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The task of caring for your children can become especially complex. This can be even more noticeable in their first years of life. At this time, it is necessary to keep a constant eye on them so that you can become incredibly exhausted. Thus, security cameras and equipment have emerged to help you keep an eye on your baby. Here comes Chillax, a company dedicated to offering products for monitoring the little ones at home.

Its star product at the moment is the Giraffe Cam Pro. This camera has an extremely neat design full of simplicity. In addition, it features a wide variety of functions with its flexible neck for surveillance from any angle you want.

Being such a complex product and full of variables to interpret, you must know them in depth. For this reason, we have decided to bring you a guide to save you the annoying and time-consuming research process. Here you will learn about all the aspects concerning its price, operation, and those special features that Giraffe Pro Cam brings you to care for your children.

What is Giraffe Cam Pro?

What is Giraffe Cam Pro?

Giraffe Cam Pro is a camera intended to care for your children, as simple as that. However, this does not mean that it is a low-quality product with no features that make it stand out. It is one of the only cameras in this market with a complex design, but at the same time, it is full of simplicity and comfort.

Its most representative feature is the flexible neck before the camera lens. This will allow you to position it at the point you want. Thanks to this, you can place the Giraffe Cam Pro on practically any surface.

On the other hand, this product’s star quality is its portability. The Giraffe Cam Pro is portable as it has a USB port. You can connect different power sources, such as a Power Bank, or directly charge the device. This way, it is possible to take your product anywhere you want.

Even though the Giraffe Cam Pro is a portable device, it can be attached to different surfaces. For example, the camera has a clamp on the bottom that you can use to adhere to tables, furniture, or other surfaces in your home. It even has a couple of holes to screw it to walls, avoiding that it can be hit or there is no space to place it.

It is also widely noted for its ability to record in the dark. The Giraffe Cam Pro has a night system far surpasses other cameras on the market. This will be especially useful when monitoring your child at night.

Privacy mode

It is worth noting that the product does not emit any noise or light that could disturb your baby. In addition, the LED light is located on the back of the camera, avoiding all costs of causing discomfort to your child.

Another unique feature of the Giraffe Cam Pro is the uploading of content to the cloud. While the product contains its own 32 GB external SD memory, you can upload specific videos to the cloud should you wish to do so. This can even be facilitated thanks to its WiFi connection system, so you’ll have no problem protecting the camera’s content.

How does Giraffe Cam Pro work?

The operation of the Giraffe Cam Pro couldn’t be more straightforward. Once you have the item, the first step is to charge the device. Once the device is charged, you are recommended to download its mobile application. While this is not mandatory, if you don’t, you will miss out on many features.

Now you must use the screen included with the Giraffe Pro Cam. Connecting it to the camera allows you to observe all kinds of features and elements captured by the camera. You will have high-quality video accompanied by temperature, digital zoom, and even a two-way chat system.

How does Giraffe Cam Pro work?

You can enjoy a broader list of functions if you download the Chillax mobile application. For example, it will allow you to access motion-activated recordings, sleep analysis, and live monitoring from your mobile device, among other features.

This application is available in the official store for iOS and Android devices. However, there is an additional cost to use it. You can use the free version, but it only contains a reduced number of functions. On the other hand, purchasing the paid plan will give you a much more extensive list of monitoring tools.

It costs $5.99 monthly, but you can pay $59.99 if you purchase the annual plan. This way, you will be paying a monthly amount of $4.99. This payment plan includes some special features.

Mainly, you will be able to have up to 7 days of recordings, unlimited live videos, and 180 minutes of sound recordings. Meanwhile, the free plan will only allow you to record up to 1 day in storage. At the same time, you can only enjoy a maximum of 10 live streams and 60 seconds of audio recordings.

On the other hand, the paid plan contains exclusive features. Among them, you can watch a daily video summary and use an alert system. With the latter feature, you will receive notifications when someone enters certain areas in your home. Specifically, you can designate a total of 4 different zones, an option absent in the free application.

To purchase this device, you only need to go to the official Chillax website and buy it through their store. The system does not ask you to log in to the platform. Therefore, you can complete the purchase process without having a Chillax account.

