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While searching for credit repair services, you may run into the name “LifeLock,” which is not a credit score repair company but rather helps out people who have suffered from identity theft. Today we will review their services:

What is LifeLock?

LifeLock is a product created by the company registered under the same name, and it offers multiple services of monitoring, recovery, and reporting of identity theft or phishing. This product has as main objective the detection of problems and helps you in the recovery process.

Despite all the LifeLock product’s tools and features, it is virtually impossible to prevent theft or impersonation. Still, you can certainly work on it once it has happened, and Lifelock is an important tool for this.

One of the best ways to prevent someone from stealing your personal information to manage financial accounts is freeze all your credit files with the three major credit bureaus working in the United States. The most interesting thing is that freezing the credits at each location is free.

What does LifeLock offer?

LifeLock offers a variety of theft and phishing protection services that can be used for free. These services include regular checking and monitoring of your credit accounts online, as well as your account statements and setting up activity alerts for your financial accounts.

This will help you immediately detect when suspicious actions or activities are being performed on your accounts by strangers. Besides, you will also track all changes in your credit score more closely and monitor your credit report at no cost on online websites that offer this option.

On the other hand, if it has already happened and you’ve been a victim of identity theft, you can get a free, personalized recovery option as well.

In general, LifeLock’s three main services are monitoring your credit files to verify that your identity has not been stolen, alerting you to any problems, and assisting in the resolution and recovery process.

In addition to the above, LifeLock also analyzes all uses of your Social Security number and other personally identifiable information on the web. The types of alerts LifeLock provides range from basic alerts, such as credit applications made in your name, to more in-depth alerts. If your name is used by someone else when they are arrested or if your identity is placed on a sex offender registry.

Is Lifelock a reliable product?

LifeLock is a product that certainly provides powerful monitoring, review, and alerts, doing it a handy service if you don’t have enough time or are simply not interested in personally checking your credit or financial accounts to make sure there is no suspicious activity.

It is a handy service if your information has been compromised by losing your Social Security card or having your card exposed by a hacker.

On the downside, the company was in trouble and had to pay $100 million for failure to comply with a court order to improve security and data protection and to remove misleading advertising. This resulted in distrust and loss of credibility for the service and the LifeLock Company. Furthermore, today they seem like a well-versed company and enjoy pretty much good reviews.

Advantages of Lifelock

  • You shouldn’t bother or spend your valuable time manually monitoring your credit or financial activities.
  • You prefer to avoid freezing your credit.
  • It’s a useful tool for resolving problems related to identity theft and other similar security issues.
  • A nice part of the service is free.

Disadvantages of Lifelock

The program’s cost can be an issue, as it is only really worth getting the most expensive LifeLock service, as it is the package that will offer you real and complete monitoring at all three major credit bureaus.

Keep in mind that only keeping one credit bureau monitored will still keep all your information vulnerable.

Talking about prices

Besides, there is no family coverage, which means that the LifeLock service is much more expensive than other services you may know about in terms of identity and information protection.

If you have a spouse, he or she must purchase their LifeLock package separately; however, if you wish to add children to your plan, you may do so for a monthly fee of $5.99. In this regard, family coverage costs approximately $70+ per month.


Go on your own risk. While LifeLock has a somewhat shady background they seem like a reliable company nowadays but it is up to you to decide. On the other hand, there are other

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