How to Always Have Fulfilling Transformational Relationships: A Guide

Did you know that around half of all Americans only have up to three close friends? Having a strong support network is essential for our happiness, success, and health. Whether you want to work better with colleagues, take your romantic relationship to the next level, or deepen your bond with friends, there are plenty of ways you can feel more fulfilled. Have you always wanted to learn about the best types of relationships? Keep reading for five tips on how you can nurture transformational relationships.

1. Stop Keeping Score

One of the most important relationship tips of all time is to pull yourself out of the mindset where you feel the need to keep score. This is called a transactional relationship, and spending mental energy on tallying scores is exhausting.

Instead, it would help if you did things because you want to make positive changes for yourself, others, and your community.

2. Create a Safe Space

The best relationships are the ones where everyone feels comfortable enough to always speak their minds. In order to encourage others to open up, you should ask sincere questions and show how interested you are in their responses.

An expert at highlights the importance of looking ahead to the end goal, where these kinds of relationships can sustain you throughout your career and so on.

3. Be Willing to Compromise

If you have goals that you’re excited to achieve as fast as possible, it’s understandable why you may have a hard time being flexible. However, the truth is that learning how to compromise with others can end up helping you accomplish so much more in the long run.

When people are willing to meet you halfway on a regular basis, this demonstrates that there’s a deep trust and level of respect.

4. Always Be Compassionate

The world can be a tough place, so you always need to remind yourself that people who seem to have a short temper could have a lot on their plates at the moment.

Instead of creating more negativity, you should strive to be a source of light and warmth.

5. Express Gratitude

If you want to have the best relationship, then you need to make sure that the person you’re interacting with feels appreciated. The easiest way you can accomplish this is by expressing gratitude whenever you get the chance.

Some people will only take credit, but your focus is to continue giving and letting the right people find their way to you.

Transformational Relationships Can Change Your Life

As you can see, fostering transformational relationships isn’t as challenging as some might imagine. But, while changing your mindset and behaviors can take time, you’ll be amazed by how much more rewarding life feels when you make the switch to transformational relationships.

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Diana Muniz
Diana Muniz

With over 20+ years of experience in a variety of corporate and entrepreneurial environments, Diana has developed a great understanding of Marketing Strategy, Brand Development, Customer Success, Public Relations and Management. Her internal drive for developing others and external brands, has allowed her to work in some of the largest cities in the world including Milan, Paris, NY, Mexico, and the Middle East. This experience has been fundamental to Diana’s success and ability to communicate cross-culturally.