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Life Extension is a company that specializes in developing products focused on health. Its highlight is that its focus is on creating high-quality, pure products with highly concentrated ingredients.

With over 35 years in the market, Life Extension has earned its reputation through excellent testing of ingredient purity, ensuring clinically appropriate dosages, offering personalized health counseling, and delivering products directly to consumers at lower and more affordable prices than those found in other pharmacies.

How does Life Extension work?

Their website, where you can purchase all the products they offer, works just like a regular shopping website. In their case, we see the logo at the top right of the page, followed by the search bar, the button to login or register, and of course, the shopping cart icon.

Below, you will find a few tabs with various categories to access what you want to do quickly.

The first tab is the products tab, where you can see other sub-categories such as “vitamins and supplements,” “diet and lifestyle,” “personal care,” and “lab tests.”

The second tab is “health basics,” i.e., health basics. This is a mainly informative category, where you can get concepts of all kinds.

This helpful category can find concepts such as heart health, brain health, bone health, digestive health, respiratory health, immune health, sleep therapy, sexual health, thyroid health, glucose health, even anti-aging, and more.

The third tab is also informative: the science and research tab. The most you can find in this tab is advances in the company’s research on products, health protocols, and some other news related to medicine, of course.

The following two tabs, the fourth and fifth, are the “about us” tabs, where you can get information about the site and the company, and “contact us,” where they have different methods.

What does Life Extension offer?

The company offers an incredible amount of products related to the world of medicine and health—supplements, vitamins, hormone treatments, probiotics, etc.

It offers dietary supplements, proteins, weight control methods, skincare products, anti-aging products, and even pet care products in its other categories.

Can Life Extension be trusted?

Yes, in addition to the trust their customers have in them as a company with about 30 years in the market of health, medicine, laboratories, etc., it is still easy to trust them as soon as you see the number of reviews from all over the world that applaud the effectiveness and quality of the company.

Some significant achievements of Life Extension over the years:

If you’re still not feeling 100 percent confident about it, here are some of the company’s highlights.

Among their newest discoveries in 2020 and 2021, we can find some, like the introduction of a stand-alone lithium-based supplement to delay brain aging or a vitamin K2 supplement that helps maintain bone density.

Rates and prices

For the same matter that it is a company specialized in the creation, development, and study of compounds and supplements, its prices, in some cases, tend to be higher concerning those of the other markets.

Still, if you are still interested in buying their products, they are usually slightly cheaper on their website than in the other stores, as Life Extension sells wholesale.

Aside from this, at Life Extension, they offer you a “premier” membership, which you can purchase for $59.95 a year. This gives you 4% LE Dollars (sort of the site’s monetary system) on all your purchases plus free shipping on all your purchases.

Customer Service

Life Extension’s customer service is good. In addition, they have several direct contact phone lines, where you can call in case you have any problem with your orders, shipments, products, etc.

Going further, add the option of calling wellness specialists and nutritionists who can help you and recommend the choice of supplements, regimens, and routines that go best with you.




Although their prices may be higher than other companies or marketplaces, their products are outstanding. There is no doubt about it.

They are an excellent choice to purchase supplements and will indeed remain so for a long time to come—a highly recommended site.

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