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Testifying annually before the state is an obligation of every citizen and resident of the United States. After all, part of the budget that runs the nation arises from this program.

Sure, like most people, you understand this well, but the problem is that you don’t always have time to go to a tax office to testify.

Many people have been happy to turn to an online program to do this, even more so when their tax situation is simple. And Liberty Tax is one of those online solutions, and here we will explain a little what you need to know about them.

Acquire the Service

After you have registered your user, it will be necessary for you to choose the type of service you are going to contract to declare your taxes; these are:


  • It is only appropriate for tax situations simple enough to be handled with IRS Form 1040EZ:
  • They do not involve itemized deductions, investments, or self-employment income.
  • The price is $24.95 for the federal return and $35.95 for the state return.


  • Suitable for taxpayers with moderately complex tax situations, which means itemized deductions and health savings accounts.
  • But not suitable for business owners and individuals with diverse investment income.
  • The federal return costs $34.95 and $39.95 each state return.


  • Ideal for people with more complex situations, including those who are self-employed and need to file Schedule C.
  • Unfortunately, it is not designed for the most complex tax situations (income from agriculture or real estate, or for entrepreneurs who need to report capital gains or losses from their businesses).
  • It costs $54.95 for the federal return and $39.95 for each state return.


  • Appropriate for individuals who incurred capital gains or losses from small business activities and property sales.
  • Also for taxpayers who earn income from rental property and agriculture, and other complex tax situations.
  • This package costs $79.95 for your federal return and $39.95 for each state return.

Key Features

We must begin by mentioning that completing the declaration forms through this website is very simple.

Additionally, in case you are inexperienced in declaring or feel that given a certain point, you don’t understand how to advance completing the forms, you can choose to leave the process there and go to an office for an advisor to direct you.

This is a great part of their service, and they count with more than 4000 branches in the country and the option of programming a date online. Besides, there are no charges to do so (this service could reach a final cost of $500 with other companies!).

There Are A Lot Of Tools Available To Help You Through The Process.

First, the tax estimator helps you roughly determine the amount of your refund or tax for free.

  • Another handy tool is the real-time indicator, which adjusts as you complete the form.
  • If you’re interested in learning in detail about taxes and tax laws (it would help you at work or file better)
  • You can sign up for one of several courses online or in person.

About this, some of these courses will better prepare you for your job duties, and, depending on the case, you may end up working as an advisor for Liberty Tax, and the prices of these courses range from $50 to $250.

Other Aspects to Take Into Consideration

Given the efficiency of this website’s design, you must have all the necessary information at hand.

This is since the suspension, and closing of the user due to inactivity is quite short and sometimes a little annoying.

You’ll be glad to know that they offer a refund if you file a similar statement with another provider of this service, and you get a higher federal refund.

Liberty Online is committed to reviewing any correspondence you receive and will advise you on how to respond or proceed, even if they do not offer to represent you during an audit process.

Another advantage is that you can complete the forms at your own pace, as you have the necessary documents, rather than complete them sequentially.


Considering that this is one of the most popular websites in the country in its field, they do a good job, making it easier for them to make their statements.

Finally, if you need personal assistance, you can go to an office. However, the call center has an office schedule, so if you plan to do this process when you get home, you only have the FAQ section.

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