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The security of your information is critical, especially in terms of online security.

In many countries, especially in the United States, constant identity attacks have been reported throughout the online world, which is why the market has been filled with applications and tools -such as Identity Guard-to protect our information,

This company offers you an identity security service with 6 different plans that guarantee both support and protection tools based on IBM’s Watson technology, which continuously retrieves and compares billions of information movements on the Internet to see if your identity has been compromised at some point.

That being said, it should be noted that if your identity is stolen or is compromised in some way, Identity Guard has an insurance service and a contact line but does not offer anything else to help you out.

However, the service has become quite popular lately. So we decided to do a review in which we’ll explain what they really offer and if it’s worth the price or not.

What Identity Guard offers

This platform claims to be the most powerful tool for protection against identity theft, and it certainly remains at the forefront thanks to its affiliation with IBM Watson.

Is it good?

Identity Guard has a broad portfolio of identity protection; however, it falls short compared to other similar products.

That said, this application allows you to monitor if any person has opened your bank accounts or has searched or used your personal information at any time. However, it does not generate alerts if a bank or some other company requests a copy of your credit reports -which is quite a basic service for this company, including the free ones-.

Even when they do not offer some basic protection services like this, they use the IBM Watson technology software to monitor any movement regarding your information on the network efficiently.

Identity Guard offers you 6 different protection plans, all of which use IBM Watson technology and its artificial intelligence services to monitor your information reliably.

This service price ranges between $ 9 and $ 25 per month for individual plans and between $ 15 and $ 35 per month for family plans.

This tool is quite efficient in monitoring your information on the Internet; however, it fails to offer real solutions for identity theft victims.

Main Features

Among Identity Guard’s main features, you will find:

  • Varied plan options to choose
  • Family-oriented plans
  • Constant monitoring of your information in the network
  • Quick alerts through mobile devices when a problem occurs
  • It also monitors your information in the deep web
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Credit analysis from the three main providers
  • Protection for wallets
  • Insurance against identity theft
  • Protection of your identity through password keeping -for platinum plans only-
  • Antivirus software -for platinum plans only-
  • The use of an encrypted keyboard to dodge key loggers -for platinum plans only-

They will also notify you if any institution with which you are involved has been hacked or compromised.

You can go DIY –Under your own risk-

The security of your information is a fundamental matter. So we decided to give you out some recommendations in order not to necessarily depend on the software that charges an extra 9 $/month:

In case you become a victim of identity theft.

Remember to generate a fraud alert in all your accounts. This can be done by contacting the 3 Credit Bureaus. Additionally, you are in the ability to freeze your information to prevent your identity from generating any new transactions with lenders while you recover it.

If you want to prevent identity theft

  • Request your credit report annually, so you can verify on your own or through an app or service if there is any abnormality regarding your movements.
  • Be alert of the phishing that can attack you by email.
  • Additionally, you can avoid falling into phishing pages if you copy and paste your bank’s address instead of searching for it. Another option is to save the address directly in your browser in favorites, so you don’t have to type the address all the time.
  • Avoid accepting pre-approved loans or credit card offers. These are some of the tools that identity thieves use most often.
  • Destroy your junk mail or any physical document with information that you are no longer going to use.
  • Check your bank accounts and credit cards frequently, so it’s easier to realize if something is going on outside of your control.


Identity Guard is a reliable tool to know if something is wrong with your information, and it is advisable to use it if you can pay the price. But you must be aware that you have to take action on your own if the worst happens.

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