Best Hiking and Trekking Websites

Playing sports is a way to keep the mind healthy and the body. But the problem is that not all people like to go after a ball, collide with adversaries, and much less end up exhausted by something that, in their opinion, does not make much sense. Some people enjoy time outside and discovering new places in nature. This is why hiking and trekking have become so popular in recent years.

Hiking and Trekking

If you are that kind of person, hiking and trekking may be the right options for you.

These outdoor activities not only benefit your health but are a combination of exercise, culture, environment, and, under good planning, tourism. Besides, there are many options at your disposal to have ideas on enjoying these activities, recommended routes, and much more.

If you are a practitioner, you would like to have a refined list of websites that work for these sports. On the other hand, if you are a beginner, having professional recommendations will help you make the most of each exit as you learn on your own.

For this reason, we bring you our list of the Best Hiking and Trekking Websites that you can find online today:

Adventure Journal

Official Site

Adventure Journal is an online magazine whose content is dedicated to outdoor activities in all forms.

This digital magazine was created by the renowned Steve Casimiro, former director of several magazines specialized in the subject and an outdoor sports enthusiast. The site specializes in presenting articles as a documentary about stories related to these types of sports. But you will also find detailed information on the best options for off-road and how to take advantage of all your environmental and recreational outings.

Here, you will find interesting videos, relevant news associated with people’s stories, and other matters pertinent to the topic. In addition to the free online articles, you can buy recent and past editions of the magazine for $ 18, a package of 4 magazines for $ 60, and the annual subscription, or a gift option, both at the same price.

Ok, we get it, it sounds a bit expensive, but the section on field recipes is pretty much worth at least a package.

Adventure Alan

Hiking and Trekking

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Since 1999 Adventure Alan has been dedicated to providing objective information about the equipment and techniques necessary for backpackers and adventurers of all levels. The site’s content is simple, consolidating essential data in some publications and making them easy to understand.

Its founder has traveled the world while enjoying activities of all kinds, from hiking to kayaking. And the result is a website that offers advice and practical guidance for lovers of these activities, especially focused on getting those who practice carrying the least weight possible while being prepared for whatever problem arises. Although they do not publish articles very often, you can wait every month to find a good title that you will find useful to read.

Besides, they get the important things highlighted, the most read topics are anchored and the most recently published ones are also shown. Besides, the drop-down menu groups the categories: gear, how to do it, food and kitchen, recommended equipment, and cameras.

Modern Hiker

Official Site

Modern Hiker is ranked as the most-read walking website on the west coast and has been online since December 2006. Its founder, Casey Schreiner, is a special case. The man is a regular Joe who wasn’t a sports fan but enjoyed the hiking activities and decided to share his experience with others.

The most relevant aspect of this site is that its content is usually pet-friendly: they have a section (which includes location by a map) that indicates the places suitable to carry the dogs. In addition, although they do not charge for the content, they accept one-time or monthly donations from their readers, intending to popularize this sport.

You’ll find trails throughout the West Coast, from Colorado to Hawaii and Mexico to the Canadian Rockies. In the end, with Modern Hiking, you can explore the public lands near you, watch the growing list of team reviews or join their mailing list and community.

National Geographic Exploration & Adventure

Hiking and Trekking

Official Site

We all know the National Geographic Network quite well, and it is not a secret that they are especially interested in promoting awareness about caring for the planet. One of the best ways to do this is to inform readers of the most relevant scientific facts and how they relate to hiking activities.

Although we must mention that hiking is absent on this website, the opposite happens with hiking. You can take the liberty of planning a guided trip to different parts of the world and know, under the direction of experts, much more than what is at simple sight, thus enriching the experience.

Especially for those who do mountaineering activities and aim to climb the highest mountain in the world one day, numerous articles speak of various topics about Mount Everest and what it is like to climb it today.


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XPatMatt suggests much more than just going for a walk or mountaineering. Its creator, Matt Gibson, is convinced that it is necessary to venture as much as possible to enjoy existence. Therefore, this site invites you to: meet new cultures and places, understand what you are able to do and, at the same time, learn and try new activities or sports.

You can understand that the articles are prepared for people willing to travel worldwide and do much more than meet some cities if you want to live adventures or be inspired to create your own stories.

That said, here you can get some good ideas to practice in your local outdoors. If you like how outdoor activities are presented here, you can subscribe to receive updates by mail, but it is not a place to register a user. Besides, the content is 100% free.


Hiking and Trekking

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When the first issue of this magazine was printed in 1978, Outside’s goal was to cover people, activities, politics, art, and outdoor literature. That editorial objective remains the same; they have even been redefining what it means to be an outdoor recreation with their print and digital editions.

On the other hand, they have a fresh web design, and the content is high quality because their writers contribute their experiences to the recommended activities. Moreover, you will notice that it is effortless to offer suggestions and articles necessary for this kind of activity. They take a lot of ideas from their subscribers.

There are videos, photos, articles on ways to take advantage of outdoor sports like hiking and trekking, alone or in a family, interesting research articles, and more. Is it paid? Not always, you can subscribe to receive the alerts or buy the editions of the magazine.


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The motto of BaseCamp is “Reach your peak,” and their focus lies on getting you ready for hiking based on three main perspectives:


  • Training your body for the challenging mountain environment.
  • Get specific, efficient, and purposeful training.


  • Gain experience on the road with goals of promotion and weight of the package
  • Understand the limits of your body and learn to educate your mental strength.


  • Understand how to reduce the risk of injury and minimize fatigue by trekking correctly.
  • Also, pack correctly, use your equipment, and memorize information about altitude sickness.

This site also has an online shop to buy cheap digital products. You can also take advantage of the free content, such as knowing your current conditions and limits and drawing up an adequate training plan for your goals. This website is also perfect for knowing details about the most famous mountain routes in the world.


Hiking and Trekking

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Although you will notice that the design of the site is quite simple, when you explore BestHike, you will enjoy the way the content is written, which gives the impression that a good friend tells you how the weekend went and gives you recommendations so that you can enjoy the best possible way the same route. They are especially interested in promoting mountaineering and hiking routes in Canada.

This way, if you are interested in knowing the neighboring country or live near the border, this is an excellent option to know routes, recommendations, and the best places to enjoy the natural beauty Canada can offer.

You also have at your disposal similar information about the main destinations worldwide to do outdoor activities, including Australia and New Zealand. However, if you are interested in traveling worldwide differently, this is a website to get information from people who have already been hiking or mountaineering.

In Conclusion

After reading our list, you probably already have some good ideas for outdoor activities. Accounts with sites that will give you suggestions, help you prepare your mind and body, and even make the most of your luggage and not carry extra weight. Need help deciding which poles are right for you? Take a look at this trekking poles website.