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The latest technological advances generate great tools that enhance people’s daily lives.

In this regard, we live in an unprecedented era. Each finding shows that we are heading for a digital age, accompanied by artificial intelligence as an instrument of everyday use in all human activities.

Motorola has not been observing this impressive digital evolution from afar. On the contrary, it is the protagonist of creating innovative technologies that have become part of processors, intercommunication, and intelligent telephony. From a baby monitor with 2 cameras to WiFi connected models, they have it all.

This way, the Illinois giant has created security cameras that have given a lot to talk about in recent technology forums.

The first thing to clear is that Hubble is not just “security cameras.” Instead, these devices with integrated artificial intelligence provide tools for monitoring and detecting problems.

A concept that may be ideal for children’s care at an early age, “Hubble Connected,” is the software that merges with Motorola devices and its virtues are to be tested in our review.

What is Hubble Connected?

Hubble Connected is a mobile app that, integrated into a vast gallery of home appliances, offers you complete remote control of your home through your smartphone.

Once installed, the Hubble App on the mobile can control each of the equipment that the interaction Hubble Connected – Motorola offers to its users.

The app is compatible with Motorola’s range of equipment and cameras, a safe, reliable, and comfortable way that allows you to control your home’s safety, background music, and even the care of children.

Furthermore, the integration between Hubble Connected and Motorola equipment gives you the advantage of enjoying a “Smart Home” under a somewhat medium budget.

What is Hubble Connected?

About the Equipment.

The equipment provided by Motorola is wonderfully designed.

Motorola Halo is ideal for baby care. You can observe a Full HD image of your infant while he sleeps on a monitor. But more than a camera, this one has sensors that activate a projection of images of colors and unique sounds to calm the infant when feeling the baby’s cries.

On the other hand, Babocush Motorola Cushion can offer the baby a series of stimulants that help prevent colic, reflux, and flat head syndrome.

Babocush is adaptable and can be used with or without a crib or baby seat. In addition, this line includes digital thermometers, air purifiers, and devices that perceive health situations that may warn of a possible medical intervention.

This way, Hubble has various security cameras that allow you to connect to Wi-Fi to visualize everything in your home and view it from anywhere in the world.

The equipment sizes vary and their functions.

“Motorola Hubble Cameras” is a tool that contributes to the security of your home or office but may not interrupt your decoration if you play your cards right. However, some of the most valuable devices are big.

Besides, the integrations with Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, in the sound devices with the Hubble-Motorola integration enhance the intelligent functions so that music can be heard and queries and information searches can be done by giving orders with your voice.

Why Use a Camera System

  • It helps prevent theft and other crimes.
  • Its motion sensors allow for taking security measures in case the home or office is at risk.
  • If there is a grievance against the property, the recordings can provide the necessary evidence for justice to take charge of the situation.
  • Situations of all kinds can be controlled remotely.
  • Cameras are tools that allow the presence to be virtualized and facilitate remote monitoring.
  • By having microphones, security cameras allow you to communicate with people and even inform or give orders at a distance.
  • The presence of security cameras may increase your feeling of safety.

Why Use a Camera System

Why Use a Baby Monitor

It is essential to take good care of your baby early. But this work may be exhausting and prevent you from doing other things.

In this regard, a baby monitor offers many advantages that allow you to resume your life without abandoning your baby.

  • You can soothe your baby from a distance.
  • Monitors have functions to project relaxing images and sounds to reassure children.
  • The baby can be monitored from anywhere in the world.
  • You can talk to your child from a distance with built-in microphones.
  • Some monitors can detect elements concerning your baby’s health, and the system alerts parents to perceptions received.
  • With smart pads connecting to the camera system, you can monitor the baby’s anxiety levels.

Is it a good idea to connect your devices to a cloud system?

Each of the elements we use today stores important information. Having access to that data in real-time becomes a momentous necessity.

Security cameras are continuously storing information. However, after some time must clean your memory to replenish information.

For this reason, making a virtual backup that allows access to that information efficiently and quickly may be necessary.

The Cloud is the possibility that this information from our electronic devices receives and processes are registered in a virtual hard disk that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Whichever activity is carried out, you can access the Cloud to have the information that makes everyday life easier.

On the other hand, some devices come with a pre-established connection to the Cloud. So much so that some laptops no longer come with the traditional “Hard Disk” but are connected to a cloud storage system.

This gives you the tremendous advantage of starting a German job and continuing it in Canada without moving the device. Similarly, the information is accessed easily, with the disadvantage that you can be a victim of hackers if the Cloud system manages to be intercepted.

Another disadvantage of the Cloud is that you run out of information without Internet access.

What to look for when choosing an Ideal Cloud/Online surveillance system?

