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Are you looking for a job? Then you probably got hit by Ladders already. We are talking about a well-known portal with a wide range of specialties to apply for.

In the past, looking for a job was a very different task from the way it has evolved today. Many websites contain digital platforms that allow you to contact large companies, allowing the facility to access your resume instantly.

All the processes can be carried out remotely without any inconvenience until a final meeting is held to specify your hiring. This has speeded up selection processes and allowed millions of people to get jobs.

What is Ladders?

It is a company that offers its web page the possibility of exposing your resume to more than 25,000 talent scouts. Its business strategy works through a monthly payment subscription that allows subscribers to access the benefits of more than 250,000 available jobs.

What makes ladders “Unique” is that it counts with these features:

  • They were founded in July 2003, and its main strength is offering high-level jobs. 
  • The site is designed for professionals with proven academic preparation. 
  • It also seeks to have contact with employers of the most important companies in the United States. 
  • Its headquarters are located in New York, and from there, it offers its services to more than 50 cities.

What do they offer?

Its main page is a wide database that contains information about jobs, employees, and employers. Here you can see job offers, know the profile that companies are looking for, contact the companies they qualify you for and search for jobs depending on the geographical area (throughout the United States) and according to your academic profile.

All these services can be enjoyed at 100% when accessed by subscription. What Ladders promises is that you sign up for what they call the “Ladders” and is that depending on the time and type of subscription, you have more access to reach the big companies or those of your preference.

Additionally, Ladders has a great information platform full of many topics concerning economy, finance, business, science, technology, and administration. By subscribing for free, you have access to the blog that allows you to access all these topics,

One of its spaces on the web suggests the appropriate salaries according to the position you wish to apply for. This allows applicants to know what salary they should access if they are contacted by companies interested in your profile.

Is Ladders a reliable company?

In 2013 the company was sued by an important group of people who could prove that Ladders’ offers were false. Simultaneously, they realized, with verifiable evidence, that some of the companies published on their website had not authorized their brand to be there. Many of the jobs that were posted were fictitious offers.

This is something that happens a lot on dating sites. But as harmless as it seems, it is still illegal.

On the other hand, Ladders database, managed by the company “Elasticsearch,” had exposed more than 13,500,000 people because it was easy to access private data such as telephone numbers, home addresses, e-mail addresses, personal interests, tastes, and a whole range of information that in the hands of criminals could be dangerous.

Companies are reliable when their actions are coordinated to the attention and correct handling of difficult situations. There is no perfect company, but there are actions that allow it to be perfectible. Even in the face of failures, you have to respond to people who complain, and you can see on the “Trustpilot” page that this follow-up is not carried out.

Therefore, Ladders’ reliability is questionable since it does not even have a customer service department in charge of responding to all the complaints exposed to social networks and on the page mentioned above. If corrections are not made in time, the number of complaints this company has will disappear very soon.

Advantages of Ladders

  • The topics on their blog are broad, useful, and striking.

Disadvantages of Ladders

  • Its creator admitted in a lawsuit that more than 50% of the job offers were not real.
  • It’s a highly questioned company as a scam.
  • They don’t respond to their subscribers’ complaints.
  • They charge for a fictitious bidding service.
  • Neither employers nor talent is treated with respect.

Verdict: Run away from it

Ladders are not a reliable company. It is not feasible to try to explain what it is in theory and compare it with reality. It seems to be a high-ranking employment company, and in theory, it could be something great.

On the other hand, their platform is full of information, and it means that they have options for all kinds of professionals. However, the experience of most of their users has been a total fraud.

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