Best Websites to Help with Mental Health

Staying in shape is great, but looking for time to endure your mind and soul is also important. Therefore here we have our list of the best websites to help with mental health.


Official Site

Betterhelp is a place where people can get professional help fairly quickly. People entering the site can apply for help as needed because of the different types of therapy they can get.

The site does an average assessment of the person in question who is looking for help. People will have to fill out a questionnaire to access the site, making it easier to find a professional to help them.

Initially, people can access Betterhelp for free without paying any fees. However, when a person decides to enter therapy, these will have a value of between 60 and 80 $ per week, and the amount due will be charged every four weeks, being able to suspend the subscription at any time.

As for confidence, the platform has been providing a quality service for a couple of years now and has an accountant of people who has received help. Besides that, they have a space with reviews.


  • Various consultations as needed
  • Help from professionals in the area


  • High weekly prices

Betterhelp is a quality site to get help. It has its pros and cons, but it will certainly get you to the root of the problem.


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Butterfly is a site created by an organization based in Australia. Since its foundation, they have prioritized people’s mental health, and they have looked for a way to work and handle this type of topic in all possible ways.

The website offers people the possibility to suffer from mental health due to eating problems or a disorder in their bodies. The site looks for ways to help people in their first steps, educate them, and then make a professional treat them thoroughly.

When people use Butterfly, they can do so for free without paying a penny for the site. However, if you think it is useful or wish to help, the donation area is always open for those who wish to give their grain of sand.

Butterfly is one of the most important organizations in Australia. Besides, It has support from large companies such as Dove, FDC, Sportsgirl, etc.


  • They focus on helping people with eating or body disorders
  • It is a non-profit organization


  • Calls to the international line are high cost

Butterfly is an organization that has sought to break with the past and has done so little by little. That is why we can undoubtedly recommend it as a starting point for all people who need help with food and the body.


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Happify is a multi-purpose platform where the common goal of the people who created it is mental health. The platform is quite innovative and allows people to work on their problems uniquely in minutes.

Happify focuses on activities to improve a person’s condition, always looking for the best activities to improve their current state in days or months. Everything is done through a didactic platform, and the activities record the emotions.

People who use Happify can do it for free, although programs need to be paid to access them. If you want a premium subscription to the platform, you have to pay $14.95 per month or $9.91 per year.

As far as trust is concerned, the site is certified and supported by several renowned companies worldwide. So without a doubt, Happify has all the confidence to change a life.


  • The platform is completely dynamic
  • A personal record of progress can be kept


  • They do not have a personal helpline
  • There are limitations if you do not have a complete package

Happify is undoubtedly an innovative and fresh website that breaks traditional mental health schemes. Bringing progress and working on the problems differently makes people choose this platform over other options.

Youth Beyond Blue

Official Site

Beyond Blue is a platform that focuses on helping young people. As the name implies, the focus of this organization is to provide all the support needed to treat mental health problems in young people who need help.

The site provides many options to help a person, from instant consultations to providing information to get more help if needed. It also has testimonials and other forms of help for youth at risk.

Individuals can use all Beyond Blue services without making a payment. This makes it easier for people to seek help more consistently and, if they wish, donate to the platform.

In terms of trust, the platform is monitored by mental health regulators. Besides that, users always leave a comment where they tell their experience using the platform and how happy they are with the result obtained with their help.


  • They provide all kinds of materials to help those in need
  • They have different contact methods in case you need help


  • The site has many obstacles to getting the right content

Youth Beyond Blue is a quality organization that cares about the health of others. It certainly helps people get the kind of help they want or want to give someone else.


Official Site

MentalHealth is a site that focuses on helping anyone who needs help. They do not have a range that limits how much they can help people, and they have special features that broaden the range of people they want to help.

The site offers mental health help for those who want it or puts anyone looking for help at that time on the right track. The platform also has spaces for immediate help along with suicide prevention lines for war veterans.

Using MentalHealth is completely free because it’s a government-run site. Unfortunately, donations are not accepted here either.

In terms of trust, it’s enough to say that it has professional help teams and that its main support is the U.S. government so that people can be safe.


  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Provides help to people of all ages


  • Your lines are blocked for certain countries
  • They don’t have a mobile app

MentalHealth is a great option for a person who wants to get help. The site gives that little push that is often needed to get ahead and provides all the help numbers a person might need.

Mental Health Resources for Adolescents and Young Adults

Official Site

SAMH is an organization that collects material so that people in a certain age range can get help whenever they need it. In this case, its focus is on adolescents and young adults who need help with various problems.

The site makes available various resources that people can use to get help depending on the issue they need to address. In addition, they have a large library that covers various topics and can give immediate help if needed.

People can access all of SAMH’s content for free. All they can do is contribute by donating to keep the platform going.

Regarding the trust, the site is certified by several U.S. agencies and has many mental health professionals.


  • Varied content to address various problems
  • Immediate Help Lines


  • No support for people of other ages

Without a doubt, SAMH is a good option for those seeking help in the early stages of life. The site has a variety of materials that will help the person overcome their problems.

Beyond Blue

Official Site

Beyond Blue is a platform that focuses on helping all kinds of people. As its name says, the focus of this organization is to provide all the support needed to treat problems in people who need it, no matter how old they are.

The site provides many options to help a person, from instant consultations to giving information to get more help if needed. In the case of its home site, you can get testimonials and articles of interest in the mental health field.

Individuals can use Beyond Blue’s services without payment, but they accept donations to keep the site going.

Trust is high. Mental health regulators monitor the platform in Australia, the company’s home country. Besides, it has the testimony of users who have received help from Beyond Blue and its professionals.


  • They focus on people of all ages.
  • They have instant helplines to provide assistance


  • It has many internal links that hinder navigation

Beyond Blue is generally a quality organization. Their help and professionals are certified, and helping people of any age is a plus.

To Sum Up

As you can see, several available sites may help you deal with the problems you are presenting. Mental Health and Beyond Blue are great places to go if you are in the US. On the other hand, Betterhelp would be a great deal to get professional help online if your problem requires more personal attention –The best choice will always be to visit a doctor’s office.