The Best Insect Identification Websites

From ants, dragonflies, and butterflies, to beetles, worms, and bees, to spiders, centipedes, and crickets, the insects’ world is as broad as diverse. Although they are certainly not the most popular living creatures, we know a select and exclusive group of people who appreciate the beauty in the most unsuspected corners and exotic appearances.

It doesn’t matter if they are air, dirt, or water. These little friends have their websites dedicated exclusively to getting to know in depth their characteristics, their favorite habitat, and all the details that an insect lover wants to discover.

Today we bring our top of the best insect identification websites to be aware of everything you want to know about these interesting animals that are even part of our daily environment without us seeing them.

Insect Identification

Insect Identification

Official Site


“There are over 1 million identified species of insects and spiders in the world, with many more waiting to be discovered” this is the premise you’ll find on the home page of our first listed website.

Insect Identification is an impressive online site where you can find everything you want about, as its name says: Insects with general categories such as Most Popular, Special Topics, and Secondary Categories, which in turn are divided into several subcategories, providing the most extensive information about your favorite insect.

You’ll find lists of insects that you might get to see if you’re somewhere in North America. The lists are displayed as follows:

  • Insects by state.
  • Arachnid insects in North America.
  • Insect beetles in North America.
  • Butterfly and moth insects in North America.
  • North America has insects, bees, ants, wasps, and similar hives.

It even has its own “insect finder,” where you can place the name of the insect you want to know about, and the finder will do all the work for you, displaying the information before your eyes.



Official Site


If you’re fascinated by the exotic and intriguing lives of spiders and insects, if you’re looking for information about an insect or an unknown spider you ran into, or if you’re looking for a place to share your knowledge and images about these animals, then BugGuide will make you feel at home.

And if none of these options fit you, don’t worry. Take a look anyway. For sure, something of what you see will get you caught between their nets (not literally, anyway).

BugGuide is an online site that covers, first and foremost, the insects you can find in North America, and on its homepage, you’ll find an illustrated section where you can click on the type of insect you want to know more about.

You can become part of the BugGuide community by making a simple registration that will give you access to comment on the web and actively participate in forums, send your favorite images, and even links and books to their guide. In addition, by registering, you will determine the license of the content you submit and allow other site visitors to identify you.

Also, being part of this community will make you part of the select group of insect lovers who will be notified by email each time the content you have subscribed to undergoes some modification.

Insect Identification Key

Insect Identification

Official Site


Insect Identification Key is an interesting website born in August 2011 due to five students (Amanda McCreless, Charlotte Dotson, Renee Millard, Mary-Jo Germain, and Sara Mitchell). They took part in a course from the Fish Lake Biological Program of the University of Eastern Michigan. These five companions decided to create a key to insects’ order, and here they are, a couple of years later, still on the website.

The website was built after many hours in which relevant information and photos were added so everyone could access this key. They even worked on an insect database you can access by downloading directly from the “Insect Identification Key” website.

You’ll find many examples, descriptions, and amazing data about the insects classified on the website by species (with scientific and colloquial names).

You can be part of this website’s growth by sending a clear and close photo of an insect identified with which you have come across and uploading it to the site so that everyone can see the wonders of the world of insects that you have been able to find.

Insect Images

Insect Identification

Official Site


This website was launched in cyberspace in 2001 and grew little by little, achieving great recognition since its launch. It is a project funded by a grant from the Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health at the University of Georgia.

This website offers you a large archive where you can access high-quality images related to insects for use as an educational resource.

At the same time, it is composed of five main interfaces of websites, and among the images, you will find are forest images, insect images, IPMI images, and images.

The images cover different categories, such as invasive species, insects, fungi, and wildlife. You will also find sections related to agriculture, forestry, plants, fires, integrated pest management, and other images related to natural resource problems.

All the images and content found in Insect Images are reviewed and selected for content and quality.

You can join the Insect Images community through a free registration in which you will get access to additional functions of the website. You can also even collaborate with the site with your contributions to grow and evolve as it has done over the years.

Insect Identifier App by Photo

Insect Identification

Official Site


It’s the turn of the Insect Identifier App by Photo that, as its name says, is not a website but an impressive application for your smart device that you can find in the Google Play store.

This new professional application will even allow you to identify insects by their scientific name. Take your device, photograph the insect using the insect identifier application camera, and automatically receive a sample of the insect species’ taxonomy.

The algorithm of this insect identification application has been based on the opinions of professionals of respectable reliability to give you the best results.

Well, the Insect Identifier App by Photo will yield predictions about the biology, ecology, and even the behavior of an insect when it recognizes it when you use the application.

The application combines multiple methods to simplify identifying the insect in front of you, in contrast to what you can find in a book of images of insects or a printed key. In addition, this key will generate an optimal performance so that you can use the application for a simple process of insect recognition.

Bug Facts      (Not available at this moment)

Insect Identification

Bug Facts is also included in our top websites for all those who love the world of insects. This portal will give you useful information if you want to know about insects found in North America.

Furthermore, among the insects you can find on the site are ants, wasps, butterflies, beetles, religious mantises, and many others.

The interesting thing about this website is that you can also find certain creatures often confused with insects.

Some topics on the Bug Facts website are the general development of insects or a section where you can find fun facts about each insect.

You can also find a checklist of insects for the little ones at home to enjoy on the website. So dare to explore the world of insects fun and enjoyable. You won’t regret it.

In Conclusion

Well, everything has been said, we’ve shown you everything from websites to applications you can use to unleash your passion for insects, or if, on the contrary, you’re an amateur who is looking to venture to know new species, you can also find what you’re looking for in any of the sites we selected for you.

Of course, not everyone knows how to appreciate insects’ beauty and how exotic and fascinating they can be. Still, if you’ve come this far, it’s for a good reason, and we’re sure you’ll know how to make the most of what each insect identification website offers.

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