you want to acquire, a full awareness of its clauses so that there are no setbacks when using the benefits you want to use.

Every insurance company offers prevention. Naturally, it does not offer medical services as such. For this reason, pre-existing illnesses do not qualify as opportunities for treatment because insurance seeks to help resolve cases of medical contingencies.

Advantages of Freedom Health Insurance

  • Administrative processes are managed with astute speed to avoid treatment setbacks.
  • It has no geographical boundaries. You can be protected if you decide to leave the country for a long time.
  • It is Inclusive. It has policies that can be adapted to different budgets.
  • Cancer treatments. From primary studies, to complete cancer treatments can be covered according to the policy obtained.
  • It covers various specialties ranging from psychiatry to dentistry, according to the plan chosen.

Disadvantages of Freedom Health Insurance

  • It does not include medical recovery devices.
  • Depending on the type of policy, it does not include accident emergencies.
  • It does not include dialysis treatments.
  • AIDS and HIV are not covered.
  • It does not cover chronic illnesses.
  • It does not include transplants and a list of human health complication elements.


Freedom Health Insurance has a wide range of benefits to resolve important cases, especially in prevention.

It is entirely understandable that some medical difficulties are excluded from this range of health coverage. However, their products are accessible and beneficial, depending on the policy needed.

This company has sufficient international guarantee to comply with its clients, and its procedures and rules are visible to the users through the different evaluation pages, which will allow the users to take the most convenient policy, taking into account which are the benefits to which they will be able to access in case they need it.

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