How much does Giraffe Cam Pro cost?

The Giraffe Cam Pro costs $199.99. However, at this moment, they have a special discount. This consists of a 25% discount, so you will have to pay an amount of $149.99 for the device.

This amount does not include any shipping costs. It may even be free, depending on your location. In addition, they only sell to people within the United States or Canada.


Promotional Code

You will receive a special discount if you have a promotional code during checkout. The discount may vary; you must enter the code before executing the payment. Once you fill out the required forms, a window will pop up with a field to enter the code.

Payment methods

At this moment, we only present Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB, and other companies as credit card payment methods. You will also be able to use PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay as a payment method. All debit taxes will be displayed to you at the transaction time.

Transactions made on the Chillax platform can be processed in US or Canadian dollars.

Return Conditions

When you make a purchase, you will not be able to cancel it immediately. This is because the platform takes a few minutes to process the order in the warehouse. However, you can cancel the order after a few days. Specifically, you will have a total of 14 days from the date of purchase to request a refund.

The payment of the return will be made as soon as possible by the Chillax team. In addition, you are not asked for any reason for the return. However, if there are payments for a service applied to your order, this amount will not be included in the refund.

Warranty Policy

All products sold by Chillax are subject to a warranty granted to any store user. This is one year and starts from the day the product is delivered. With this, you can return the product in case of any manufacturing defect.

The company will not be responsible in case your product has been damaged by misuse or does not meet your expectations.

On the other hand, claims for missing parts in the device can be claimed for a maximum of 60 days from delivery. In turn, the return must be made in the same package in which it was delivered and must include the original payment receipt. Depending on the case, your device may be repaired or replaced, or a monetary refund will be issued.

Is Giraffe Cam Pro safe to use?  

Without a doubt, it is a reliable product. From its website to the device itself, the quality of the product is high enough to transmit the security desired by any user.

During the payment process, you are not asked for any questionable information. Furthermore, the data entered will not be stored or sold by the platform, so your integrity is always protected.

On the other hand, the product features an option to unlink the WiFi network. Thus, you will be able to monitor your baby in total privacy without the possibility of someone connecting to the camera.



This is an entirely legal product. The Chillax company is not responsible for any damage to the product, so these cases are not included in the warranty. At the same time, any purchase you make on the platform assumes you have the legal capacity to make it.


There is no reason to distrust the Giraffe Pro Cam. On the contrary, it is a very high-quality device and transmits a lot of confidence to its users. Moreover, it has all the functions you would expect and some unique features. And it even has alternatives to avoid a possible connection from unauthorized people.


  • Flexible collar
  • Fully portable and installable
  • High video quality
  • Linkable to mobile application
  • Adjusted to night video


  • You must pay for the app to enjoy the most important features

Complaints and reviews

Chillax customers are more than satisfied with the Giraffe Cam Pro. Virtually all of their reviews are positive, with users highlighting that it is a very safe product that delivers on its promise.

The most outstanding feature for its users is the large number of options that exist within the application. They no longer have anything to worry about, thanks to Giraffe Cam Pro. Their children are constantly monitored, and this will in no way disrupt their sleep.

On the other hand, there are only a few complaints about the return process. While the system is efficient and returns are made according to their terms, the process can be somewhat lengthy.

Some users state that they go beyond the periods established within their conditions to make refunds. They execute the payments at the end of the process, which takes much longer than expected. This aside, it is a high-quality product that delivers on its promise.

To Conclude

This is the ideal option if you want an item that can give you peace of mind. The functions can keep you on top of the situation with your child. You will be able to know the temperature of the room, the heartbeat per minute, and even monitor their movements. There is nothing you can miss when using Giraffe Cam Pro.

On the other hand, the fact that the app is part of a paid plan can be a negative thing. It is practically mandatory if you want to get the most out of Giraffe Cam Pro.

It may cost a bit high compared to other products on the market. However, practically no devices have the same qualities as the Giraffe Cam Pro. Therefore, it is a highly recommended product. If you are looking for an alternative for monitoring your children, an ideal option is the Giraffe Cam Pro from Chillax.

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