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Looking for good content for your children is a must these days. Keeping them away from a computer is nearly impossible, and free choice platforms such as YouTube are filled with content they shouldn’t be around. So, this is our KiwiCo review.

Here you will see what they offer, the prices listed, and how this children’s entertainment platform works. Keep scrolling:

What is KiwiCo?

It is a company that started to provide children with healthy and fun entertainment, being the creators and founders of smiles. The main idea is to start giving children the joy of enjoying a toy and the satisfaction of being able to create it.

The team that makes up this organization comprises parents who have set out to develop the best products, especially for each purchase is unique. But, of course, before each item is for sale, these are tested especially for children to check their quality.

What does KiwiCo offer you?

Use your imagination and combine it with science, history, and art. KiwiCo is an online store that offers a variety of original products, so you can have fun with the whole family creating and learning.

The exciting thing about all this is that the designers of each toy on this page belong to the same company, bringing you innovative products day after day.

This place has a total diversity of toys for children, teens, and adults, all of them are divided into sections (you will find them on the top left side of the home page), from the Panda Crate version to Eureka Crate, where the division is by age. You will find items for any age, from putting together puzzles to learning how to use engineering.

To purchase a product in kiwiCo, you must enter the page and search for the item that most interests you, suits you, and what you are looking for. You can also browse the page to discover products you may not know you wanted.

Once you have done this, select the box, and a box will appear on the screen for you to enter the first and last names of the person who will receive the order.

After this, you will add the person’s birthday who will receive the box. This part is optional, so it will only be a detail if you decide to do it. Then, you will have to choose the time of validity of your subscription that will accompany the delivery, whether it is monthly, every three months, among others.

Once you have done this, your order will be automatically enlisted in the shopping cart, where you will have to confirm by entering your payment details and checking out.

KiwiCo Review

Is KiwiCo legit?

Yes, KiwiCo complies with the Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”) standards, the regulated principles for online behavioral advertising. Also, by state law, this site submits to keep your personal information private, without sharing any data from your payment accounts or anything that would harm you. It has to solve your concerns and problems, as well as confusions and annoyances.

In the privacy policy section, you can find the rights issued by the site for specific locations and their residents, such as California and Europe.

Pricing and Plans

Each box of these items, ranging from $17.50 and up, you can choose the one you want depending on what you like. Remember that the more complex your package is, the more expensive the purchase will be. You must also pay your delivery plan, where the most expensive one will cost you $30, while the most affordable one will cost you $26.

Your products will be saved in the shopping cart. Proceed to checkout, where the page will ask you to enter your email address and residence information such as; country, city, zip code, address, and names. Select the order term and proceed to enter your payment details in USDT.

You will be sent an email with the delivery status of your order, and you can also scan coupon codes to redeem the difference. Another exciting offer on this page is that you have the option to share and get $10 as a gift.

Payment Methods

So far, the foolproof method of payment with kiwiCo is PayPal. Unfortunately, it is not yet available to pay with debit or credit cards, nor Google Pay or Amazon Pay. So, if you will buy any product from this store, keep in mind that you must have your PayPal account active.

How is the customer service?

This website is represented for giving you the best customer service. It has its review section where all customers have given their workers their thumbs-up in product quality and attention.

KiwiCo Pros & Cons


  • It offers items for all ages.
  • Its products are original and dynamic.
  • It has an extensive and diverse list of items.
  • Every day its creators design new proposals for toys.
  • It is tested and approved by children who determine if the product is successful before selling it.


  • Not available for purchases and sales in all countries, most Latin American countries are not listed.

To Conclude

At first glance, this website promises a lot. And it is something that innovates because it puts another proposal on the table. You create your product. The idea works quite well, so it is recommended for you and your whole family.

Another point in favor is that you will have fun looking for the items before the options and offers. It has a nice gesture of packaging, where your order will be arriving with the recipient’s name as a postcard, plus the birthday as an extra detail. In addition, you can buy gift cards for the little ones in your house to enjoy in a big way.

Something that should be improved would be the availability in certain countries and the payment method. Perhaps many people do not handle PayPal or have problems with their accounts. It wouldn’t be wrong if, in the future, they would accept more diverse payment methods.

Highly recommended and fun, start shopping at KiwiCo and see for yourself how it is to create your games, learning from engineering to art and history. Start your experience now.

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