How to Cut Stone With Water Jet Technology

Cut Stone With Water

According to the Natural Stone Institute, stone continues to be a beautiful and enduring building material. The biggest problem with using it has always been the difficulty of cutting it in exactly the right way. But that didn’t stop them from building the pyramids or any of the other great world monuments, all made in stone.

Advancements in learning how to cut stone now allow us to enjoy the benefits of this excellent material more easily. Read on to learn all about how you can use water jet technology to cut stone.

Advantages of Water Jet Cutting

The Roman Empire was actually one of the first known civilizations to figure out how to cut stone with water. In the modern-day, water jets are some of the most versatile and flawless ways to cut almost everything.

EDM systems can’t cut non-conductive materials, and plasma jets can’t cut wood or stone. Laser cutting can only cut about a half-inch deep.

Cutting with a water jet allows you to cut all of these materials and to go as deep as 6 inches into the material in some cases.

Problems With Tools for Cutting Stone

One of the common problems with cutting stone, as well as brick and concrete, is that it creates dust. The dust that is created when someone cuts stone contains crystalline silica. Crystalline silica is fine and potentially sharp, which means it can end up cutting the deepest part of the lungs.

On top of that, the damage caused by breathing this stone dust is essentially permanent. It does not heal itself and cannot be cured with current medical knowledge. In addition, it creates scar tissue in the lungs that cannot perform healthy lung tissue’s respiratory functions.

Stone dust floats through the air because it is so delicate and light. Fortunately, it can easily be made heavier so that it sinks quickly to the ground and does not end up in people’s lungs.

Water jet technology and other water uses can help keep dust out of the air while cutting stone.

Even extremely precise cutting techniques like lasers have downsides regarding stone. For example, cutting stone with lasers can end up melting part of the stone.

Those melted edges can flow and transfer heat. The result is that the border is imprecise and not smooth.

Since lasers are light, they also bounce off reflective surfaces, which can be a problem cutting some types of stone.

Fortunately, water jets don’t have either of these problems. Instead, they can create smooth cuts on any surface they can cut. And water jets can cut practically anything.

You can learn more about the complications of cutting stones and how water jets can achieve the same result faster and more easily.

Learn How to Cut Stone the Most Efficient Way Possible

We hope you learned something helpful about how to cut stone and the advantages of water jet technology. Look at our other pages to learn more about the latest developments in technology, lifestyle, entertainment, and more.

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