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Kaspersky is a multinational company that provides online security and antivirus. It is based in Moscow, Russia but operates alongside a support company in the UK. This company has been around for a while and has been a significant competitor to McFee, Eset, and Norton for decades. But is Kaspersky Cyber Security still a good option? Find out what they offer in our Kaspersky review.

What is Kaspersky Cyber Security?

The company was founded in 1997 by Eugene Kaspersky, the company’s CEO, and Alexey De-Monderik.

They are currently the world’s number one privately owned company that combats virtual crime while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and transparency.

What does Kaspersky Cyber Security offer?

The different systems offered by the company come in Basic, Good, Best, and Premium packages. These duplicate subscriptions can be purchased for three, five, or more than ten devices and periods of one, two, or three years.

In some cases, you can purchase these packages with 40% or 50% introductory discounts. That is, for your first purchase. Furthermore, the cheapest Kaspersky antivirus package can be bought only on Windows systems, while all other offers can be purchased for any operating system.

All packages except the lowest priced one include a VPN, whose limit is 300MB per day and 500MB per device for cloud security backups. In addition, an unlimited Kaspersky VPN Secure with the option to select the server of the country you wish to connect to. Antivirus (Windows only): includes basic antivirus, ransomware, and cryptocurrency mining malware protections.

Three computers: a one-year subscription costs $29.99 for the first year and $59.99 per year at renewal, a two-year subscription costs $59.99 and $119.98 at renewal, and a three-year subscription costs $89.99 and $179.97 at renewal.

Kaspersky Internet Security (PC, Mac, Android, iOS): adds multiple operating system coverage and webcam and phishing protection; includes an encrypted browser to protect financial information.

Kaspersky Total Security (PC, Mac, Android, iOS): includes all Internet Security features plus a GPS child locator, password manager, and backup file protection. Security Cloud (personal and family) (PC, Mac, Android, iOS): available in individual and family versions; adds two advanced operating technologies:

Proprietary adaptive security anticipates threats, warns when needed, and automatically updates device settings.

Account-based control allows each device used to adjust protections and features according to their needs and diverts some operations to the cloud to minimize the impact on device performance.

Is Kaspersky Cyber Security secure?

Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus software is secure and has minimal system performance. To alleviate potential consumer concerns about Kaspersky’s Russian origins, the company has begun moving its processing activities to Switzerland.

They have also opened five “transparency centers” worldwide, including one in New Brunswick, Canada, for North America, where Kaspersky partners can review their source code and data processing practices.

Kaspersky, a global company, also emphasizes its deep threat protection systems, security expertise, and specialized security solutions and services deployed to protect businesses, infrastructure, governments, and consumers worldwide.

Pricing and Plans

Prices range from $29.99 for three devices for one year for the Windows-only antivirus plan (which would be $59.99 after renewal) to $74.99 for ten devices for Kaspersky Total Security ($149.99 after renewal).

Kaspersky also offers three separate cybersecurity protections: Secure VPN Connection with unlimited VPN coverage ($29.99 per year), Password Manager ($14.99 per year) and Safe Kids for parental controls, and a GPS tracker for your children ($14.99 per year).

Kaspersky also offers 30-day free trials for all paid versions of its software.

Payment methods

On their official website, they show you several options for payment. Among these, we can see bank transfers by credit or debit card and via PayPal.

Sadly, despite being a company with so many years in the market, they still do not accept, apart from PayPal, any other wallet or virtual currency.

Customer Service

They do not have a contact number or email. The way to contact them is through the same page, a technical support section.

This support is well organized, as it is divided into product support and sales support, which gives you faster access to the problem’s solution. It also has four categories: Home corporate help, small business corporate support, medium business corporate support, and extensive corporate support.

Despite using a somewhat slower and more unusual support method than we are used to, the reviews are not harmful and tell the truth. Moreover, complaints are very few compared to satisfied customers.


  • Offers relatively inexpensive multi-year and multi-device subscriptions
  • Standalone macOS-specific solutions are available
  • VPN included at all levels except basic


  • No unlimited VPN is available
  • Identity theft protections included only in the top-tier plan
  • No single-device / single-user plans are available
  • Not much variety in payment methods

To Sum Up

Whether you want to protect your home and children from online dangers or protect your company and employees from any fraudulent situations, Kaspersky Cyber Security is an excellent choice, with plenty of alternatives that can be tailored to your needs.

From the most uncomplicated $50/year plans to plans with other premium features that can run up to hundreds of dollars per year, they offer a range of prices for you to consider.

And, despite not being the cheapest cyber security service, thanks to reviews from other consumers, it is clear that you pay for protection, quality, and effectiveness. Therefore, it is a service to try before judging their prices or thinking they are expensive.

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