How to Smoke Beef

Summer is around the corner, and it’s time to enjoy the great American pastime of cooking outdoors. If you’ve been waiting for these warmer months, you may already be looking forward to digging into a sumptuous slice of smoked beef.

But do you know how to smoke beef so it tastes like it’s been prepared by a top-class chef? Done correctly, the smoking process can tenderize your meat, so it melts in your mouth and tastes delicious. Even if you are new to smoking foods, you can easily pick up this skill by following a few simple steps.

Let’s dive in and learn more about the best ways to smoke beef.

Marinate Your Beef

Adding sauces, rubs, or juices to your meat can provide extra flavor and help soften the texture. There are a virtually unlimited number of options, and you can experiment with different combinations to find the marinades you like the most.

You should aim to marinate your beef for a minimum of two hours before cooking, but if you can let your meat soak in the marinade for longer, you can get even tastier results.

If you need ideas for what to put in your marinade, you can read here for an amazing recipe that gives an exquisite tangy taste to your beef.

Choose Your Wood

Oak wood chips are a popular choice when smoking beef, but you could also use apple, mesquite, hickory, or many other types of wood. There’s no need to soak your wood chips, but they may burn slower and last longer if you leave them in water for thirty minutes before adding them to your smoker.

Maintain a Low Heat

The best way to smoke beef is to cook it at a low temperature for many hours. Of course, the length of cooking time will depend on the thickness of your meat and the temperature of your smoker, and you’ll learn to judge this aspect more accurately with practice. But, as a general guide, it could take around six hours to smoke ribs over indirect heat, while a brisket could take around twenty-two hours.

Check Your Beef

Use a meat thermometer to check if your beef is safe to consume, and you can refer to this FDA safe minimum internal temperatures guide to tell if your meat is ready to serve. If not, pour yourself a drink and relax while your beef heats up to the required temperature.

Now You Know How to Smoke Beef Like a Pro

When you learn how to smoke beef correctly, you can be amazed by the tasty results. Remember to marinate your meat in advance and add your favorite wood chips to your smoker. Don’t be tempted to rush the smoking process, and ensure your beef is cooked before serving.

You could soon be the go-to beef-smoking expert in your neighborhood!

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