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Every year as we approach the holidays, we have many things to think about, such as the destination we will choose, the trip’s budget, how many days we will be there, among other things.

Something that cannot be overlooked is the hotel where we will stay, and many websites offer their users’ travel offers that are just top-notch.

Jetsetter Platform

Many people have decided to use the Jetsetter platform to cover their needs. It is not surprising since the site offers a referral system that rewards you in your future trips, interaction with other users, and other interesting features. However, there are many other online options equally good.

You will find alternatives on the internet for almost everything, so we have prepared a list with the best options similar to Jetsetter for you to spend as much time as you deem necessary to explore them and determine which one is best for you.

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Secret Escape

Official Site

Focusing primarily on offering complete travel packages, Secret Escape is a platform that negotiates exclusive rates on travel and vacation packages in the United States and the rest of the world.

This is an excellent option for those who are constantly making business trips and want to take advantage of the stay at any destination. It is important to understand that their rates are exclusive to their users, although you can easily register with your email.

They usually offer a maximum of 70% discount on their travel packages and have a valuable tool that allows you to set aside or reserve a date. At the same time you decide to buy the package, this kind of insurance costs $ 40, which will be refunded to your user if you decide not to proceed with the purchase.

To publish these offers, the site is dedicated to tour the web and make agreements with hotels and industry experts, for which you may get great experience packages with some handicap compared to full ones.

Maybe the offers of the week are not what you’re looking for, in which case you can go to the list of approved Secret Escape hotels and reserve to your liking and make the payment as in any other digital platform.

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Official Site

Selecting Expedia as a travel service provider is a good decision. This online travel site allows you to book flights, vacation packages, and hotels, cars, cruises, and activities, and you can also filter results from factors such as hotels, car rentals, flights, among others, according to your preferences.

Besides, search functions on the home page request the most important information first, so you can get the search results you really need.

To register as a member, you only need to provide your e-mail. In this way, you can choose several rewards, earn points or miles as a frequent traveler or use the ones that your favorite airline gives you, and even combine them to obtain the maximum possible discount when making a flight reservation buy a travel package.

If you prefer not to use the rewards points, you have the option of donating them to St. Jude Children’s Hospital to help children with cancer.

Expedia is especially useful for its flight verification tool, with which you can see the exact route that your plane will follow. If you detect an error or inconvenience within the first 24 hours of the purchase, you can correct it for free.

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Radisson Blu

Official Site

Radisson Blu is an online company owned by the Radisson Hotel Group. Through this platform, you can access different exclusive offers of the hotel group already mentioned and have access to the professional team, ready to advise you in all the aspects you need before you plan your trip.

A highlight of Radisson Blu is that they offer professional assistance for special or business occasions.

For example, you can plan your wedding night with them in a special place, enjoying excellent places for the reception and chef specializing in local food; On the other hand, you can plan an exceptional business meeting to inspire workers and leaders of your company, without missing details such as accommodation or food.

If you are looking for a hotel that meets your expectations in the destination you have in mind, this option is at your disposal to explore a wide network of hotels and resorts, and if you are a member, you can benefit from its reward system.

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Official Site

This is an online company that specializes in providing everything necessary for tourism in Australia.

Scoopon helps you get almost anything related to tourism in this country, making it an interesting tool if you plan a vacation in a different and exciting destination.

You may want to enjoy revitalizing treatments along the many beaches of this nation, get suggestions on the best places to go shopping or activities available to you or the whole family. It is also a good place to find complete vacation packages or even organize a trip for educational and/or research reasons.

Their search tool will help you find what you need to enjoy your stay, or if you know exactly where you will be, you can search for everything there is to know and do there.

Also, the option of luxury getaways gives you access to exclusive packages free of any austerity.

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Design Hotels

Official Site

Established in 1993 with just 10 associated hotels, Design Hotels now has more than 400 associated hotels and resorts.

According to their standards, the trip’s real value is unique and significant moments: the original experiences that remain with you for a long time after returning home. That is why they select only hotels with original ideas, focused on the design of rich spaces and identity.

It is the best option available if you are the type of traveler who wants more than just a travel experience, hoteliers (owners or managers) are people characterized by hospitality.

Design Hotels is an excellent option to schedule the trip you have always dreamed of, register a user, and schedule your stay date to get a quote, but keep in mind that they are focused on the experience, so it is not exactly an economical option.

You can also subscribe to your newsletter by providing only your email, so you can receive offers as a subscriber and apply to their printed magazine and book.

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Official Site

With more than 765,000 rooms in more than 5100 hotels distributed throughout just over 100 countries, IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group PLC) is an excellent choice for those who call themselves citizens of the world

It will be difficult for you not to find the room you need in your selected destination with this platform. Although it is an independent company since 2003, its commercial brands and hotels have existed for a longer time.

The extensive hotel network also means that, as an owner or administrator, people have the opportunity to apply to be part of this group. Besides, the accepted hotels usually offer you much more than just a place to sleep. They organize events and activities and provide services that invite you to choose them over and over again.

This platform is easy to explore, and you will usually have more than one option in the destination you choose. Just register and explore the options at your disposal, enter the offers section and get exclusive prices, or schedule your business meetings through them.

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Anantara Resorts

Official Site

Put, Anantara Resorts is an online company dedicated to satisfying those who are eager for a luxury trip. If you are into a VIP treat, then you will be interested to know that from the shores of your first resort in the Royal coastal retreat of Hua Hin, Thailand, to a collection of more than 40 properties in Asia, Arabia, the Indian Ocean, Africa, Europe, andSouth America, these guys seek to provide the best experience that money can buy.

Naturally, you will not find discount prices on this platform, but you will understand when you explore it that hotels, resorts, and spas listed here focus on providing you with the best possible service.

In fact, you can book a special dinner at one of these luxury destinations to enjoy a special moment, and its associates are also located in the main cosmopolitan cities.

Anantara Resorts, born in 2001, offers experiences such as swimming with stingrays, exploring natural destinations, dining at the edge of the Grand Canyon, among other options. Only register your user and add to your section “my booking” the destinations and activities of your interest to obtain the information you need before buying.

To Sum Up

We all hope to enjoy the best possible service when checking in at any hotel, but unfortunately, you do not always get what you expect.

The companies on our list guarantee excellent quality service, and you can find everything you are looking for, from the best offers to enjoy a family holiday to access luxury vacations. The decision is yours.

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