How to Incorporate His Balls Into Your Sexual Play

When it comes to testicles, everyone knows two things about them. They’re responsible for housing sperm, and getting kicked in them hurts like nobody’s business. They are notoriously sensitive, which is why many people avoid touching them during sexual play.

It’s a shame because if you do it right and listen to your partner, you can give them one of the best orgasms of their life. If you do it wrong, however, it will put a damper on the mood (unless your partner is in pain).

To make sure your significant other has a good time, continue reading to learn all you need to know about bringing testicle play into the bedroom.

Touch Them

Again, your partner’s testicles are quite sensitive, but touching them can be a great way to spice up a blow job. If you feel a bit hesitant, the best thing you can do is go for it, within reason.

Try massaging, pulling, and tapping on them gently with your fingers. Not only will a regular massage feel good, but it can also improve sperm count and boost testosterone.

Whatever you do, avoid squeezing your partner’s balls too much unless you’re asked to.

Licking and Sucking

There’s almost no better time to try out scrotum play than when you’re already giving your partner a blow job. Experiment with licking and sucking them. If you feel comfortable with it, try sucking one ball into your mouth.

As you can see, almost everything goes as long as you’re careful not to bite. Some enjoy it, but for others, it will cause them a great deal of pain.

Cock Rings

For the most part, cock rings serve a single purpose. They wrap around the shaft of the penis to make your partner harder and last longer.

There are some rings that are designed to stretch around the base of the balls. These are the ones that you’ll incorporate into testicle play. They’ll restrict blood flow and make your significant other much more sensitive to your touch.

If they’re not into the idea of having their balls restricted like that, you can pick up a cock ring that’s made to vibrate against the clit during penetrative sex. You can flip it around, so it vibrates against your partner’s testicles.

Use a Vibrator

The main purpose of vibrators is solo sex, but that’s not all you can use them for. If you’re willing to share, you can place one of your vibrators against the base of your partner’s shaft and balls.

You may have to play around with the vibrator a bit to find a setting that isn’t too overwhelming, but once you find one that your significant other likes, they’ll be in for a good time.

Find Their Perineum

The perineum is a sensitive patch of skin that rests between the balls and the anus. If you already have your hands near your partner’s testicles, it will be easy to stretch your fingers just a little bit further down.

Gently massaging this area will allow you to stimulate your partner’s prostate without penetration. It will give them one of the best orgasms of their life if they’re into it. Some get a bit antsy if you get your fingers anywhere near their anus.

Cock-and-Ball Torture

If you want to try out cock-and-ball torture in the bedroom, you will need to communicate with your partner first. Some find pleasure in sexual play that involves pain, and others don’t.

If your partner is into the idea, there are a few different types of cock-and-ball torture that you can try out. The first is ball-busting which involves kicking or kneeing your partner in their family jewels. You will need to be careful because too much blunt force trauma can cause the testicles to rupture.

Ball crushers are devices that are designed to crush a person’s balls between two plates. They come in a variety of materials, and you can adjust them to accommodate your partner’s comfort levels.

Ball binding and clamping involve restraining your partner’s balls with clamps.

Be Careful With Them

Unless your partner is into cock-and-ball torture, the general rule of thumb is to be careful. If you wear clunky rings, take them off before you engage in scrotum play.

Always be mindful not to bite down (again, unless you’re asked to). When you go to change positions, try not to knee them where it hurts.

Communication Is Key

When it comes to anything that involves sex, communication is key. Before trying out testicle play, have a long conversation with your partner.

While you’re playing, listen to their reactions. If they verbally make a sound of discomfort, stop what you’re doing.

If, after talking to your partner, you find out that their hesitance for ball play is a lack of confidence, try out this enhancement for males.

Use Lube

If you’re using your hands to play with your partner’s balls, you’re going to need some lube.

This will make the entire process a bit easier. The skin-to-skin contact will feel a lot better for your partner as well.

Incorporating Your Partner’s Balls Into Sexual Play

If your partner is into it, incorporating their balls into sexual play can be a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. Done right, you can give them a mind-blowing orgasm.

There are several ways that you can go about it the wrong way and cause more harm than pleasure, however. To avoid this, the number thing you can do is communicate with your significant other ahead of time. Find out what they enjoy to show them the best time possible.

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