How to Choose the Best Funeral Home for a Loved One

Best Funeral Home

Facing the passing of a loved one is a combination of stress, pain, and difficult decisions. The swirl of emotions can make you second-guess the next steps. The good news is some of the most challenging questions regarding planning a funeral and making the final arrangements can be made ahead of time. While that may sound uncomfortable for some, it brings a certain amount of peace. One of the biggest decisions is how to choose the best funeral home.

There is comfort in knowing your cherished loved one will have loving care and the family will be treated with respect and dignity.

Read on for information on finding the best funeral home for this challenging time.

Stellar Reputation

When choosing a funeral home, one of the first questions is to research its reputation. That’s why it is wise to start before a pressing need.

Having time to call, visit, and investigate a few different funeral homes will allow you to feel comfortable with the final decision. If you are looking for a place to start, welcome to City View Mortuary!

It is wise also to take the recommendations of friends and other family members. Have they had a positive or disappointing experience with particular funeral homes in the area?

Online reviews are another important resource when determining how other people were treated and if they came away satisfied during this difficult time.

A Staff That Is Ready to Serve

From the moment of the first call to the last gathering, you expect to be treated with care and concern all along the way.

The staff at all levels should be not only kind but helpful. You will still have many questions and need their professional guidance and attention.

What extra allowances do they offer? How available are they to work around your schedule? Is their response time reliable and efficient?

A Convenient and Well Kept Facility

You should not start funeral planning with the closest one down the street. However, location and convenience are important.

You could spend a fair amount of time there and often visit when finalizing the arrangements. It should be easily accessible.

The facility should also be well-kept and maintained. Everyone has their own decor tastes and preferences, but you definitely want to feel welcomed and comfortable inside.

Do they have enough space for any memorial plans? Is there a chapel? A room for viewing with guests? Do they offer transportation to and from other locations during the funeral process?

The Best Funeral Home Offers Unique Funeral Planning

Gone are the days of predictable funerals. Today, more people choose to celebrate and showcase the life of the one who has passed on.

The funeral home you chose will be willing and delighted to help you create a meaningful experience. They should also be able to accommodate special requests and arrangements.

The funeral director and staff should offer their wisdom and guidance. They have seen many services and can help avoid common pitfalls or steer in a better direction.

The Necessary Decision: Burial vs. Cremation

A crucial decision in the process is whether the deceased expressed any wishes regarding wanting a traditional burial or being cremated. The funeral home you partner with must be able to go with whichever route is chosen.


This choice is extremely personal, and someone on the outside should not try not to influence or change. Regarding burial, factors such as religious and cultural beliefs or family traditions can be deeply ingrained.

The cost will also often be a consideration. A burial involves purchasing a casket, embalming, and opening and closing at the graveside. If you do not already have a family plot, there is the additional purchase of a burial plot.


Choosing to be cremated is typically a less expensive process. There is the cost of the cremation, the purchase of urns or urns, and for some, the purchase of a vault or crypt.

For those with a more sentimental side and sense of flair, there are several unique memorial options for honoring someone’s ashes.

Funeral Expenses

It is a known fact that final arrangements and funerals can be expensive. Before you know it, the costs begin to add up.

The pre-planning option is a great way to control costs and make decisions when you are less emotional and pushed for time.

Any reputable funeral home will sit down with you and go over the estimated costs for their services and your wishes and come up with a quote. There are some legal obligations in the process, but others are negotiable.

Many places also offer a pre-payment plan where you can set money aside regularly, so there is not an immediate financial hardship when the time comes.

Talk With the Family

Last but not least, this should be a family discussion as much as possible. Ideally, the person for whom the arrangements are for will be capable and willing to help in this planning process.

If that is not possible, it still should include other family members. Discuss finances, the type of service, the location of the final remains, and the all-important burial or cremation.

Everyone should be able to voice their thoughts and wishes. Obviously, it will be up to someone to make the final decisions, but the goal is for all to be heard.

It’s Time to Think About the Unthinkable

No one is promised tomorrow. Whether or not you want to think about it, there will come a time when you may be responsible for the funeral and final arrangements of a loved one.

Finding the best funeral home starts with pre-planning and understanding your options and what to look for. Taking the time to make these difficult choices without the added grief and stress will make the final process less hectic.

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