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For a long time, earning money through exchange rates has been a profitable activity.

Nowadays, thanks to internet services and how easy it is to obtain data and information, several pages are dedicated to offering a platform for Forex exchange activities.

One of these websites is FXTM, which has not only dedicated itself to offering a reliable place to carry out exchanges but has also invested a lot of effort in creating tools to educate its users, becoming a friendly and easy to use page.

A factFXTM has collected 27 international awards from 2013 to 2018, such as “Most Innovative Broker” of 2018

How Does FXTM Work?

Naturally, it will be necessary to register a personal account or user, through which you can perform all your operations.

Since this company is regulated by Cyprus and Belize’s rules and is subject to audits of financial institutions or exchange, you must validate your user by sending a digital copy of your ID or passport.

Once registered, if you are an expert in the field and looking for a new Forex network, you can start right off.

On the other hand, if you enter the world of currency exchange for the first time, you will be pleased to know that they offer a risk-free account, which gives you virtual $ 1,000,000 to practice and develop the necessary skills.

Leverage System

This system allows you to increase your operations’ risk by multiplying the money invested –Like a virtual loan for just one operation.

What you should keep in mind is that FXTM offers the following leverage ratios:

  • 1: 1000
  • 1: 500
  • 1: 200
  • 1: 100
  • 1:25

Since the riskiest relationship is 1: 1000, it is not recommended that you work with it unless you already have experience in the world of Forex.

The Variety of Its Services

Through the FXTM platform, you can perform transactions in 61 currency pairs (major and exotic).

They operate with more than 250 negotiable instruments, including precious metals, cryptocurrencies, official currencies, and raw materials, among other elements.

They also offer two types of accounts, each with three operating variables. The standard accounts of instantaneous execution grant the modalities:

Standard Account:

  • Small variable differentials
  • Variable leverage up to 1: 1000
  • Allowed coverage
  • Available in EUR, GBP, and USD
  • No hidden fees
  • SWAP-free available

Cent Account:

  • Small variable differentials
  • Variable leverage 1: 1000
  • A minimum deposit of only 5 EUR / USD / GBP
  • Available in EUR cents, GBP pennies, USD cents, andNGN2 kobos
  • Cent Lots
  • SWAP-free available

Share Account:

  • 180+ US shares
  • Fixed leverage 1:10
  • Hedging: allowed
  • Available in EUR, GBP, and USD
  • No commissions
  • Free SWAP option: available

ECN Zero Account:

  • No commission
  • Small variable differentials
  • Variable leverage up to 1: 1000
  • Coverage and scalping are allowed
  • Available in EUR, GBP, USD, and NGN
  • SWAP-free available

ECN Account:

  • Differentials from 0.11
  • Variable leverage up to 1: 1000
  • Coverage and scalping are allowed
  • Available in EUR, GBP, USD, and NGN
  • Low commission from $ 4
  • SWAP-free available

FXTM Pro Account:

  • Differentials adjusted from 0 points
  • No commissions
  • Variable leverage of up to 1: 200
  • Great liquidity directly from our 1st class suppliers
  • No last-second prices (last-look)
  • Option without SWAP available

You Should Also Know

They use an SSL security protocol to protect all your data and investments.

Besides, the platform is governed by the MT4 and MT5 systems, the most used by Forex investors, so you can feel comfortable with the charts and trade systems.

They have a section entitled “Economic Calendar,” here you can find out what will be the relevant events that will take place in each country whose currency or securities participate in FXTM.

Thanks to this tool, you can make your own market predictions and decide which currency you should sell and which one you will buy.

The fees they charge are based on the capital flow you are capable of generating.

This way, the greater your assets and negotiated volume, the lower will be the commissions.

Although this generates pressure on the user, it is a good incentive to remain active in the Forex sector through this website.


FXTM is an online Broker Service dedicated to exchanging currencies and asset’s certificates, which has won the trust of a large number of individuals and organizations, backed by different international awards.

It operates in many countries and aims to educate its users, so resorting to its services will be an enriching experience making it a great option to start trading.

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