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The arrival of children in the family becomes a matter of great importance. From that moment begins a responsibility to care for and protect the lives of these little ones who will shortly become the legacy that will continue the family’s honor.

To be able to protect them from an early age is the most sensible thing we can do. Great Start Life Insurance by Insuranks offers special insurance to protect children from an early age and throughout their lives.

What is Insuranks Insurance?

It is an insurance company founded in 1936. For 83 years, it has been an essential reference in life, accident, and risk insurance for families that have benefited from its special coverage.

Since its constitution, it has made great alliances that allow it to improve every day the attention to its insured. It is a family business, and therefore, it is managed with important values inherited from the Holson family, who have promoted this insurance company in a very dedicated way.

What does the Great Start Life Insurance offer?

The most important plan offered by Great Start Life Insurance is very particular life insurance. From their website, they offer the “Great Start Plan.” This plan is life insurance that grows with your child and offers security and financial protection. “A life of protection” is the phrase with which they define this financial product.

The Great Start allows the insured child to have access to high figure coverage benefits once he or she reaches adulthood. Normally a person over the age of 30 must undergo many tests to obtain insurance. But when insured with Great Start, from childhood, it allows them to enjoy, upon reaching that age, obtaining high coverage insurance, without the need to take out insurability tests.

This type of life insurance may seem inaccessible, but the prices they offer are extremely inclusive. With Great Start, you don’t need to have a high income to protect your family. It offers insurance coverage between $5,000 and $30,000 per year, with average payments of 11 cents per day.

Over the years, this insurance has become more valuable, allowing the young person, when they turn 25, to have the opportunity to access funds (if the conditions apply) or to use their insurance as collateral to borrow for whatever they need to do, whether it is paying for college or taking that long-awaited trip.

Obtaining this insurance is extremely easy. Just access your website, complete the important data, pass the screening process, and automatically protect the child and family.

Is Great Start Life Insurance reliable?

Its 80 years of service to the public as a provider gives Great Start Life the endorsement it needs to be a reliable company. Feedback from its users on social networks is positive, exposing the company as a recommended and reliable insurer.

Advantages of Great Start Life Insurance

  • It’s easy to access and subscribe
  • It is extremely economical and has very accessible payment facilities.
  • It offers a product that allows the insured child to enjoy significant benefits when they reach adulthood.
  • The policy gains in cash value over the years.
  • It is overall reliable insurance.

Disadvantages of Great Start Life Insurance

  • Its most important benefits are long term.


Great Start Life Insurance is a very successful financial tool offered by Insuranks for thinking about their children’s future. Having insurance should not be a luxurious option, but a necessity, as important and vital as eating or dressing. For that reason, it is of utmost importance that these insurance resources are included among the essential needs of the children’s lives.

There is no excuse for not accessing some of these benefits offered by this insurance company, which has offered accessible solutions for over 80 years so that insuring children is not an impossible task.

The important insurance company with its Great Start insurance policy allows the insured child to enjoy great benefits when they reach adulthood, including the possibility of accessing high-level insurance coverage without the need for insurability testing. These are options that make Great Start Life Insurance by Insuranks a respected child life insurance company.

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