9 Best Game Server Hosting Like Enjin

Choosing a server is a priority when creating a game title. However, if you are starting in this career, the speed and capacity in which your game develops may drastically affect your chance of being successful –And may even affect your future in the business.

Enjin Style has been out there for a while but is quite hard to use, and the service working in Asian languages only can be a bit of a deal-breaker. So, today we have the best game server hosting like Enjin, for you to consider.

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Gamer Launch

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Being a Gamer Launch was a yes or yes in our list based on all the interesting functions and features. Going through a gallery of images and advanced recruitment options through DKP hosting, widgets, and fully customizable CSS, there are no limitations when creating your server, so you can give your imagination free rein.

Some of the outstanding features we can mention of Gamer Launch are

  • Access Gamer Launch and the web servers whenever you want
  • Servers are optimized for use on your mobile phone, high performance, and world-class.
  • Recruitment includes advanced applications, general information, character availability, administrative notes, forum posting, and a private application feature.
  • You’ll have access to forums with all the options, a user profile, plus a newsletter for members and communication.
  • Do your search to recruit characters and access new sites.
  • Reach goals and achievements, view events and calendars, etc.
  • You can integrate more than 300 games, including World of Warcraft, Minecraft, The Old Republic, and Lord Of The Ring, to name a few.

Gamer Launch allows you to customize your server with many pre-set templates, or if you prefer, with your templates, custom widgets, besides everything we have already mentioned.

Finally, we can tell you that as a server administrator, you will have multigame support, clear billing, a news board, and multiple permissions, so dare to create your game server in Gamer Launch now.


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Shivtr is a platform for creating game servers for clans, communities of players, or guilds. It deserves to be on our list because it has features that position it as one of the best game servers in the style of Enjin.

Creating your server in Shivtr provides you with the following features:

  • Shivtr is a flexible platform that works with the games you like so much, and all genres you want, and is multiplatform.
  • Its database has communities of players in MOBA, RTS, MMORPG, or any other you can think of. In Shivrt, you will find it.
  • You will enable up to six games with just one site, and each will have its theme thanks to the platform’s multiple games function.
  • Its theme editor allows you to edit the wallpaper, favorite theme colors, and even the banner. Plus, you can add CCS, isn’t that great?

Shivtr is not only an attractive and functional platform for you to surf the web from your computer, but it also has a highly applicable design for mobile devices so that you will have no problem controlling your server from your phone.

In conclusion, Shivtr has a community of millions of players growing every day, with clans, communities, and guilds globally that have this platform as their main game server, so it has great support and reliability.


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World of Warcraft has its platform to visualize the progress and the advances of the game with WoWProgress: Mythic Progress, in which you will have access to the Ranking of this game.

The popular online game allows you to become part of its community and access all the interesting information regarding the game and how the different rankings are being handled. So, while this is not a gaming server for you to host your project, it does allow you to meet how one of the biggest pros deals with the community, bugs, details, and more.

WoWProgress has features that may interest you if you are a fan of the game:

  • It has a search bar through which you can find the characters you are looking for.
  • Ranking of players searching for a group to achieve goals and achievements.
  • Ranking of game groups looking for players interested in being part of their team.
  • Posts with recent information on platform updates will keep you up to date with the latest news.
  • WoWProgress is quite simplistic in the interface, just as it does not have a prominent design or any relevant features that can be mentioned.

However, is it essential to have an amazing and eye-catching web design, or is it more important to access the information you are looking for directly and without too much padding? You are probably more interested in the second option, so don’t think twice and become part of the WoWProgress community.


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Like the WoWProgress page, Diablo 3 also has a platform where you can access information on the different player rankings that include progress, player level, and many other features.

Everything you need to know about the game’s progress and statistics can also be found in DiabloProgress with a simple and generally basic interface that provides the information you are interested in.

Some features that the DiabloProgress platform presents to you are

  • Search by category according to a character type.
  • Classification of players according to their special skills.
  • Ranking of leaders by season (or off-season).
  • General classification according to the characters: Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Healer, Wizard, Necromancer, and Crusader.

As we mentioned with the WoWProgress platform, in the case of DiabloProgress, the web design focuses more on the information about the game it presents than on dazzling you with quirky designs. Nevertheless, it fulfills its function without any problems, and you can find out all the interesting facts about the world of Diablo 3.

Website Builder

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With just a few basic questions, you will be ready to create your website with a Website Builder. Although it is not directly a game server like the ones mentioned above, it has the necessary functionalities to introduce it to our list.

In a few minutes, and without needing a credit card, you can create your registration and become part of the Website Builder community.

Some features and functionalities of the Website Builder platform are:

It has a smart builder that does all the hard work to create your custom website. All you have to do, as we mentioned before, is to answer some questions and choose the design of your preference, and voilá! You will have everything ready to start creating content.

You can change what you don’t like about the website at any time, leaving you with only what you consider important. So customize it as much as possible until you are satisfied with what you have created.

The best thing about Website Builder is that it perfectly displays any device, so you can update and expand your site even if you don’t have profound knowledge about it.

The Website Builder platform provides you with all the necessary tools to guarantee your growth on the web, helping you get more traffic to your website, and attracting visitors interested in what you have created.


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BattleMetrics is another excellent cheap game server site you won’t miss out on. It brings you a ton of lists so you can explore the various gaming servers available across the internet. So whether you’re searching for a quick match or a night-long gaming experience, they will have you covered. Find the best game server lists for the most popular and trending games of the moment, including games like Rust, Ark, and much more. Start browsing their lists now and instantly connect with other online players.


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ListForge is an easy-to-use platform that brings you thousands of gaming servers online presented to you in lists. You can easily sort through the lists to find the best servers for your needs. ListForge has been online for quite some time and has grown to be one of the most popular available options for finding top-rated game servers online. Explore this gaming server list site if you want platforms similar to TopG, and we guarantee that you’ll be able to find amazing servers with ease.

Game Tracker

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As one of the leading options for gamers online, Game Tracker is a great platform worth bookmarking. With over 4 million active users and over 120,000 gaming servers tracked, Game Tracker is one of the industry’s best. In addition, they support servers for over 100 different games, so you will easily have one platform for all of your favorite games rather than resort to using numerous list sites for each game. Explore Game Tracker now, and you will surely find the top-rated servers for the gaming niche you love the most.


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If you’re a fan of Rust and want to find the best Rust server lists online, Just-Wiped is the place to be. They specialize in Rust gaming servers so you won’t find other game servers here. However, as Rust specialists, they bring you the very best servers for this one game, assuring you that you will have the best experience on Rust every time you use Just-Wiped. Explore their platform now; you’ll immediately be sold on their server lists.

At the End

While choosing a server is a big deal and options are quite limited, we also presented some servers to play with your website and manage information as the big boys do. Ultimately, Gamer Launch and IBM are the best options by far. Besides, they are also responsible for some amazing game titles out there. Try them out. They are pretty much worth the investment.