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Ice Shaker is a thermos that seeks to revolutionize the market due to its characteristics.

In this regard, they offer unique styles, features like no other thermos, unique additions within the thermos, and many more things. Besides, it is a product that supports the U.S. military serving outside the country.

So, as we basically missed the Contigo era in the late 2010s, we decided to make an Ice Shaker review to help you decided if their flasks are worth it:

How does the Ice Shaker work?

The Ice Shaker is a multi-functional product. It is not just a thermos that seeks to keep people’s drinks at a cold temperature. They have also sought to create a mixing cup within the same container, a bit of both worlds in one product that has managed to innovate in a market that maintains simple standards.

The main functionality is to keep the product cold for more than 24 hours without adding anything to the container, a rather high time compared to competitors like Contigo. But on top of that, it is an excellent product to mix liquids and consume them instantly due to the additional elements that come with it.

The Ice Shaker line has brought a product that keeps away bad odors, with an internal mixer and a double seal that allows maintaining the temperatures for a long time. It also allows people to personalize their thermos at a quite economical price since the products do not exceed 50 $ inside the store.

On the other hand, we have an agitator that allows us to prepare our drinks easily. It is a small but compact shaker that allows people to perform the simplest tasks when preparing protein shakes.

It has multiple presentations that go from 6 ounces to 36 ounces but have the same functionality in general terms.

How much does Ice Shaker cost?

The prices of the Ice Shaker are quite varied. What happens is that the Ice Shaker models are different, and each one comes with different sizes and designs, which allows for price variation.

However, they are not very high prices compared to the product offered to people. The lowest price we can find is the 16-ounce presentation, which has a price of $15 and even in times of supply can be much lower.

On the other hand, we have larger presentations that are a little more expensive. The 36-ounce presentation is the most expensive, surpassing 30 and almost 50 $ in a simple presentation. The good thing is that we can also customize our thermos without additional costs.

Something that can be taken advantage of within the page is the constant offers in the thermos, reaching up to 50% discount on the selected merchandise.

Is Ice Shaker reliable?

The site has been working for years as one of the main suppliers of thermoses for the public in the United States. Besides, it has achieved important alliances with companies and organizations that have allowed them to reach a much larger public.

Ice Shaker has also been able to help U.S. troops who are defending their country. They have done this through an organization that has also allowed them to increase their outreach to people. On the other hand, the website has also been responsible for transmitting people’s messages.

In a section of the page, you can find the messages that people have left regarding the products they have purchased from Ice Shaker.

Advantages of Ice Shaker

  • 24 or more hours in which the temperature of the drinks is maintained in the thermos
  • Customizable models for users
  • Different sizes of thermos flasks for people’s needs

Disadvantages of Ice Shaker

  • Stores available only within the United States
  • No international shipping options
  • Resellers Price is high

Ice Shaker Final Verdict

We can say that Ice Shaker is a high-quality product for all kinds of people. It is a thermos that is easy to carry, easy to use, and comfortable enough to wear no matter what the occasion. The best thing about it is that people can choose the one that best suits them by having several presentations.

On the other hand, we have that the Ice Shaker allows people to maintain their drinks’ temperature thanks to the double seal. Along with that, it has several extra elements, such as the mixer and a double function lid.

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