Hot Water Problems: Is Professional Repair Or Replacement Better?

When having problems with your hot water, remember that you have four main ways to address them. One, use your equipment’s warranty if applicable. Two, fix the problems yourself. Three, if you’re in Australia, get a licensed professional to help you. And four, replace your hot water system entirely.

If you think you’re stuck between needing professional help or replacing your unit, you might want to consider the following things first.

Get Professional Repair If The System’s New And The Problem’s Not Covered In The Warranty

Professional repair is an option for Aussie homeowners who experience hot water problems. Although many companies offer warranties with newly-installed hot water systems, these may not be enough to safeguard your unit from issues. 

Be aware of the following situations when warranty policies can’t cover the repairs that you need to deal with hot water problems:

  • Misuse And Negligence: If you’ve caused damage to your system, manufacturers can’t be at fault and will not honor the warranty for your unit.
  • Modifications And Repairs Of Unqualified Person: If you or someone tinkers with your unit or system, which leads to the problem you want to be fixed, your warranty can be considered void. 
  • Force Majeure: Most warranties don’t cover damage caused by fires, earthquakes, and flooding.
  • Damage That Doesn’t Get Solved With Parts Replacement: Some manufacturers may limit their warranties to parts replacement only. And even if they provide the replacement component, they won’t cover the cost of having someone install them.

Of course, the coverage of warranties differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, so be sure to know their warranty terms and conditions before you buy a hot water system. Thankfully, most repair contractors in New South Wales, like water heater repair services in Sydney and nearby, are good at what they do and can help you with your hot water problems outside warranty guarantees. 

Replace Your Unit If Hot Water System’s Warranty’s Over

Warranties stipulate the period of time a company can guarantee that they’ll cover the repairs of their unit. When your unit breaks down after the warranty lapses, you should start considering replacement. 

Go For Replacement If Hot Your Water System’s Been Repaired Over And Over Again

Suppose your unit or overall system has been busted and caused plumbing emergencies multiple times recently because of issues you can’t repair yourself. In that case, you may have drawn the short end of the stick and gotten a defective piece of equipment. 

Regardless if the repairs were done by professionals, an HVAC contractor, or its maker, a bad unit is just bad. You’d be better off spending your resources on looking for a new and updated unit from a different company instead. 

Get Professional Repair If You Can’t Fix The Problem On Your Own

Hot water problems can be mainly categorized into two: those that are trivial and can be fixed without professional help and issues that are complex and need the attention of an expert.

Simple repairs can be done by taking the do-it-yourself (DIY) route indeed. Nonetheless, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help when a hot water problem is too big for you to handle. Some of the most common problems that need professional attention are the following:

  • Water Leaks: The pipes and connections of a hot water system will often be in constant heat, which can speed up their wear and tear. Leakage is best dealt with by an expert. 
  • No Hot Water: If your system doesn’t give you hot water supply when you need it, its heating element or pilot light might be broken. Often, if the unit’s under warranty, you can ask for a replacement for these parts.
  • Water’s Temperature Is Inconsistent: Even if the thermostat’s dial is up to 11, the temperature of the water you get feels lukewarm. That’s a classic problem with the water heater system. Often, all you need to do is manually adjust the temperature or replace the thermostat.
  • Water Smells Bad: Water coming out of a hot water system shouldn’t have any funny smell. If the hot water from your hot water unit smells funky and out-of-the-ordinary, there might be bacterial growth in the tank. Usually, you can solve this by hiring a professional cleaner.
  • Water Tank’s Making Noises: After some time, you may hear banging and popping from your tank. Often, sediment buildup in the tank or boiler causes this. Like bad-smelling water, you can fix this by cleaning the tank.


Professional repair or replacement can be better than the other, depending on the hot water issue you’re facing. Because of that, be sure to carefully assess your situation before choosing which one will be the best course of action for you.

Yvan Lebrun
Yvan Lebrun

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