Gobble Meals Review – 15 Minute Dinner Kits

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The world changed, and so did the way we made our groceries! That’s when companies such as Gobble came in as an alternative to moving out of your house and shopping. But, while there are so many delivery alternatives out there, is Gobble meals worth the try? We will tell you that in this Gobble Review.

What is Gobble?

Gobble or “Gobble Meals” is a website that works as a marketplace for freshly made food deliveries. It offers gourmet, elaborate, more straightforward, and even dishes for kids. They work with independent chefs who meet a base of requirements to provide prepared meals to busy people -Mainly focused on families.

The uniqueness of this service is that the meals we mentioned above promise to have them ready in 15 minutes or less, so their slogan is “sell food and help busy people.”

This efficiency and speed are achieved by using previously prepared ingredients combining a home-cooked meal’s convenience, satisfaction, and freshness.

How does it work?

To enjoy their service, all you have to do is follow the steps below. They are short and straightforward.

  • First, create your account. Then, register, create a profile with the requested data, and you can proceed.
  • Second, choose your meal. You can choose many different options from the weekly menu.
  • Third, let the cooks do the cooking. In the meantime, you have to wait patiently.
  • The fourth and last step, receive your order and enjoy your meal. It’s as simple as that.

It should be noted that, since it is a service that is focused on being paid once a week or once a month, it is mandatory to register a payment method. This is because (note here) the charges are made automated by the service.

In case you want to cancel it, you should not cancel the orders or remove the registration of your card. Instead, you should directly deactivate your account to avoid future inconveniences.

What does it offer?

The menu changes every week. However, they always have entrees, small plates, desserts, vegetarian food, gluten-free, meats, fish, salads, etc.

In their categories, they have: lunches, breakfasts, dinners, premium meals, special kits for four people, salads, soups, contours, and desserts. Each category has dishes from the simplest to the most extravagant for you to enjoy alone or in the company.

The company offers its services through the west coast of theU.S.S but is mainly based in California.

Prices and plans

The minimum price of the dishes offered is $12. Even so, Gobble offers two plans designed according to the number of people gathered around the table and the number of nights required. In either scenario, you can choose from a menu of classic or vegetarian dinners.

On their 2-person plan, you can select from 3 to 4 different dinner packages to receive in the weekly delivery, perfectly divided for two people to enjoy.

Each meal costs $11.99. This means that ordering three dinner packages for two people would come to cost about $71.94 for your weekly delivery, plus shipping.

On your 4-person plan, you can select 3 to 4 different dinner packages to receive for weekly delivery, perfectly portioned out for four people to enjoy.

Each meal costs $11.99. This means that your order of 3 dinner packages for four people would come to cost about $143.88 for your weekly delivery, plus shipping.

Those are the currently available plans for packages. As for the minimum order is two dinner packages (4 meals) to schedule a delivery. So if you order only four meals for that week, the price per meal will come to $13.99 ($55.96 total, plus shipping).

As for the maximum order they handle, this has no set limit. The website even says that their clients have organized parties or work meetings and have ordered more than 20 dinner packages. That is around 40 dishes.

They also always have things like weekly promotions, gift cards that they give you if you are a regular customer offer on holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, and even free shipping and coupons for you to use on your first purchase.

Payment Methods

Since they only work in the U.S., Gobble accepts bank transactions or debit and credit card payments. We couldn’t find evidence of them taking virtual wallets such as PayPal. However, that question is most likely yes, as it is a reasonably common payment method in the United States.

Customer service

Since they only operate in the United States, they only have a telephone number with a code, obviously, of this country. Although it works every day and at any time, it has an average waiting time of five minutes to be answered.

In addition to this customer service number, they also have an e-mail address. Through any of these methods by which you make contact, it will be necessary to go to one of their offices in case of a too big problem.

Sadly, and despite the good things that the service may have, the reviews speak. And they speak pretty loudly. For example, you can find many customers angry because their meals arrived late or because the money was not refunded in many cases.


  • A good option for those who have no talent in the kitchen or don’t like it
  • Very varied meals, for all types of people
  • Delivery of 15 minutes or less
  • Promotions, discounts, and gift cards at any time of the year.
  • They have an app
  • They are always hiring more cooks
  • They use recyclable packaging


  • The dishes are a bit expensive for mainly weekly meal service.
  • The reviews regarding customer service are pretty good.

In Conclusion

It can indeed be a good option for those who are very busy, not good at cooking, or who do not want to do it.

Despite them, we consider that the prices are somehow high when considered for long-run options. In addition to this, some of the reviews regarding service, both delivery and customer service, may lead us to recommend Gobble given their good service and quality.

Even if they don’t convince you entirely, it’s a matter of trying and hoping that the experience is satisfactory.

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