How to Save Money By Traveling During Shoulder Season

shoulder season

On average, a family of four in the U.K. spends around £4,792 for a week’s getaway, which shows how extortionate prices can be in peak season. Traveling during shoulder season lets you escape the crowds and save a fortune in travel expenses.

But knowing where to start can feel overwhelming, especially if this is a new concept for you. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you want to take advantage of shoulder season but aren’t sure where to start.

Sounds a little like you? Luckily, we’ve got your back. Here’s how to save money by traveling during shoulder season.

Know When Shoulder Season Is

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, shoulder season is the few months that sit between high and low season, regardless of the destination. This means that consumers are visiting a country where the weather is at its peak, so this is never during the monsoon season, for example. It’s also determined by families and the school holiday schedule, which means it’s always when school is still in.

Bring Out Your Map

Once you’re familiar with the shoulder season, it’s easier to choose the right destination for you. For instance, you wouldn’t visit Rome during the summer because it’s sweltering and packed with crowds. Instead, book a vacation during April or May when the weather is still mild, and it’s far less expensive.

Further, Caribbean lovers should hold off until November as it’s the go-to destination during Christmas, which drastically hikes up the price.

Browse for Reduced Mileage Awards Flights

Like when traveling offseason, you should search for mileage awards tickets. Many reputable airlines offer discounted tickets for popular travel destinations like Hawaii or Paris. Aside from slashing your cost of travel, you can use this money towards your spending budget, so you can soak up the culture.

Check Group Tour Dates

Another way to reduce travel expenses is by checking group tour rates. In peak season, these can be extortionate, but the price can plummet when there is less footfall. Or, if you’re after an all-inclusive experience for cheap, check out this website to learn more.

Earn Travel Rewards

You can also save money by earning travel rewards. Regardless of how you travel, you can reap the rewards through a travel credit card or frequent flyer program. These let you accumulate points that you can use for flights or accommodation.

Check Rates for Your Favorite Attractions

Another way to determine shoulder season is by checking the rates of your favorite attractions. Narrow your list of must-sees and go on their website to see when it sets in. Note that it will be considerably cheaper than during peak season.

Travel During Shoulder Season Today

Hopefully, you’re now a whiz at traveling during shoulder season for your next getaway.

There are many ways to save during shoulder season, such as understanding when it is and cashing in your travel rewards. You should also check group tour dates and search for discounted all-inclusive packages. Good luck!

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