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Each year, all US citizens and the rest of the world’s countries must pay income tax to governments.

Professional Tax Return

You must pay your taxes so that the United States government can continue to provide you with the reliable public services that you enjoy and pay for other public expenses.

Yet, due to the complexity that this process can represent for many, FreeTaxUSA has developed a simple and secure digital platform so you can do the calculation and present your taxes at the same time.

This way, since its foundation in 2001, they have provided this necessary service, presenting to date more than 18 million declarations each year.

How Does FreeTaxUSA Works?

First, you must register a user for free. Once your user is created, you can start entering your data and calculations to create your tax return.

Keep in mind… You can enter your last year’s declaration using digital files instead of completely emptying it in a form.

Although the name of this website suggests that the service is free and, to a certain extent, you will have to pay $ 12.95 for a state declaration.

On the other hand, paying an additional$ 6.99 will grant you access to the “luxury edition.” If you decide to make this investment, you will have the right to enjoy:

  • Support with chat: live chat available from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. to 9 p. M., Eastern Time (ET).
  • Unlimited amended returns: Corrects errors or omissions on your tax return even after filing with the IRS at no additional cost.
  • Audit Assistant: Have a specialist help you through a notice from the IRS or the audit process.

The Audit Center also provides the information you will need to prepare you to respond confidently to the IRS.

Reasons to Use Their Services

Regarding the security issue, FreeTaxUSA protects the information entered on your panel using an SSL encryption.

They prefer to store the data on secure servers and transmit it directly to the IRS when requested by the client. They have decided to protect this sensitive information as much as possible by establishing agreements with the security companies Security Metrics, Trust, and DigiCert so that they exceed the safe level required by the IRS.

Solidly positioned in the taxpayer services sector, FreeTaxUSA is an original member of the IRS Free File Alliance and an authorized IRS electronic file provider, owned by TaxHawk, Inc.

Besides, the references left by their clients are almost entirely excellent, which gives a great backup to potential customers –Like you- who are interested in the service.

Further More

Preparing for the fiscal years that come into effect, FreeTaxUSA updates its software according to the new federal and state standards, incorporates credits, deductions, and necessary changes to the tax code.

Once the software has been updated, it is subjected to test and approval by the IRS, ensuring that it is fit to offer an updated service every year.

WarrantyIf a client is fined for a software error, they pay all interest and fines.

Affiliate Program – Get Yourself Some Cash

The affiliate program offers a percentage of 50% of commissions for each sale. To participate in this program, you must affiliate to a Rakuten Affiliate Network or with a CJ Affiliate account and then order access to the FreeTaxUSA program.

As an affiliate, you will get the next benefits:

  • A departure commission of 50%
  • Custom coupon codes
  • 90 days return
  • High conversion rate
  • A wide selection of banners and text links
  • A dedicated affiliate management team

To participate, direct traffic to FreeTaxUSA through special links that record sales and other reference activities.

The fees are paid mostly by qualified incomes made through FreeTaxUSA affiliate links, and you will receive your monthly payments through Rakuten Affiliate Network or CJ Affiliate.


FreeTaxUSA is a practical website that every citizen can consider as an option to make their declaration safely and comfortably, which has made a conscious effort to keep up with the regulations applicable to the tax declaration in each state and offer a high level of security to its users through three different digital security companies.

Also, the site is easy to use, and most customers are satisfied.

You can choose to enjoy the service they call “luxury” and pay it after making your declaration. Or enjoy the convenience of uploading the digital file of your previous year’s statement and also obtaining money by referring the site to potential clients.

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