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iFamCare is a company that manufactures cameras for the family. The goal is for you to attend to your daily routines without neglecting your family. They are solidly built cameras to record fun and important moments from a distance.

This company entered the market relatively recently in 2015. But it did so with Indeogogo. They are also socially responsible; 3% of all sales are dedicated to saving animals’ lives at risk. The camera includes other advantages that we will tell you about later.

What exactly do they do?

The product advertised on this page is listed as the Coolest Gadget. With iFamCare, you get the following benefits:

  • 1080p quality video, with full HD and high resolution.
  • Built-in laser for playing with your pet.
  • Space for micro sd card with capacity up to 32Gb.
  • 360° view with 70° pitch, giving you plenty of recording range.
  • Record audio for the full video.
  • Connectivity allows wi-fi, 4G, and LTE networks.

Besides, thanks to its adaptable platform, you can manage the use of this camera from almost any device. Consider that the devices must be iOS 7.0 or Android 4.0 or higher. Other particular features are:

  • Photo gallery.
  • Unlimited users, although only 4, can be connected simultaneously.
  • Access to social networks to post photos and videos.
  • Easy to install, even if fixed to the wall.
  • Air sensor to detect pressure differences (when they open the door).

If you have doubts about the operation or need technical support, you can ask for help without any problem. From the iFamCare website, you can ask for a ticket, get the number to call, or send an email. They have very professional customer service.

Does it cost anything?

This camera currently costs $99.95. And in any of its three colors: white, silver, and black. As you would expect, customer service is free, no matter how many times you need it.

You can invite as many people as possible through the online platform to watch a free video. You do not have to pay for a certain amount of users because it is free. Also, if your pet or baby is adorable, you might be able to earn some money on social networks.

Is it reliable?

Since it’s a product and not a service, you don’t have much to worry about. As far as quality goes, the product is built for solidity so it can withstand accidents. Remember that if pets stay with it at home, they could cause damage.

You should also know that you need a reliable, high-speed Internet connection. If your internet is poor, you will suffer from video delays and will not record high definition.

Another downside is that the camera includes an air sensor that could generate false alarms for some chemicals, such as ammonia or ethanol.


  • Wide range of motion to record as much as possible.
  • Air sensor to warn you when a door or window is opened
  • Camera to record in high definition and full HD.
  • Microphone to record what is said inside the house.
  • The charger is suitable for 110V and 220V.
  • Live broadcast, or you can record the videos to see them later.
  • Access to social networks to publish directly where you prefer.
  • Easy to install.
  • Low price compared to other similar equipment.
  • Construction is designed to be durable.


  • Only up to 48 continuous hours of recording, so you have to be aware of the charge.
  • It doesn’t include instructions, so you must learn a few things independently.
  • You have to learn or write down the long passwords for the router so you can use it remotely.
  • The air sensor can set off the alarm falsely with many cleaning products.
  • It is not designed to remain outside the house for long periods.


After analyzing this product and its website, we can say that iFamCare does exactly what they promise. But connectivity issues can be annoying. False alarms from the sensor can make you de-emphasize the day you need to pay attention to. On the other hand, it has several interesting accessories and a good price.

But, it would help if you considered that the level of security is low. So make sure you use a secure internet connection before accessing your user. Also, be very careful when allowing others to connect. Finally, avoid being monitored without your consent. With this information, you should be able to make a good decision.

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