Not all camera brands and models offer you the same thing. In this regard, the important feature is that the software-hardware relationship is reliable.

But let’s list some considerations that are important when choosing a security camera:

  1. Technically amplifiable.

The software system must provide many cameras if you need to integrate more devices to expand security.

There are very economical systems, but they do not support more than four cameras.

  1. The resolution of the cameras must have optimal quality. 

We recommend cameras that are Full HD, 2k, or 4k so that in case you need to make a visualization, the images capture what happened and not an imperceptible and pixelated shadow.

  1. Internal memory and backup battery for unforeseen events. 

If electricity or the Internet fails, the battery will give you a few hours of usefulness until the light service is restored.

If the Wi-Fi connection or electricity fails, the security cameras do not stop recording.

  1. Cloud connection for a full backup of the security service.

It is also important to have a cloud storage option. This way, you can have access to somewhat old recordings if you need them.

  1. Darkness adaptability

The devices must have a system for capturing images in the dark so that the lighting is not a problem recording images from the security camera.

Besides, the cameras’ location is important so they can cover the necessary spectrum.

You should follow the instructions or hire a security professional to indicate everything necessary for the system to work optimally.

Hubble Connected

Hubble Connected

Getting into the subject, Hubble’s software is a platform that goes further from a normal camera app.

It offers integrated tools that make it easier. For example, the main user link is indicated by the Hubble app available on the IOS and Android platforms. It can then be said that the first step in using the system is installing the app.

Different components of the software will allow you to access the connectivity functions. Besides, it is easy to use and access to enjoy the functions of the Hubble devices fully.

What does Hubble offer?

Motorola Hubble’s platform offers guaranteed support and fully accessible manuals to be a technical expert to install and access all features.

We can highlight, in a nutshell, the most relevant benefits that Hubble offers:

  • A reliable platform and 24-hour support.
  • Total connectivity between devices such as cameras, baby monitors, audio equipment, or monitoring systems.
  • It offers a powerful tool called “SmartZone,” responsible for delivering specific reports of the different cameras and Motorola equipment records.
  • The Hubble system will give you a report if someone tries to get closer than they should to your property.
  • The platform allows you to query video summaries.
  • The Baby Monitor has the tool to track the infant’s development and offer reports that yield results that study how the baby sleeps to help you rest better.
  • Hubble Connected offers tools that facilitate your lifestyle and allow you to be constantly monitoring the most important things in your life.
  • Its sensors integrated into the equipment and connected to the platform offer a set of reports that help you take care of your children, your home, and your business.
  • The home offers an audio system that serves more than just listening to music.
  • Its connection with “Alexa” (a virtual assistant created by Amazon) allows you to make queries by indicating the words.

What service packages do you offer?

Most of the virtues of the program can be enjoyed for free.

However, to enjoy all the benefits, it is important to subscribe to some of the accessible plans, which we detail below:

  1. LITE: 

For only $2.99 per month / $29.99 per year, you can enjoy up to 5 days of cloud recording, one connected camera, and enjoyment of the SmartZone system.


For $9.99 per month / $99 per year, you have up to 14 days of video recording, up to 10 connected cameras, SmartZone access, daily reports, daily child report, and VIP report for members who wish to monitor their baby’s growth.

  1. SELECT: 

And for only $14.99 per month / $149 per year, they offer 30 days of video recording in the Cloud, up to 15 connected cameras, access to SmartZone, daily reports, daily child reports, and VIP reports for members who want to monitor the growth of their baby.

Hubble Connected

Hubble Advantages

  • Extensive gallery of special equipment compatible with the Hubble platform.
  • Benefit Plans at very affordable prices.
  • Technology that offers tools that go beyond simple monitoring.
  • Tools to give security to the home or office.
  • Devices that contribute to the care and health of babies.
  • Platform accessible and easy to use.
  • Connectivity that allows access from anywhere in the world.

Hubble Disadvantages

  • Some devices don’t connect well if their software is not updated.
  • Some sensors are so sensitive that they send unnecessary notifications.

Is Hubble trustworthy?

Hubble Connected is a fairly new platform for online connectivity products. In this regard, despite having a somewhat low start, Motorola’s connection has a fairly good amount of positive reviews and is backed up by one of the biggest Telecom companies in the US.


Hubble is an excellent system; satisfied customers represent a much higher number than noticeable complaints.

The integration of Hubble and Motorola makes a difference in using these devices that bring a lot to people’s daily lives.

It would be best if you contracted with some of the plans offered by Hubble Connected to make the experience more satisfying. Furthermore, balancing its virtues and disadvantages disqualifies it as a safe, innovative, useful, and powerful system.

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