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Nowadays, there is a huge number of alternatives to buying collectibles. Besides, we don’t usually find everything in the same place when looking for this product. With this goal in mind comes Justgeek, a company dedicated to selling movies, comics, and video game merchandise, all in one place.

Here you can find all kinds of items about your favorite pop culture movies. You may feel a bit lost in their platform, so many options. For this reason, we decided to introduce you to the promotions, prices, and items you can find when browsing JustGeek.

How does it work?

Its platform works like any other online store. It’s as simple as that. You just have to enter the main page to find the various categories of products they have at your disposal.

They have items categorized according to their function. You can find the office and home supplies, clothing, bags, video games, and even anime, all focused on pop culture themes.

When you enter any of these categories, you will see an interface with filters and the items in question. Each has a small description, product images, and reviews from their buyers.

If you are interested in a product, you only have to continue with the purchase process. However, you must have an account on the platform to complete the process. You will only be asked for data related to your personal information.

Once you are done with this step, you will be able to configure the shipping and select the payment method to use.

How much does it cost?

In terms of cost, Justgeek has excellent prices. Almost all their items are discounted, so the amounts to be paid are not usually very high.

However, this is not the most interesting aspect of Justgeek. It is their loyalty program, which is designed to give you rewards for the more purchases you make.

This is free and only requires you to create an account on the platform. Once you have a Justgeek profile, you are already part of the loyalty program.

For every dollar you spend on the platform, you will be awarded 5 points. When you have more than 100 points, you can redeem the amount you have as money to pay for your purchases.

There are many more ways to earn points on Justgeek. When you create your account, you will already receive 50 points for free. You will also earn points by following the platform’s social networks, referring friends, and even with the arrival of your birthday.

Other advantages of being a member are the monthly competitions. They currently have a promotion where you will be automatically included in a competition for 500 points for being part of their club.

At the same time, you can access certain unavailable promotions to non-registered buyers.

On the other hand, at checkout, you can enter any promotional codes you have. These codes can be obtained by joining their exclusive discount group. You must go to the discount section, apply for available discounts, and get certified according to the necessary requirements.

Currently, they only have two types of clubs, both for a 10% discount. The first one is valid for employees and students. The second one applies to people between 16 and 26 years old.

Methods of payment

Currently, they have the following payment methods:

In addition to them, you can also use member points as a payment method.

Is it reliable?

The platform is secure. They have a special system that keeps your payments private and isolated from any information theft. The protection mechanism used is Shopify checkout.

This security protocol establishes a secure connection, protects your financial account data, and implements measures to control access. In addition, it makes sure to monitor the connection to the platform regularly.

On the other hand, Justgeek customers are delighted with the service provided. They indicate that the products match what is presented on the platform and are received in optimal conditions. In addition, the experience is simple, and the customer service is excellent.

Overall, Justgeek’s service is optimal, secure, and one of the best on the market.

Customer Service

As previously mentioned, their customer service is exceptional. Many customers mention having had problems with their purchases, which were completely solved thanks to the help center.

Their sales team seeks to solve all those problems and limitations you may have when buying an item from the catalog.

Regarding their help center, it has all the functions you may need. The FAQ section is very complete and presents all possible details.

You can communicate directly with the company by filling out a help form. This will allow you to explain your problem via email.

The only thing that can be criticized is the lack of a live help chat. There is no function that keeps instant answers to the customer.


  • Excellent customer service
  • High-quality products
  • Great variety of items
  • Free loyalty program
  • Lots of promotions and discounts


  • No live chat

To Conclude

This is the best platform to buy collectibles or pop culture items without fear of being wrong. The variety of products and themes is immense. Everything you want is available on this platform. There is no need to go to another online store.

On the other hand, their excellent service always tries to solve your situation. Whether you are not in their shipping area or have problems with payment, Justgeek will find a solution.

This platform has nothing but positive points. For this reason, we highly recommend you to use it if you want to buy any item in this style.

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Diana Muniz

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