Great Websites to Increase Knowledge and Get Smarter

If you are looking for great websites to increase knowledge, we have a feast for you today! In this review, we round up the best sites to acquire common and specialized knowledge that the Internet has to offer. So, keep reading!


Official Site


Founded by MIT and Harvard edX graduates, it offers quality university courses. Its purpose is to make world-class education available to all. They are loyal promoters of e-learning.

In this regard, edX has professors who are graduates of important universities in the USA. You can select the course of your interest using the search engine or the drop-down menu of options. They deal with subjects such as finance, art, or computers.

On the other hand, you will know the price when you select a course. Prices can start at $50 for verified courses. Nevertheless, Non-verified courses are free. Or you can attend the verified courses as an auditor without getting a certificate.

Here, each teacher has a particular teaching method, and every student has a different need. If you know your level, you’ll save time and money by selecting the right course.

A downside highlight is that most users with Mac iOs have complained about technical problems.


  • Certified teachers.
  • Professional quality courses.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • The platform may suffer technical problems.

It is a professional website Thought to make accessible content that can be found at the university. But with high prices, that could make you think of another option. Assistance as an auditor is useful if you need to strengthen your knowledge, but the no-certificate part can be a deal-breaker most of the time.

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Known by many people in the world, Investopedia specializes in finance and investment. It deserves to be on the list of Great Websites to Increase Knowledge and Get Smarter.

This site has an editorial and management team with extensive experience and knowledge in investment management. Among its tools, it has an investment simulator that trains your skills in real situations.

Besides, Investopedia is a free source of information for any investor. You can pay for the courses, but the price will depend on its duration and level. You can opt for a $10 beginner’s bonus and invest it with their platform.

Is it reliable? All users say that it is the best place on the web to learn about investing. The content is reviewed frequently so that it is always up to date. And the team in charge has proven experience in the area.


  • High-quality content specialized in investments.
  • Market simulator.
  • Several other investing tools


  • Some articles are partial rather than neutral.

An excellent choice if you are looking for reliable investment information. No matter if you are new to this world or have a lot of experience, you will find something useful. The dictionary of terms is very comprehensive and practical.

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Ted Talks

Official Site


This site belongs to a non-profit organization. The goal of Ted Talks is to make the most important ideas to reach many people. They also organize events and authorize independent people to make events using their images.

Ted Talks to identify themselves as a global community. They function as a platform for the great thinkers of our time. You can read their articles online or find out when there is an event near you. You’ll find articles and podcasts on just about everything.

Using online content is free. You don’t need a membership or anything like that. Nevertheless, if you decide to host an event, you can only charge to cover the event’s costs. Furthermore, to find out about copyright, you have to read the terms.

On the other hand, the ideas presented will always reflect the author’s way of thinking. That’s why you should be inclusive when using this website. You decide to what extent you can trust the content. But the authors and guests are people who are well known in their fields.


  • You’ll find opinions on many subjects.
  • You can organize events following certain rules.


  • You waive the authorship when you organize an event.
  • Many articles, but not all, are interesting.

It is a Free website with all kinds of educational and opinion information. Besides, it is easy to use and has a practical search engine. Here You can see who the author of the article is and investigate your own if you distrust anything.

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Brain Pickings

Official Site


Maria Popova is the person behind Brain Pickings. We are talking about a website dedicated to exploring human beings’ nature through our different expressions, besides being a site that has been online for 13 years.

Brain Pickings is an account of the author’s transformation through the publication of many works. It doesn’t just explore the intellectual. It also explores the spiritual, creative, and poetic in each publication and newsletter.

Exploring this website is free. But you can make a one-time or monthly donation.

As you don’t have to pay anything (unless you donate), there is not much to demand. All the information presented is the product of research by the only author of the site. But there are no annoying ads in the way, which is rare on free sites.


  • Excellent if you like to explore human nature.
  • No publicity.


  • Difficult to explore the website.
  • Shows one person’s perspective.

A great choice if you’re passionate about understanding how other people think. But the design is boring, and getting interesting items is complicated.

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Fast Company

Official Site


Fast Company is a website focused on helping you improve your business. Their focus is always to give you the best strategy to make your business grow fast. They also have a printed magazine.

They count on content, such as Interviews with emerging entrepreneurs who have achieved success, Listed strategies, and a professional team that teaches you how to make decisions in today’s world.

The website and its content are free. But you can subscribe to the print version for $19.99. This subscription guarantees you a gift from them. It also gives you access to all the features of the mobile app.

On the other hand, they do their best to give you content to help your business grow. The strategies shown are often applied on a personal level. Your readers are comfortable with what they publish.


  • Easy to use.
  • Content aimed especially at business owners.


  • They could be adapted to a wider audience.
  • Not all readers can apply their advice.

If you are looking for your company to be progressive, this site can be useful as long as you can apply the tips on leadership, design, and technology. Besides, the printed version and mobile app make it more accessible.

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University Webinars

Official Site


University Webinars are dedicated especially to those who wish to strengthen their knowledge of CAD. It is also useful if you need help on how to develop leadership.

University Webinars is a news portal of technological interest. But it also offers courses through videos. The videos are played on the site or are links to YouTube. It also offers reviews of software related to the medium.

Everything on this page is free, although you can refer to other sites to purchase some items.

Is it reliable? Using and reading this site is free. But the quality of the content is professional. They have a fascinating section dedicated to 3D printers that demonstrates this point. Besides, The interviews are with people recognized in their industry.


  • Professional level 3D printer and CAD section.
  • Links to purchase items of interest.


  • Most items to be purchased are expensive.
  • Short items.

It is a simple website that provides you with professional content, Especially in design and leadership. They complement the written content with easily accessible videos, and everything is ad-free.

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The eLearning Site

Official Site


The eLearning Site belongs to our list for its easy to use content. It also provides advice primarily to parents on how to educate their children using technology.

This site contains a series of articles that are ready to help you. These cover topics such as education, technology, and the home.

Using eLearning is free, but they don’t offer any information about them. Nor do they advertise partnerships with any other companies. Or certificates indicating that the organizations approve their content.


  • Traditional design.
  • Easy to understand.


  • The last time they updated the content was in 2012.
  • The store is not updated.

The information they provide may not be as useful in the digital field. But tips for the home or stress at work can help you a lot. Don’t go to the store because the items are no longer in stock.

To Conclude

Most sites in our list bring you brand concepts and use new knowledge to feast your mind. Nevertheless, finding well-sourced material isn’t always easy, meaning that you will have to trust your instinct sometimes when trusting an informative site.

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